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  • AppleInsider readers are split on the iPhone X notch, but most support Apple's decision to...

    It's the new iconic look. It is visually jarring right now because it's new, and we're staring at it. Once you get the phone and start using it, it will all but disappear as part of regular usage.

    Edit: I also love dramatic change like this, the kinds of things some people just can't handle.
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  • Apple said to be unifying Find My Friends & Find My iPhone, developing Tile-style tracker

    wood1208 said:
    For God's sake, please put "Back, < arrow" on top left of "New Message" screen and save the unsent new text message as draft if returns to previous Messages screen. Learn from Android text App, Google's Message App.
    Interesting feature request that I can't say I have ever once found necessary. Probably because I don't start "New Message" very often at all...every message I send is in a conversation that already exists.
  • Editorial: Manufacturers, it's time to put more USB-C ports on chargers


    Whoever sold you on the lie of USB-C was doing you no favors. 

    Hold on while we run out and swap all the USB-A ports in everything. 
  • Apple owners would pay up to $600 more for a folding iPhone

    ireland said:
    No they won’t. Don’t want one. Reliability on smartphones isn’t perfect, and folding then will no doubts make that worse, and make the already very expensive devices even more so. The screen size isn’t a major problem. The number one issue with Apple’s phones is cost. Other prominent areas for improvement are battery life and especially photo quality: photos, optical zoom quality and low-light photo quality. $699 for a top-tier iPhone would be ideal.
    This is pretty much spot on. Apple's gamble on thousand dollars phones hasn't paid off at all. Where people used to swoon and be impressed with Apple (because they were able to afford Apple's best-effort phone every year), they are now forced to buy the XR which is all they can afford, which is not much more impressive than an iPhone 7 from 4 years ago.

    I don't buy the argument that "better phones have to cost more." For the first several years of iPhone, Apple replaced the existing flagship iPhone with a totally new model that was better in every way...and whatever cost or R&D was incurred on Apple's part to make it 100% better year over year was not passed on to the customer.

    You can hardly blame them for trying, but there is no denying exactly what they've done which is test and push the boundaries of what people are willing to pay for the best. Well, they've found out.
  • Disney+ will stream to Apple TV, iPhone, iPad at launch - but not to Amazon Fire

    $6.99 is a good price for this service, but somehow I doubt it will stay that way for long. Subscribers will be bait and switched before long. 
  • Law enforcement can get Ring doorbell video by just asking for it [u]

     As usual people‘s concerns about “privacy“ are completely unfounded in this case and make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    “Privacy” does not extend to video footage of the outside of your home that you willingly upload to a third-party server. What are you frigging nuts?
  • YouTuber reveals 'iPhone 11' models, claims few changes

    crowley said:
    iOS_Guy80 said:
    crowley said:
    It used to be that Apple made things that looked better from the back than their competitors looked from the front.  I really hope they've got something special in the works for 2020, because that bump is grotesque.
    Really. When you use your phone what side do you look at? What side matters the most? When was the last time you looked at the back of your phone? Does it really matter why it looks like. What matters is that IT JUST WORKS.

    It's ok that aesthetics don't matter to you.  Other people think differently.  I like for things to look nice as well as work, especially when I'm paying as much as an iPhone costs.
    No, other people don't. Unless you can demonstrate that any measurable amount of users spend any measurable amount of time looking at the back of their own phone, then you're spouting nonsense...utterly predictable, reactionary nonsense.
  • AT&T settles FTC data throttling case from 2014

    Defended by AT&T as a necessary trade-off to keep its network running smoothly,

    Not if you didn’t sell it in the first place. It only became necessary because you sold capacity you didn’t have. And now these curts just get to settle, and continue forking everyone over. 
  • Movie studios talk $30 rentals for films still in theaters as Apple pushes for content on ...

    I hate going to movie theatres...the screens are usually smudged and dirty, the people are generally not enjoyable to be around, the seating is uncomfortable, the snacks/food are disgusting and already costs me at least $40-50 to take my wife and son to that miserable experience. I'd gladly pay the same to NOT have to go there.
  • AT&T will entice users to sign up for DirecTV Now OTT service with free Apple TV or Fire TV

    Nachin said:
    Hope, it doesn't suck like Sling TV.  Sling tv sound and picture quality is atrocious!! >:)
    Then you're doing something wrong. I get crystal clear 1080p and 5.1 on available streams using Sling. If I didn't I wouldn't have kept it.

    Their App UI is a disaster on the other hand.