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  • Apple has two big CarPlay problems

    I think BMW did it pretty well right now. My new i4 integrates CarPlay wireless, there is wireless charging, maps appears in dashboard as well as heads-up display and what I really like, the individual iOS apps like music, podcast or whatever runs in CarPlay appear as individual apps in the BMW UI and can be selected directly there. So I think BMW found a good compromise, integrating it without giving up their own UI.
  • Apple explains how the redesigned Home app came to be

    It's very nice that they redesigned the home app, and it really is much better. Now, if only it would work... Automations have gone bust with iOS 16, it really is a big mess, as you can see in many threads in the community. It really shows that this has never been tested properly as it is not a little "once in a while" bug but essentially makes austomations unusable, 
  • Apple now required to offer Russian iPhone users local apps at setup

    This really is pretty clever by the Russian government. It looks like they gave in to Apple but in reality they pretty much got what they want. By installing the apps they will call home and at least tell their masters that they now are installed plus all the info that Apple rules allow them to send over (and more)

    If you don't install them the government still knows that you have not installed them as they know the owner of every phone through the SIM registration anyway. And I think that tells them at least as much about you ....

  • Apple arguing iMessage isn't big enough to be EU gatekeeper service

    Living in Germany and being an all Apple household, I still think that if this rule applies to Apple and apple stops iMessage in the EU, the impact is minimal. Apple has only 20 or 30% of the phone market here, and most people use WhatsApp or Signal or Telegram. I tried to live on iMessage for a while, but not being able to talk to 50% of my contacts, even customers, made me go back to WhatsApp (in addition to iMessage). So for the user, forcing the messengers to be available on other platforms is actually a good thing. Being able to use the well integrated iMessage is nicer than the alternatives on Apple, for sure. So good for the public, not so good for Apple. What should be more important to a governing institution like the EU? Oh, remember Internet Explorer, and what happened after the EU forced MS to open up Windows for other apps?
  • Apple investing 1 billion euro for silicon design center in Munich, Germany

    It’s a bit like Silicon Valley used to be. Almost all major IT companies are big in Munich now, MS, Amazon, Google and Apple already having a big presence here. And the standard of living is great, though expensive. Close to the Alps and Italy, safe city, clean, pretty, good to raise kids, so what else do you want? OK and the beer is Great as well!
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    kamilton said:
    hucom2000 said:
    Apple will only start to pay "proper" taxes in the US, if these tax heavens are eliminated. That's what the European Union is after. It just happens to be Apple (a US company) and it happens to be on a massive scale. Remember the billions in fines the Swiss banks had to pay in the US for tax evasion? It's all about trying to keep countries from gaining unfair advantages over other countries. The same way Switzerland had built it's financial system on bank secrecy, Ireland built it's economy on luring international companies with insanely low tax rates. It's not really about Apple or the US, this is about Ireland playing by the rules. Just like Switzerland a few years ago, Ireland is now paying the price for it's actions. And the companies that went along with it get punished. So they should. They knew all along that 1) it's not right, and 2) at some point it would come to light. 
    I think you've hit the bottom line beautifully here.  It's not right and sooner or later, it was going to be rectified.  Tim's tone is wrong / reactive.  It's gonna hurt.  
    Ver much agree
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls EU tax ruling 'total political crap,' cites potential anti-US sentiment

    Interesting that there are people here calling the EU socialist if all it does is pressing for normal tax rules to apply to everyone no matter if the company is big or small. BTW those taxes are way lower then in the US, so is the US socialist?
    Oh and it appears that the rules are not imposed now but have existed all along, just that Ireland and Apple found ways to work around them which appear to be illegal according to European laws.
    Lets see what will happen. As always there will be a compromise but I think its great that this problem has finally been voiced openly and can only hope the the major countries will agree to close the loopholes!