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  • FBI director says there may be 'solutions' to end-to-end encryption debate

    Getting so sick of the political elite trying to wrestle away rights from people to gain power and using fear mongoring, outlier cases to scare us into believing that we should go along.

    Freedom is inherently dangerous, and only the ignorant sheeple of this country actually believe that we can legislate evil away.  

    “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” - Thomas Jefferson
  • Cellebrite says it can pull data from any iOS device ever made

    gatorguy said:
    It doesn't have any impact whatsoever on 99.8% of users IMO. TBH there's almost certainly going to be those rare instances where an already illegal activity and being able to access that person's a data may actually save lives and property. Personally it would be nothing I'd have even a second's concern about. I'm also sure that there's that segment who has so little to worry about in their lives that they'll create a mountain of hand-wringing concern over it for lack of anything else.

    Most folks really do have far more important issues to deal with, things that personally affect their lives. This isn't one of them. 

    Just my 2 cents. 
    I have to agree with this statement. The chances of a non-VIP like 99.8% of IPhone users having his phone compromised by a Cellebrite hacking process is virtually zero. 
    You’re such a sheep. You’ve been brainwashed not to even care about you’re own privacy. Let me guess, you also believe don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment because it’s impossible for governments to get out of control and the police are there to protect you. 

    Just because politicians have convinced you that you don’t need privacy or individual liberty doesn’t mean the rest of us are going to believe that BS.

    I’m fine with this technology, but Apple should do anything and everything to make it null and void to protect its customers. 
  • Disney to end Netflix partnership, launch own streaming services

    Won't be long before every producer of content will have their hands in our pockets. Cord cutters, your dream has come true. No more free lunch grandpa, the world is taking its cues from Spirit Air, pay toilets, and toll roads. No taxes, but everything you use will cost you. Justifying your accounts at the end of the month will be a nightmare with hundreds of nickel and dime charges flowing from your phone, watch, and car. Brave New World. 
    Wow! Capitalism! What a concept!
    Right, community out, every man for himself in. I'm sure that's how humanity progressed. 
    Capitalism is the only reason companies like Apple and Disney even exist so I'm not sure what you're implying. Disney has their own product they want to sell and they want to cut out the middle man not unlike, oh I don't know, Apple with their retail stores? The market will decide if this is a good move or not. Disney seems to think it is. Does it kind of suck? Well yes because I have a one year old and it's awesome to get Disney movies included with Netflix and I don't really want to shill out more money for another subscription service. Only time and people voting with their wallets will tell. 
  • Apple claims reversal of $120M verdict against Samsung violates US Constitution

    sog35 said:
    I've been saying this for YEARS:

    Apple needs to make more political contributions. Not to get 'favors' but just to get treated fairly. 

    As an Apple shareholder I see no problem with Apple spending a few hundred million on political contributions.
    This is EXACTLY what is wrong with our government in the first place, taking kick backs from corporations instead of working for the people. Get your crony capitalism BS out of here. 
  • Analyst says Apple may forego Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter for new iPhones

    Start supporting input (not just output) from other vendor dongles and I do not care. No I will not wear those "earings" because I do not like to stuff my ears with some devices plus they leak sound like sieve. I prefer quality over ear stuff - not fashinable gadgets.
    They’re not just fashionable gadgets, they’re amazing for the office environment. Super light, I’m able to hear my podcasts while also being able to hear things going on around me, they pause automatically when I need to take them out, and no wires to get in the way. Just because they don’t work for you doesn’t make them useless for other people. 
  • Disney+ streaming service debuts on Nov. 12 for $6.99 a month

    clarker99 said:
    With young kids who love Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars etc. This is a no brainer for me.  Guessing $9.99 in Canada or $100/yr. Take my money, well worth it for the hours my family will watch it.  

    I wonder. All the stuff my family would watch (and my kids) we’ve already seen. So why pay just to watch it again?

    I doubt Disney will put all their catalogue up at once. I bet they rotate titles over the year to keep people subscribed. Otherwise, what’s to stop someone from paying for a single month and watching all the stuff they want and then canceling? All Star Wars and Marvel movies for a single $6.99 “rental fee”? Sign me up. But just for one month.
    You obviously don’t have kids, or else you’d understand how many times they watch the same movie over and over again. A lot of their classics aren’t even on iTunes or for sale in stores.
  • Apple insists App Store 'not a monopoly,' expects to win in court

    If Apple were to lose this case does that mean Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will be required to have other means of digital software distribution on their platforms (PS, Xbox, Switch) as well? For all you people thinking this is a monopoly, you might want to actually learn what a monopoly is first. 
  • Deputy AG Rosenstein says companies like Apple are trying to 'defeat legitimate law enforc...

    Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves right now over the size and power our federal government has reached.
  • Thousands of Amazon workers are listening in on Echo audio, report says [u]

    I'm trying to decide whether I care about this or not. My bank records our telephone conversations, and those are much more detailed than an Alexa or Siri request, and are directly associated with my personal information. This seems pretty benign.

    The only real risk to me is embarrassment, but it's not likely someone I know personally is ever going to hear me saying or doing something I'd wish they hadn't. It's true that I don't want an Amazon contractor hearing my passwords or financial codes, but in the absence of a way for them to determine exactly who I am, even  that information is essentially useless to them.
    If “hate” speech becomes illegal it’s just a matter of time until someone at Amazon, or the AI, takes a joke out of context and the police are knocking on your door. 

    In reality though no one cares what you think about it. People that don’t care about privacy will buy one, and those that do won’t. Pretty simple. 
  • Powerbeats Pro or new AirPods -- Which do you buy?

    Both. Totally different devices with different advantages in different scenarios is my opinion.