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  • Apple's iPhone, iPad & more targeted in new lawsuit over LTE patents

    If you wonder why the Eastern District of Texas is so popular for patent trolls, this is well worth viewing. Incredible!


    Not surprisingly, Apple will  be closing its two retail stores that reside in the Eastern District of Texas (Willow Bend in Plano, TX and Stonebriar in Frisco, TX) and opening one in Dallas (just outside of the E.D.T.).


  • Premium-priced iPhone X, iPhone 8 propel Apple to $88.3B in revenue in its best quarter ev...

    iPhone sales were down about 1% y/y, but 1Q2018 was also a week shorter than 1Q2017. 13 weeks this year vice 14 last year. So, they sold 1% less phones in about 7% less time. If 1Q this year had the same number of weeks as last year, iPhone sales would have been up 5-6%.
  • Apple Pay with Express Transit arrives at Penn Station in New York City

    I'm glad to hear that! I just happen to be going to NYC soon.

    So, all one needs to do to use the NYC Metro with Express Transit is to go into Apple Wallet, turn on Express Transit, pick which credit/debit card the funds should come from, and you're done?

    This may b e a dumb question (I haven't ridden the NYC Metro in years and I can't remember exactly how the inside of the stations work)...

    Suppose I use Express Transit (tap iPhone) at Penn Station and get on the 1 train (which can use Express Transit) and I get off the 1 train at Times Square and get on, say, the M train to Union Square (which doesn't currently have Express Transit enabled). How does that work? Do I have to use Express Transit (tap iPhone) at TS when I get off of the 1 train and then buy/use a Metro card at TS to get on the M toward Union Square?
  • How Steve Jobs changed the face of retail with the Apple Store

    This may be a nit, but...

    The article states "The Apple Store, Apple's first foray into its own retail stores, opened its first two locations on May 19, 2001, in Glendale, Calif. and then in Tysons Corner, Virginia." That wording implies that the Glendale, California store opened first. While both stores did open May 19, 2001 (at the same local time), the Tysons Corner, VA store actually opened three hours earlier, as Virginia is three time zones ahead of California. Although interestingly, the Glendale, CA store is considered Apple Store number 1 and Tysons Corner is considered Apple Store number 2. 
     (BTW, I was standing in the line for the Tysons Corner Apple Store opening.) 

    Others above have commented about the success of the Apple store versus other computer stores...
    Admittedly, this is anecdotal, but two years ago on a random Saturday I happened to be walking through the Mall of America which has an Apple Store and at that time also had a Microsoft Store located across the hallway. When I got up to the two stores I snapped a picture of each store. These were taken mere seconds apart. Compare the number of people in each store.

    The Apple Store (notice the reflection of the Microsoft logo in the window):

    The Microsoft Store: