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  • How to buy HomePod using Apple's financing options

    Is it just me or is it that if you can’t afford to buy this outright you shouldn’t be buying it. If I used credit I would reserve it for necessities - like an appliance going out, not a HomePod?? Call me crazy...
  • With Twitter for Mac dead, here are the best alternatives for tweeting via macOS

    One option not mentioned would also be to stop tweeting.  Frankly, nobody cares.  Most useless expression of the internet ever invented, and judging by some of its most prominent participants, if I had to take bets on how WWIII might start, my money is on Twitter.  
  • Amazon to stop sales of all Nest products as battle with Google intensifies

    Given that I buy jack squat from Amazon anymore, after years of Prime membership (membership cancelled but account still active--I think?), this is a non-issue.  Yet, it confirms only what has alienated me more and more from Amazon at all...that Amazon is taking over the world, just as Wal-Mart had in retail.  People want choices, not oligarchies and between Amazon's drones, their own air service, their refusal to play nice with others, and their invasion of people's homes with Alexa (that's a Soviet name, no? : ) ) they are now what Apple wanted to be before it went Intel and in Steve Jobs' first go.   ...except about 177.9 billion times worse.  With all that cash Google has maybe it's time for them to take Amazon head on and end the surging dictatorship, lest we're all forced to cry "Heil Bezos" before long.  
  • iPhone XS review: There's nothing excessive about Apple's latest and greatest smartphone

    cpsro said:
    My observations in migrating from X to XS Max:
    • Face ID is much faster. Rarely do I even notice it occurring. With the X, it was so slow that my eyes would routinely go to the padlock to make sure Face ID was working. The XS (Max) unlocks so quickly, there's no time to wonder if Face ID worked.
    • The phone is much more responsive overall.
    • Color photos have a lot more POP and, as the article mentions, the focus speed and low-light performance are amazing.
    • 512 GB means I will never have to ponder what to delete.
    • Even with just 2 bars, LTE upload and download speeds are comparable to my premium cable broadband service.
    • The "big" keyboard I missed from the Plus phones is back!
    • Websites are usable with larger fonts from the Plus days again.
    • Qualitatively, the XS Max battery life is OK but doesn't seem as long as the X (which I found to be amazing).

    N.B. After using Face ID, Touch ID doesn't just seem quaint, it seems antique.
    Responses to the above: 
    1) Face ID is still slower than TouchID was and in my opinion it's still not as secure as TouchID, nor is the lack of a home button a benefit in terms of interface.  Granted, I enable the "assistive touch" function on my iPhone so as to prolong my home button and assuming this feature is available on X I could see this as a better replacement for TouchID than the new gestures required to close apps etc. 
    2) I think the phone being more responsive has little to do with A12 vs A11.  In the benchmarks the only noticeable improvement was in the metal score.  The single and multi-core scores are very similar from A12 to A11.  The likely culprit here is iOS12.  This has been by far the best release in terms of performance increase that I can remember, dating back to the first iPhone I owned (iPhone 3G).  I have a 64GB SE and did a clean install with iOS12 and it's been buttery smooth.  I know there've been some other hangups with iOS12 on other phones but in terms of speed on the device iOS12 has been fantastic.  
    3) 512GB means you just spent a crud ton of money to achieve laptop like storage.  While I do lots of videography and can certainly appreciate storage, for the price Apple charges, forget it.  I'm with the majority here who says baseline should be 128GB and if that was the baseline, that's exactly where my money would go.  Anything beyond that is complete excess given Apple's pricing.  Yes, it's NVME storage and it's fast and wonderful, but Apple is still gouging here for memory increase.  
    4) I'm not sure what your premium broadband service speeds are, but I have fiber and my speeds in home are 100mbps upload and download.  Even if the XS has much better LTE capabilities I would be SHOCKED if AT&T had the service to meet it here in Central Florida...or Verizon for that matter.  I consistently get about 14-17mbps download/6-10mbps upload here and it's been that way for a long time.  Haven't seen 20mbps+ since about 3 months after the 5S came out since these networks clearly have no intention of actually improving backhaul but rather like to publish numbers that are absolutely false in the real world.  
    5) the big keyboard is a to each his own thing.  I went into Best Buy yesterday to handle the XS and it didn't take me 30 seconds to realize how disgustingly large it is.  If I have to upgrade it will be from SE to 7.  I'm just still holding out my 1/2 ounce of hope Apple might surprise me in a few months with an SE 2.  I really wish there would be enough of a cry for that size from the current faithful to make Apple think twice about canning it.  Aside from the fact that they make their phones entirely out of GLASS now.  Every drop test with these phones shatters them at about 3 feet.  Since Apple obviously can't figure out how to make a wireless charger, there's no other reason to be using glass.  Bring back metal and stop making the most handled device in people's lives out of the least shatterproof material out there.  Would you make a car key out of glass?  To me this is an equivalent comparison in proving Apple's stupidity and stubbornness.  
    6) I'm sure web sites are fantastic on the bigger screen.  You know what though?  They're even better on an iPad. ...and a laptop is better than that ...and a TV is better than that.  As a video guy and a small business owner there's no way on earth a phone will ever replace my computer so rather than glue my head to a mini screen all day, ignoring the roses (and people) around me, I'd rather have the screen be capable of light lifting but be durable and pocketable.  We used to make fun of people for having a "Zack Morris Phone" and now we celebrate this?  This is progress?  
    7) No comment on battery life other than Apple thinks good battery life is just getting through the work day.  I'd like to come home and have 50% remaining still, at least. Get me through a day and a half in case I forget to charge.  In my case I keep chargers in both cars, the office and in my house.  Good battery life would eliminate this.  

    I still think FaceID is a complete gimmick and there should be touch, even if it's just integrated into the screen.  They built 9 years of phones on TouchID and taught people how to use that as the primary interface...and then changed it.  What's next?  Introduction of a physical keyboard as the new standard?  The Blackberry people would be happy I'm sure, but the rest of us would be quite confused by Apple's idea of "progress."  

    Anyway, it's gotten so ridiculous that even an 11 year old can find plenty of ways to roast Apple and the faithful fan boys: https://youtu.be/8tmF2XAWoHg

  • Apple's 'iPhone SE 2' rumored to ship in first half of 2018, made in India

    I’ve never had one issue with fingerprint accuracy on my SE.
  • Highly questionable video claims to show 'iPhone SE 2' with iPhone X styling

    1. The SE is 100000% about price. Even its size is a result of cost considerations. It isn't using iPhone 5 design to please anyone, even if their marketing says so.

    2. Face ID is a leading iPhone X feature. Despite its utility, it won't come to low-cost products soon.
    Definitely about size/profile, thank you.  It’s an aesthetically gorgeous design, unlike the aesthetically goofy too big for your hand, easily slips out with its rounded corners design of the 6 on.

    And no thank you on Face ID.  I’ll keep my Touch ID any day. 
    just cruisinbaconstangGeorgeBMac
  • Apple activates iPhone X display module replacement program for touch issues

    It’s posts like this that make me really appreciate my 2015 15” Pro. At some point it won’t be able to handle the video editing requirements I mainly use it for but between the keyboard issues of the newer models and now the HDD issues, the 2015 has fared well. I’ve never had an issue with mine. Hopefully that continues. 
  • iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus both beat iPhone X sales in March quarter, questionable data find...

    Right away in the title of this article we find skepticism at someone else’s skepticism about the iPhone X.  Get over it Apple crowd.  I’m a fan too but FETCH IS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.  Let it go.  It’s overpriced and people finally proved there is a tipping point, though that tipping point was way higher than even I expected, admittedly. 
    Sorry, but that's a load of crap. It's priced high because it was difficult to scale, and despite this it killed it at least during the last quarter where Cook said so explicitly. Recent reports have it as the #1 profit-earning smartphone on the market, meaning it's doing well. I know that pains you. 

    But even if it's true that in subsequent quarters the non-top-tier iPhone models are selling more, so what? This remains good news, because they're still iPhones. And as noted it's expected that lower-tiered models will sell more than top-tier models. 

    Heads, Apple wins, tails, knockoffs lose. Take your pick. 
    First of all, of course it's the #1 profit-earning smartphone on the market...it's the HIGHEST PRICED.  That doesn't mean it's doing well.  That means it makes the most profit PER UNIT.  And why would it pain me anyway?  I have mutual funds invested in Apple.  I own more 3 Apple computers and 2 iPhones.  It doesn't pain me.  It pains me to see the continued fanboyism that can't accept a notch and a $1000 minimum price tag might not have been the rousing success Apple had grown to think would come.  Like I said, Apple tested the elasticity of the rubber band and it appears to have snapped.  

    What do knockoffs have to do with anything.  Objection your honor...relevancy?? 
  • Apple to produce 8M iPhone X units in Q2, trying to 'burn off' existing supply, report say...

    Cue iPhoneX fan boys in protest.