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  • Apple's claim that all iPhones are available at retail enjoined by German court

    gatorguy said:
    The injunction order required not only that Apple themselves remove the "infringing" handsets from it's own stores but that stock at existing authorized resellers be removed and destroyed. That the Apple PR statement inferring that sales would continue as normal is misleading should be obvious IMO.  

    They're both still in the controlling the story phase....
    That isn’t what this decision implies. The story implies the court just doesn’t want the impression of unlimited availability. Fosspatents, whose author is German, says the decision only applies to the parties themselves not third parties. You can go on the carriers German websites right now and find the applicable iPhones. You’d think Qualcomm would be going after them if they couldn’t sell them.
  • Qualcomm gains $4.5B to $4.7B from Apple settlement

    mjtomlin said:
    charles1 said:
    Does anyone know what Apple would have owed Qualcom by now, under the old license for cellular chips? I doubt Apple would have settled unless it was heavily in their favor. So I figure Apple would have owed something like $12 Billion and settled for about 4.5B.

    Probably exactly what they paid. The point of taking them to court was to get future licensing fees down to more reasonable levels. I doubt the settlement favored either company... I would hazard to guess that Apple is still paying a percentage of total cost, but with some kind of cap.
    Usually when companies settled they both get something. Apple, however, seemed to get everything it wanted and Qualcomm less so. Court filings show Apple owed about 8 billion in back payments and was paying about 13 to 15 a phone. If Apple paid 4.5 billion in back payments and is paying about 9 dollars a phone that is a definite win for Apple. Plus Apple has a long term deal and only has to deal with Qualcomm not the manufacturers. Another win. 

    Qualcomm renewed its relationship with Apple, has an infusion of money, and is done with expensive lawsuits that were largely not going its way. 

    Qualcomm didn’t gain any leverage against Apple with its lawsuits. Apple worked around the China injunction, got the German injunction overturned, held off a US injunction, won its billion dollar claim, and was likely going to win this lawsuit in regards to Qualcomm charging discriminatory pricing for standard essential patents.

    Both companies benefit from resolution but if the rumors are right Apple got everything it asked for which seems right considering Qualcomm’s behavior in terms of standard essential patents. Qualcomm can now focus on 5g competition and other lawsuits.

    fred stein
  • T-Mobile entices subscribers with stock options, weekly prizes, free in-flight Wi-Fi

    blackfrog said:
    Left AT&T for T-Mobile in Jan, because time after time, since 1998, AT&T treated me badly. 

    But now, despite living in T-Mobile's best coverage zone, calls break up, and sometime drop. 

    Looking into alternatives now. Back to AT&T I suppose.

    T-Mobile, you've got the right attitude, but without decent service, you've got nothing. 
    With all due respect, I live in Michigan. I've been with T-Mobile eight years. I've dropped calls maybe five times. Three of the times was because of a dead zone whereby ATT subscribers lost coverage.

    Further, my coverage has improved over the last few years.

    i know people have different experiences, but it is hard to believe you live in one of the better coverage areas and drop calls frequently when I hardly ever drop calls and don't live in one of the best coverage areas.

    maybe it is the people you are talking to dropping calls.
  • New 12" MacBook boasts 80-90% faster SSD write speeds, 20% CPU improvement

    1983 said:
    The increase in SSD performance should be noticeable but the rest - CPU and graphics 20-25% I don't think will be. How come HP can release an ultralight laptop that's a few mm's thinner than the Macbook with a lot more power and Apple can't or won't...afraid to impact rMBP sales maybe?
    I'm a Mac guy, but my Office uses HP and Dells. The HP and Dells start having problems within a year. So, personally I could care less what HP does because the quality is not there. 
  • Apple proposes flat streaming music royalties for songwriters, at the expense of Spotify, YouTube

    RickeyP21 said:
    Poor Apple. "Only" making $45 million per year for playing someone else's content. However do you stay in business with your over priced laptops and $800 iPhone sales. I know, why don't you screw over music fans everywhere and force them to pay your over priced fees instead of using better products like Spotify!
    Free was never the model. Radio Stations, restaurants and bars all pay royalties.

    Not not entire true. Traditional radio stations generally do not pay royalties. It depends on what type of media they play. They were exempt under the copyright act. Streaming ones do.  Streaming ones aren't because they weren't around when the original act was passed.