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  • Apple releases updated $199 iPod touch with A10 Fusion, up to 256GB of storage

    I don’t get why someone wouldn’t buy an iPhone 7 instead and just not activate cellular. On Amazon there are iPhone 7s for under $300.
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  • High-end 2019 Apple iPhone lineup may shift to 'Pro' branding

    Slap Pro on the name and raise the price. Phil Schiller’s Apple.
  • Apple responds to aftermarket iPhone replacement battery health warning

    elijahg said:
    So it does affect the use of the phone, as you can no longer see the battery health, despite the phone knowing that data, and it seemingly will not go into "peak performance protection" mode. Ok then.
    And some how we all survived and used our smartphones just fine before this battery health stuff existed. IMO this is one of those things that just gets people all riled up yet it probably impacts a small percentage of users. But we live in the age of everyone being constantly outraged over something.
  • Editorial: Apple's Q319 earnings destroy a mountain of fake data and false reporting

    This article is pure hyperbole. It was a good quarter in spite of iPhone which is now less than 50% of Apple’s quarterly revenues. Sure Wall Street loves services revenue but would anybody here really call services a great product from Apple? Tim gave no color or numbers on Apple News+ which leads one to believe it’s not doing that great. I’m not surprised. The News app isn’t that great and bolting on magazines and a few newspapers for $10/mo didn’t make it better. Honestly I think the only place where people need to eat crow is with the Watch which has become a big hit. 75% of sales this quarter were to new Watch owners. That’s fantastic.

    if you want good analysis of the quarter is a good resource.
  • Editorial: Amidst cries for a cheaper HomePod, Amazon now has a higher-end Echo

    kevin kee said:
    Which is still less expensive than the HomePod.
    You pay peanut you get monkey.
    I don’t get the point of this editorial. A better sounding Echo that’s still cheaper than a HomePod isn’t good for Apple. We know HomePod has been a dud so far because nobody at Apple ever talks about it. Cook never mentions it on earnings calls. Yet he brags about AirPods and Apple Watch all the time.
  • Tim Cook defends choice to pull Hong Kong police monitoring app from App Store

    Apple is for human rights so long as it doesn’t impact the company’s bottom line. Samsung has moved most if not all of their manufacturing out of China. Apple needs to do the same.
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  • Apple's Cook addresses App Store monopoly, Apple TV+ launch, iPhone 11 in interview

    avon b7 said:
    sflocal said:
    As a developer myself, it just irks me how other app developers are whining about Apple's curated App Store.  Look at the cesspool that is Android and it's easy to see why Apple has NOT adopted such an open model.  I find it hard to believe that any app developer worth their weight would complain about Apple's App Store and its policies.  They were probably still in diapers when the "old" way of marketing one's own software independently and hoping that marketing would be enough to actually sell it, and in any decent quantity to make a profit.

    Apple makes a lot of money for developers.  If you're not making much - or any - money, it probably has something to do with your app being crap, and not Apple.  The ability to make an app and have it available to hundreds of millions of people with little to no effort by the developer still amazes me to this day.  There is no way I would ever want to go back to the "old days" of going to CompUSA and buying software in big boxes.

    Whiners should just go to Android if they want the Wild West.  I'm happy Apple keeps the store to themselves.  To open it up to 3rd party stores would open the iPhone to the limitless security problems that is Android.

    No thank you.
    The issue is not a curated app store. Apple can have that without question from anyone.

    The issue is if Apple's store should be the only store on iOS devices.

    We'll see how the different investigations come down on that question. It isn't a given that they will rule against Apple but the question needs to be asked and answered at a 'competition' level.
    So if there were other app stores who would oversee them and maintain quality? Would the apps there be following the same developer guidelines and using the same API’s as Apple’s App Store? Would developers be selling apps in both stores? Do Google and Microsoft allow other stores on their platforms? Or is the other store the ability to download directly from the web?

    Apple just announced they’re going to allow competing messaging apps to be the default with Siri. I suspect that will happen with audio apps soon too. And I’ll bet within the next year or two Apple will allow users to set default apps. If they do all that I think the complaints about the App Store will fade away. 
  • Apple clarifies Safari Safe Browsing feature following Tencent data reports [u]

    There’s plenty to criticize American companies for over China. And privacy is important. But sometimes I swear people are wearing tinfoil hats. Honestly if you’re that worried you’re being tracked then all you can do is get off the internet.
  • Editorial: Apple faces entirely new challenges with Apple TV+

    Modern TV shows suck. I wish Apple would get the rights to some older/classic shows. One of the reasons I subscribed to Netflix is it was the one place you could stream The West Wing and The Wonder Years. I’m sure others were there because of Friends or The Office. Amazon Prime had the show Thirtysomething but it’s currently unavailable. The hard part is a lot of these classic shows are owned by media companies with their own streaming services coming. 20th Century Fox is owned by Disney, WarnerMedia is owned by AT&T, Paramount will be owned by CBS, and of course NBCUniversal owned by Comcast which has the Peacock stream service coming.

    I just don’t see how Apple TV+ can be successful with just original programming or well known franchise. People aren’t going to sign up for all these different services. They’re going to pick a couple and ones that have a back catalogue of stuff will be more enticing. I still don’t think Apple has done a good job explaining why Apple TV+ exists. Does Apple think there’s not enough TV content available? Do they think the TV content from everyone else is crap and they’re going to do TV programming better? Wall Street will say it’s a way to extract more $$ out of existing customers. But that’s not why you design and build a product. 
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  • News app Quartz removed from Chinese App Store amidst Hong Kong protests

    mobird said:
    Taking wagers of how soon this discussion will be closed... :*
    Why do they allow comments on these types of articles if they’re just going to shut them down.