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  • Mac Pro's lessons learned will trickle down to all 'Pro' products, says project lead

    cynegils said:
    Lets hope that one of those lessons is not "Pricing will start at cost X eleventybillion!"
    When Intel charges $15k for the 28 core Xeon what do you expect? Just one more reason Apple will sooner-rather-than-later ditch Intel for AMD.

    And no, they aren't going ARM people. Just like they aren't building a competing GPGPU--the Afterburner is that secret GPU project from Florida.
    The Mac Pro uses a Xeon W series, designed for single socket workstations.  The current Intel Xeon W-3175X cost around $3000, very far of the $15K you mention.  If you move to the Xeon Platinum, specifically the 8280, it goes close to the USD$18K.  You are going to see this kind of processor in dual-socket workstations, like the HP Z-840.  
  • Microsoft Surface blamed for NFL football playoffs meltdown

    larryjw said:
    Well, I don't know anything about what software was being used on the surface, nor anything about the servers, nor who is responsible for running the software, the servers, or the networks. And I don't know what components of this system failed. But it doesn't seem anyone on this thread knows either because everyone was taking in general terms not specific, and there seems to have been a lot of assumptions made about the sources of the failure. But anyway you cut it, it's a black eye for the Surface and Microsoft and a dumb move on their part regardless. For example, it would be highly unlikely Rogers would throw a computer he found valuable to the ground in disgust. Even though it was disgust in himself and the Surface had nothing to do with it, it showed how little the Surface meant to him. He didn't care. He and the team and the league forced him to use it when it may, and it likely was not the choice of sideline computer he or his team would have made. My guess is the team would be using iPads (why else would MS have to pay the league to force them to use the Surface in the first place). My guess also is Rogers would have not pitched an iPad which he and the team had chosen to use -- they would take ownership of that device and treat it with some respect. The image of an MVP throwing your product to the ground like common trash is an awful image.
    Players express frustration throwing and hitting things.  It happens frequently with Gatorade coolers being kick and Riddell helmets being throw in the ground.  IMO that doesn't means they hate those brands.  
  • Apple may show modular Mac Pro, new external 6K Pro display at WWDC 2019

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    shev said:
    I can't believe how long it takes one of the most valuable companies in the world with near endless resources so long to make a computer when they've been in the computer making business for over 40 years. It's so embarrassing. Pointless iterations of iPhone after iPhone because they sell well. The computers might sell a bit better if they updated them once in a while  :|
    That’s the thing that gets me. This has taken WAY too long. Okay I’ll  give them that Intel has screwed them over with processor delays, but still. They've been stringing people on for a few years. And that’s after sitting on the 2013 model without seemingly made any plans at all to upgrade beyond that model. What was that quote from Jobs, Real Artists,Ship.
    Intel delays haven't stop Dell, HP and Lenovo from updating their workstations.  This one is completely on Apple.  
    Agreed. Even if Apple had their eye on some theoretical Unobtanium Lake chip that Intel promised but couldn't deliver, Apple could have adjusted, used what WAS available, and gotten the thing out. What is this, two years, three, since they said it was coming? It's close to a year late. It is absurd. 
    April 2017 they said that they were working on it. January 2018 they said that they were working on Professional display/s. April 2018 they said that the Mac Pro was a 2019 product.
    So in early 2017 they said they were working on the new Pro. I seem to remember them saying that it was to ship in 2018. Here it is in 2019 and not only has it not shipped, we haven't seen it and have no even speculative date to ship. Let's be wildly optimistic and say they will announce it is shipping immediately at WWDC, that's over two years. as @danvm pointed out Dell, HP, and Lenovo have been updating their top systems during this time. Why is it taking them at least two and more likely two and a half to three years to get this out? More to the point, what were they doing for the last six? They had to know the 2013 model wasn't going to be the be all end all for pro machines. But it sure looks like they dropped the ball and let it roll into the gutter. They dusted off their hands and lost the plot. Finally in January 2017 somebody realized they needed to update then Pro but nothing had been done. They threw together a very impressive iMac Pro as a stopgap but the full on Mac Pro is still nowhere to be seen. For a company with the resources and talent of Apple this is a major stubbed toe. 

    But hey I'm not in the market for a Pro machine. I just hate to see Apple do something that looks this clumsy. 
    So,  let me get this straight, you are actually comparing the time and effort it takes for "garden variety" equipment that comes out from Dell, HP and Lenovo?  - Equipment that has windows 10 on it which to my knowledge is not tuned to the hardware or has not been in the past at least.  Clearly, the Mac Pro does not seem like a computer that Apple intends to update every year like a Dell, HP or Lenovo and thrown together like those brands are.    
    I think you are not aware that HP, Dell and Lenovo have excellent workstations, including models that are miles ahead of what Apple offers.  Just as an example, the HP Z8 is capable of two processors / 56 cores, 3TB of RAM (yes, Terabytes) and 3 NVidia Quadro P6000.  Don't you think that it takes time and effort to design a device capable of these specs?  And for years these vendors have certified their hardware with Windows and many other applications.  

    Take a look at the engineering and thought that went into the "trash can" Mac Pro that has been on sale for years.  Don't you expect or want that same level of effort going into a new model?  I do...  I know most of us are looking forward to a new model,  they announced 2019 - so that may mean end of year for all we know, but they did say 2019 so let's be patient.  I would rather they get it RIGHT instead of rushing it out to make the marketing folks happy or the Wall Street people happy.
    I wouldn't think of the trash can Mac Pro as an example of Apple engineering.  Even Apple think of it as a failure,

    Users that need a high end Mac have no other option than being patient, an issue Windows / Linux users don't have, considering the excellent job HP, Dell and Lenovo have done with their workstations.  
  • Editorial: Could Apple's lock on premium luxury be eclipsed by an era of good-enough gear?...

    danvm said:
    I suppose Google cannot be as bad as you said, considering Apple agreed to accept billions of dollars from Google to make their search engine default in iOS and macOS devices, right?
    and how difficult is it to change the search engine and homepage in MacOS? It is easy.
    I rarely do searching on my phone so there really is little history to pilfer.
    90% of Google domains, 100% of FB and Twitter are all blocked at my home firewall. It is amazing how fast pages load with all that crud disabled.

