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  • Apple's iPhone credited with saving life in Manchester bombing

    Fucking hate these assholes and their godamn bombs. Horrible reading that the nut came to rest in her nose, I'm sure the phone slowed it down at least. I hope Apple sees this and sends her a new one. Hope the best for the survivors...
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  • Romanian gang arrested for stealing $590,000 in Apple iPhones from a moving truck

    Like a movie! Awesome method of theft, not very discreet though....

    dispatch text: “bill your being robbed pull over!”

    driver bills phone: “I’m driving with Do Not Disturb While Driving turned on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going.”
  • DirecTV Now dropping Safari support for browser streaming in favor of Chrome exclusivity

    Ewwwww chrome...
  • Chinese social media largely quiet ahead of Apple's 'iPhone 7' announcement

    Said it to my fellow Apple friends, I'll say it here....I keep reading nobody is interested. That better f*c#ing mean that I have no trouble preordering, or receiving my phone on day 1
  • Apple-manufactured cases for 10.5-inch iPad Pro updated, new sleeve for Apple Pencil debut...

    scotty321 said:
    Apple is so unbelievably tone-deaf to the needs of their customers. We want a Smart CASE, not a Smart COVER. The Smart Cover doesn't even protect the iPad, because it attaches with a weak MAGNET! And it doesn't protect the back of the iPad either! The Smart Cover, which Apple no longer makes, is actually a REAL GENUINE HONEST-TO-GOODNESS CASE. It protects both the front and back of the iPad, and it actually firmly snaps onto the iPad -- so your iPad is fully protected at all times. It is beyond ridiculous that Apple stopped making these, but continues to peddle the subpar Smart covers.
    To be fair, they do have a back and front covers that work well together. Problem is they're sold separately and cost a lot.
    What Apple made cover is their for the 10.5? That's what we're missing. Has one come out in the 30 minutes since I last looked?
  • New M3 iPad Pro with OLED may have a ridiculously higher starting price

    blastdoor said:
    Over the years, I have really appreciated how Apple has pushed the industry forward on display technology. I remember a time when Apple was one of the few computer makers that used IPS screens. The standard in the windows PC world was crappy TN screens. It was almost impossible to get an IPS screen, because PC executives had decided that us dumb consumers would never pay for IPS. And then Apple pushed things forward with retina displays, etc etc. 

    It's all been great -- I've definitely appreciated it. 

    But I wonder if we are getting to a point where further improvements are of limited (not zero, but limited) value. Even before this rumor, I was not willing to pay for an iPad Pro. I've been holding out for a 13 inch iPad Air to replace my A10X-based 13 inch iPad Pro. It might be time for Apple to tap the brakes on using new display technology if doing so noticeably increases the price of the product.

    I think an important thing to consider is some people (like myself) only upgrade our iPads every 4 or 5 years. So even if the new features are limited the accumulation of new features over time is not. Last time I upgraded it was along with the 120hz refresh rate and I would really appreciate an Oled screen as 100% of the time I use the iPad I am using the screen.  I really think there are 2 main tiers of repeat buyers, one who waits and just upgrades when their old device gets slow, and people who use the device to make money so new models every time are easily justifiable. Being in the former tier, If this rumor is true for price, I will either no longer use an iPad and adjust my workflow around it or buy a used 11" pro. I cannot justify over 1k for an 11" pro and I also don't like being forced to get a bigger screen to get all the new features. I think we are approaching or at full maturity of a rectangular shaped screen computing device. Better processor, better screen etc. but nothing new and innovative worth a 2x ish price increase.
  • Ireland gearing up escrow fund, government supervision for $15.2B tax payment from Apple

    sog35 said:
    avon b7 said:
    There is a lot of damage control in the different comments from Apple representatives.

    I particularly take issue with the line that Apple paid all taxes legally due.

    I think few people doubt that, but one of the potentially most damaging claims from the investigation was that Apple supposedly decided how much was taxable in the first place and then duly paid all taxes on that amount in completely legal fashion.

    So  yes, what they are claiming is technically true, but behind that is the issue of companies deciding for themselves what to make available for taxation.

    One would expect this kind of behaviour (which isn't limited to Apple) will change in the future in the EU as all the investigations conclude and rulings are made which will serve as the basis for new practices. Whether Apple is found to have received what amounts to state aid or not will be decided down the line, but the fact the investigation was formerly concluded and the summary made public has helped to shed more light on the inner workings of multi national companies.

    Tim Cook attended different meetings in Ireland and Brussels with the EU team carrying out the investigation and knows first hand exactly what the case against Apple is based on. Some of those meetings were reportedly 'heated'.

    With a little luck these kinds of investigations will lead to a fairer system in the future.

    Apple invented this scheme in the pre-Jobs 2.0 era and was acting on it ever since. It is one of the most repugnant stunts of tax evasion the world over. Many conglomerates leveraged that stunt with Ireland and they should all pay duly for it.



    change the tax law.  Apple followed the law.
    Gotta agree, if the law was suddenly a problem, and Apple appeared to be following it, then they owe nothing. That would be like my home state saying sales tax is up 1% now and we all owe back taxes for the 1%.
  • Google's Pixel XL priced like Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, but it lacks numerous key features

    The iPhone 7 Plus runs ios 11? That's pretty neat!
  • Apple's Ive and Newson unveil unadorned fir trees for Claridge's Christmas installation

    lkrupp said:
    That just looks boring and uninspired.  Christmas is a season of celebration and joy (and this is explicitly called the Claridge CHRISTMAS tree installation).  

    There is nothing about that setup that makes me feel joyful.  Complete fail by Ive.  Ive is usually really good about tying function and design, but this just looks like some shallow attempt to produce something "chic."
    In a huge fan of Ive's work and have been for a long time. 

    But it I agree here. 

    Great design relates to the purpose. This does not. 

    Does it it look nice? Sure. 

    But it it's almost spooky. Not celebratory. 

    You two sound those anonymous bozos on YouTube criticizing the performance of a Chopin Mazurka by Arthur Rubinstein.
    Excellent example of nonsense!