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  • Angela Ahrendts interview addresses Apple retail refurb, town square concept successes

    macxpress said:
    sog35 said:
    2 years on the job
    $100+ million in compensation

    pretty much nothing to show

    was this hire just based on diversity?

    what contributions has she really done?

    planting trees in the stores is the only thing I notice
    What do you want her to do? Who would do better (male or female)?
    Agreed, I don't get all this hate she gets (I can only assume it's because she's a women, hence the diversity comment). I feel she's done a lot to bring back the "old Apple store feel" the way I felt back when they first started opening. Not to mention she is WAY better then what's his face, basically almost turned the stores into a Best Buy.
  • Telegram was pulled because of child pornography, says Apple's Phil Schiller

    It's mis-understood piece of the app, telegram has encrypted end-to-end messaging but that's not the default for one-to-one messages or group chats. So I'm guessing there was a group chat being used for this sort of thing. Telegram has moderated such illegal activity in the past (there was a brouhaha a couple years back about possibly ISIS using a group chat(s) for propaganda and recruitment that was reviewed by telegram team and removed), so not sure why Apple stepped in this time, specifically by pulling the app instead of reaching out to Telegram first. That being said. I applaud the effort to stop this as soon as possible.
  • Video purports to show testing of Apple 'iPhone 8' with rear-mounted Touch ID

    maestro64 said:

    One thing I can say about Apple, they are not going to test any Apple product with a PC, they would be testing with Apple products, they write all their test code and systems on a Mac, this is something Apple has done since day one of the Macs.

    So does anyone really think this video is real, and it is a really apple product.

    PCes (Win XP out of all OSes) are the defacto standard in factories, so that really doesn't rule it out. Also the fact that the person is wearing a glove on one hand and touches the phone with the ungloved hand does make me think it is some sort of sensor test, not to mention the WAY he touches it.