    You know what is easier?  Apple doing something to support their privacy stance, and choose a search engine that respects privacy.  Don't you think that instead of receiving billions of dollars from Google, they should invest a few millions / billions in a company like DuckDuckGo?  
  • Apple TV trails behind Roku, other TV platforms in US device sales

    The Apple TV is a great device, but the base model HD version cost $150, sometimes 4 times what the competitors are offering, Apple isn’t going to have a lot of market share unless they have something less than half the price of the current one(like the 3rd gen was at some point), and I don’t think they have any plans to actually compete as they are releasing the Apple TV app to smart TVs, and I think that Is a better decision than trying to make a half baked version at less than half the price.

    I think gaming is the missing link. If they get serious about gaming and include the A12x chip, price won't matter.
    I don't think an A12x chip would make a difference.  Look at the Nintendo Switch, a device that is below in specs compared to the PS4 and XBox, and you can see, as you said, that being serious about gaming is what matters.  And Apple have been slow for years in this market.  Now you are seeing a little more movement recently, but the competition still miles ahead in console and PC / Mac gaming.  Adding an A12x won't make any miracles.  It takes a lot more than a CPU in the gaming market.

    And price matters a lot.  A 64GB ATV + a console controller is close to $250.00  The XBox One S All Digital Edition w/ 1TB of storage and 3 games cost $250.  Plus it has the benefit of a large catalog of games.  IMO, pricing is one of the reasons the ATV is so behind in the market.  
  • Comparing the Dell XPS 13 9370 versus Apple's 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    linkman said:
    I'll agree with the AI writer: Mac trackpads are the best and everything else pales in comparison. The Mac trackpad, even the one on my 2009 MBP, is my favorite pointing/clicking device of all time. I can't stand the puny one on my Dell work laptop. I've noticed almost nobody uses a mouse while mobile on a Mac yet 80% of the time I see people crack out a mouse with a non-Apple laptop.
    I knew I couldn’t be the only one.  Maybe people just don’t complain about it.  I use Dell laptops for work, too.  Every time I get a new one (every 2-3 years), I’m astonished that the trackpad seems exactly the same.  They seem to pick up the unintentional input very well, but they seem to really struggle with the intentional input.  I always disable mine.  It’s too frustrating.  Does Dell not know how hard they suck?  You’re right.  Ten-year-old Apple trackpads are far superior to any Windows system trackpad I have tried.
    You should try Surface trackpads.  I have a SP4, and the trackpad precision is very close to my MBP 2017, and the same can be said of Surface Book trackpads.  The only issue I have with my SP4 trackpad is size, but a part from that is very nice.
  • IBM deploying 1,300 Macs per week, Apple users need much less support than PC counterparts

    Worth considering that the macs are all new, while the thinkpads will all be a few years old so it's not that surprising there is a difference
    Windoze is Windoze, a couple of years difference in hardware can't change that!
    Windows 7 and 10 are very good as a whole.  Not perfect, but neither OS X, at least in my experience with both.  If someone as big as the DoD decided to go ahead and deploy Windows 10 in 3 million devices, I suppose then isn't that bad. 


  • Microsoft debuts Surface Studio all-in-one PC, refreshes high-end Surface Book

    lkrupp said:
    So after all these years both Google and Microsoft suddenly realize that Apple was right all along. Controlling the software AND the hardware is a good thing, that the Walled Garden approach isn’t so bad after all. I guess pigs do fly.
    At the same time, Apple may realize that touchscreen in notebooks and desktops can be useful and innovative, instead of a "toaster + fridge".  Looks like everyone has something to learn. 
  • Microsoft ad says Apple's iPad Pro Smart Keyboard doesn't make it a real computer

    sog35 said:
    bdkennedy said:
    Apple deserves this. That Apple ad was embarrassing to watch.

    It's not ok to be a fridge/toaster until it's ok to be a fridge toaster. Right, Tim?
    dude get real.

    iPads had keyboards since forever. Its not about having a keyboard that makes the Surface a fridge toaster.

    its about having a desktop OS stuffed into a tablet. 

    And what about Apple pushing iPad Pro as a desktop replacement?  Is that a good idea?
  • Google's Pixel XL priced like Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, but it lacks numerous key features

    Specs don't matter. User experience does.

    The Pixel is a vessel for Google's AI and Machine learning prowess.

    And right now, you'd be hard-pressed to find a phone with a better AI and multimedia experience than the Pixel.

    This is why the Pixel is better than any phone Apple has created. And will continue to be better than any Phone Apple will create moving forward.

    Unless of course, AI and Machine Learning is just a fad.
    so you've used the device? you can buy movie tickets exceptionally well?

    and why on earth would you believe it impossible for any other firm to do better than google in this relatively new area of mobile computing? hogwash. 
    You are right.  I think too that other companies, like Amazon, MS and Facebook, are capable of match or being better than Google in AI and Machine Learning.  Apple?  Not sure about them.  Based in what they have done with Siri recently and how slow they have react to cloud computing, data centers and Machine Learning, I don't see them being an important part of this market. 

    And I don't think Machine Learning and AI are a "new area of mobile computing".  Mobile users benefit from it, but it's a lot more than a that.