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  • A deep dive into HomePod's adaptive audio, beamforming and why it needs an A8 processor

    Tell all that to Brian Tong at CNET. Man that dude is an Apple hater disguised as a self proclaimed fan. His shtick is saying he loved the Apple of the past and everything today is dog shit, while praising and loving all things google and Alexa and amazon. Hahah he’s entertaining but not very well versed in tech. Not like the guys on the Apple Insider podcast, for example. 
  • Actually, there is something new about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7

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  • Walmart Pay uses bizarre metric to claim its dominance over Apple Pay is approaching

    I started using apple pay a lot more and it is much easier than using a card. I still get a paper check from a cashier, but I don't have to touch that terminal and try to figure out which button to push in order to make the magic happen. I just pull out the phone, bring it next to the pay terminal, double click the home button, done. That takes like 4-5 seconds and feels A LOT faster than paying with a card.
    Try not double clicking the home button. The iPhone auto detects the NFC reader when it’s like 1-3 inches away and wakes up to the Apple Pay screen waiting for authentication with your default card. No need to double click the home button. Even less steps and effort if you take advantage of the auto NFC reader detection. 
  • Actually, there is something new about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7

    Apple's been running a BOGO offer as well. How's that for confidence?
    Not on a phone that's been out only two months.  Context is everything.
    Just to be fair. And I love Apple.

    It's not Apple that is selling you the Buy One Get One Free deal. It's AT&T and Sprint that have the offers and there are caveats (like buying a second line, keeping a plan for at least 30 months, etc).
    AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. were the ones selling the BOGO for Galaxy S7 also. It's not directly from Samsung.

    I thought the same thing while watching a commercial for Galaxy S7: "Oh how cheap, they have to resort to giving them away through BOGO". Until I saw the same commercial for iPhone and was humbled. Whoops.


    For AT&T (which is extending the BOGO deal it launched in February), customers will need to buy the iPhone 6s (or iPhone 6s Plus) on any Next installment plan. You’ll then need to buy another iPhone (again, the 6s or 6s Plus) to be eligible for the BOGO deal, and at least one of those lines needs to be a new line. In addition, the second Next installment plan has to be a 30-month Next option.

    AT&T will be offering up bill credits for the second device every month, with the first credit appearing within three billing cycles. AT&T will credit a device up to $695 over the course of 30 months.

    For Sprint, the deal is somewhat similar. The Now Network will allow customers to pick either a monthly installment, which includes payments up to 24 months, or a leasing option with 18 monthly payments. Customers will be able to either lease one and pay the other off with the monthly installment plan, if the want to shake things up a bit.


    And in December 2015, AT&T was apparently offering BOGO on iPhone 6s. Three months after its release.


    So I think it's a moot point to talk about BOGO offers, much to my surprise as well. I wanted really bad to believe it was only for "crappy" phones with "crappy" sales.

  • Channel checks, sales data on HomePod likely as wrong as it was about Apple Watch in 2015

    Savage. Get ‘em, DED. This is exactly the kind of rumor Brian Tong would salivate over and harp on his show reapeatedly. 
  • Elizabeth Warren confirms Apple is on her big tech breakup list

    She’s so in touch with the people!!! 
  • KGI: iPhone 7 won't sell as well as the iPhone 6s

    sog35 said:
    So iPhone7 will sell 10 million more units then he expected because Note7 problems? The Note7 only sold 1.5 million units at launch. And you SERIOUSLY think 10 million Note7 customers will buy iPhone7 instead?

    Nah. I think your critical reading skills were a little off here.

    The exact quote is "the research firm has escalated its sales estimates from 65 million to between 70 million and 75 million, mostly because of the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the dual-camera feature in the iPhone 7 Plus. "

    Key points:

    Escalated sales estimates..... mostly because of.....recall.....and the dual camera.

    You arbitrarily try to say that the 1.5 million Note 7s sold and recalled don't add up to the additional estimated 10 million sales for iPhone; and therefore it's bullshit. Well, yes and no. Here's why.

    In one sense, obviously not all 1.5 million ppl who bought Note 7s are instead buying the iPhone 7 because of the recall (Samsung actually said 90% of customers who comply with the recall stick with the free replacement Note 7.) Still, that other 10% doesn't account for the extra 10 million iPhone sales. Duh. So this leads to the next point.

