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  • Apple's annual shareholder meeting tackling conservative fears, China, equality, & AI

    Holy cow the comments about conservatives are at the same time hilarious, astonishing, and dreadful.  You guys seem to have no idea what you’re talking about, plain and simple.  I’m not surprised that we can’t have a debate across the political divide today, because when you describe conservative voters as “radicalized”, you’re labeling a group of citizens based labels and name calling, not on the fundamental ideas and policies they champion. 
  • Apple reportedly won't launch new M2 Macs until 2023

    I guess I'll keep using my 2011 Mac mini that just keeps chugging along (with SSD and memory upgrades) for a bit longer. Waiting for an M2 model at this point.
    I’ve got a 2010 iMac with a self-installed SSD; still works great and does everything I need it to do. Also waiting for an M2 Mini to pair with an ultra wide screen. 
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook urges employees to 'move forward together' in memo on 2016 presidential election

    spice-boy said:

    It is richer states like New York (at least the city) and states like California which support the flyover states of America. Most of Trump supporters are poor, on or below poverty level and have educations at or below high school level. They apparently are unskilled labor since they are mostly unemployed outside of minimum wage service jobs. They are not traveled or exposed to ideas, people and places outside of a 50 mile radius. They are fearful, think guns will protect them from some unseen invading army so they stock up on them instead of putting that money towards their child's education. They are not good at seeing beyond their horizons, as when the companies they worked for started cutting workers job it never dawned on them that that employer was closing soon and it was time to get training in another field. They are apparently too proud to take advantage of taxpayer funded government training programs, or just too lazy. They blame illegal Mexicans for all the problems they brought upon themselves because looking in a mirror and seeing what they made of their lives amounts to nothing. The ones that are too unhealthy to join the armed forces go on public assistance and think nothing of it like they ever contributed anything to the tax base in their lives. They denies statistics which prove that more caucasian  people are on welfare in this country than any other group. It also never dawned on them that the world is an ever changing place, technology changes not just how you shop and communicate with other but will put an end to out dated industries. As a teenager I recognized that my once industrial home town was a dead end and I decided I was leaving by the time I turned 18 to get an eduction (whiich I paid for myself).  Trump supporter need only blame themselves for being to short-sighted and believing time stands still, in reality there is no going back. The Trump supporters posting here should know this as well unless you are all still using Bondi blue iMacs. 
    I literally stopped reading at "Most of Trump supporters are poor".  Stop spewing this garbage.  Go get better sources for the news you read or watch.  You are simply parroting the same libtard sound bites that the media has been spewing for the last year.  Building arguments on crappy information only builds a crappy argument.
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  • How Donald Trump's election as U.S. President could affect Apple

    mtbnut said:
    Well, to be clear, where the electors have the power to decide (electors can ignore the state's will, if you will). Clinton won the popular vote.
    Enough with popular vote comments.  We can't actually know what the popular vote was because many precincts never open the mail in ballots they receive if the margin of victory for the winner is greater than the received ballots.
  • Apple officially ditches headphone jack for Lightning, will include adapter in iPhone 7 box

    wizard69 said:
    mac_128 said:
    Definitely surprised these will be in the box. And they're not really as slim as I'd hoped. I expect third parties to really improve these. No mention how these can be used for charging and listening. Hope Apple adds a simple pass-through to the charging cable in the box. Wonder when that will be confirmed?

    Boy Phil sure looked like he was uncomfortable making that announcement. Definitely took some balls to face the headphone jack removal head on as they did, rather than just focus on what they're adding and where they're going.
    he didn't seem uncomfortable to me. do you do much public speaking? I have and I still get the jitters. 
    Had to do several public speaking engagements in college as part of a communications course. Absolutely the worst possible experience when it comes to college. These guys pull off these reveals like real pros if you ask me.
    Couldn't disagree more.

    If you want to get good at public speaking, join the military where you get to do briefings day in and day out.

    If you ask me, Steve Jobs was easily the best public speaker Apple has ever had.  I say that because he had a natural comfort in front of a crowd; he enjoyed telling everyone about a new product or technology, as if he was in a conversation with a single person. He didn't read slides too much but used them appropriately to remind him of what to say.  He recovered from mistakes, and he wasn't afraid to go down unplanned rabbit trails in the middle of a discussion when he deemed it appropriate.

    Tim Cook is easily the worst speaker at Apple.  He's gotten better, but you can tell that addressing a crowd is NOT his comfort zone.  That's not a reflection of his job as CEO, just that he's the polar opposite of Jobs in this regard.
  • Cirrus Logic unveils Apple-authorized Lightning headphone development kit

    The new development kit by the AV-focused semiconductor designer aims to allow quick transition away from the legacy 3.5-millimeter headphone jack toward Apple's digital Lightning connector. Using the kit, manufacturers will have an easier path to migrating existing products to deliver audio over Lightning.
    Sure, easy for manufacturers to develop and add another product on the shelf.  That by no means gives any incentive for customers to buy it.

    Sorry to all those who maintain that this is just another version of Apple deleting old tech, but I have my doubts that this won't be nearly as welcomed in this fall's iPhone as Apple wants it to be.  It makes a lot more sense to me that the redesigned 2017 iPhone would be a much better time to delete the headphone jack.  Just IMHO.
  • Apple, Google workers among top donors to Bernie Sanders campaign

    volcan said:
    The bums and losers are the Trump supporters. Anyone making money or who is well educated is against Trump. He is dangerous. If he becomes president it will be because the US population has descended into complete chaos, despair, and delusion thinking that going back to the dark ages is actually making America great again. Trump having his finger anywhere near the nuclear button is a disaster just waiting to happen.
    Well here we go.  I get that Trump shoots his mouth off, but I'd rather compare each candidate's performance in the real world: the one that most of us live and work in, not the political realm of Washington DC.  Trump has failed many times, and always picked himself back up again and come back stronger.  Hillary (nor Bernie for that matter) haven't even tried.