    In another sense, the Note 7 had been released for like what, 2 weeks, before the issues were reported and later the recall was announced? How many more people would've bought the Note 7 if they weren't exploding and being recalled? Once the reports went mainstream, then the international news about the explosions, then national and international recalls, warnings from the FCC, airlines, US government, foreign governments...... you could argue that this deterred potential future buyers of the Note 7.

    A third point is the aforementioned dual camera. Other phones have dual cameras, sure. But iPhone is by far more popular and revered by the general public as a "gold standard"; whether or not you agree the historic sales say they are the most popular. HTC One M8, LG G5, Huawei P9 have dual cameras but do not sell like the iPhone and the vast majority of people outside the tech world don't know they exist. "Everyone" knows the iPhone brand. So that brings in more iPhone buyers interested because of the "new" dual lens camera.

    So to recap:

    1) People switching away from their Note 7 due to the recall

    2) Potential future Note 7 buyers deterred from buying it because of the recall

    3) Dual lens camera attracting people away from Note 7 that doesn't have it

    4) "Mostly because of". The report says mostly. Keyword mostly. What is mostly, it's 51% or more. Could be 95% or could be 51% of the reason for increased estimates. They didn't specify. So there are obviously more factors that weren't mentioned that are attributable to the increase in estimates.

    You can't just say "So instead of admiting you were fuking wrong, you make an excuse that iPhone7 is selling well because of Note7 failure."

    Well yes. But also not in the way you expressed it; that's not quite what he or the report said. That's not well thought out nor does it include the nuances in what was actually written. I think you're mad and seeing red; I've done that too sometimes. It's hard to admit, I know. It sucks. 

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  • Samsung said to be following iPhone 7 by courageously omitting headphone jack in 'Galaxy S8'

    I've had ppl on here arguing with me that Apple removing the headphone jack was going to kill Apple, that Apple was doomed from the horrible decision.

    Fast forward and reports come out that initial iPhone orders were 60-70 million, then later 70-85 million, now 90-100 million orders from manufacturers & suppliers. Most interesting doom I've ever seen, for sure. 

    Now Samsung is rumored to remove the headphone jack too in favor of one port.
    Their argument was Apple removing the jack, not that the single port wasn't USB-C. So now I'll expect the argument to morph into "well the single port is USB-C so it's a welcome change!" No, no. That wasn't your argument. You still need a dongle for your old headphones and studio equipment. Still need to buy new headphones if you hate adapters. Still can't charge and listen simultaneously; well sort of bc of induction pad charging; but what, are you going to sandwich the charging pad and phone in your hands so you can use it while it's charging? And it charges much slower with induction charging, might I add. I think more ppl want to use the phone & listen with headphones while charging, as opposed to have it lying there charging and listening only.
  • Turing launches first iPhone 12 MagSafe car mount with charging

    Uhm, that is gahd awful from reading the vendor's website product description. 1) You put your own MagSafe charger into it, so that's a separate purchase 2) You need to get your own car mount... this product is just an adapter/housing for use with other car mounts 3) The freakin MagSafe cable sticks out from the top... c'mon 4) It's $59... for just this adapter. Don't know about you all, but that's ridiculous... should be more like $5.99 for just the adapter that you put a separately sold MagSafe charging puck into which you then attach to a separately sold car adapter
  • South Korean analysts expect 100 million iPhone 7 orders fulfilled by end of 2016

    Damn. Orders to supply components for 80 million iPhones, possibly 100 million. For fucks sake, this flies in the face of everyone spelling doom for Apple from removing the headphone jack, being boring, no innovation, etc.

    It's not an objective perspective issue. Yeah, Galileo had an opposing view of our solar system when 99% of everyone were convinced earth was the center of the universe, let alone the solar system. But Galileo had objective proofs and numbers and math and testable observations and logic and reasoning. You can't claim that the 100 million people buying the phone are somehow brainwashed and you're the sane 1% and justify it with debunkable arguments. "Innovative features" - that nobody uses, don't improve anything. "Quad core processor" - it's still slower. "4GB RAM"- still slower. "4K display" - not necessary on a phone and 4K content is way less than 50% of all content. "AMOLED Screens" - they are awesome and better, but not enough to compromise needing to put octa-core processors and 8GB RAM and much thicker battery JUST to not move backwards in performance and speed and thickness etc. The trade off is not viable yet. Too much sacrifice; it's not like it's a jump from black and white screens to AMOLED. Too much sacrifice for too little gain. Wait till a better version of AMOLED is mature with no drawbacks.