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  • EU slaps Qualcomm with $1.23 billion fine over illegal chip payment to Apple

    nht said:
    Good !
    How is is good when another major US tech company gets slapped with a huge fine by the EU kleptocracy?  Do you really think the EU gives a shit about protecting Intel’s interest or just doing a money grab because they can?

    Granted Apple and Qualcomm is fighting right now but so what? I like cheering on Apple beating Qualcomm or Google as much the next guy here but it’s still “in the family” so to speak.   

    When foreign governments make moneygrabs against US companies, even the ones I’m meh about, it’s a money grab against the US stock market and a money grab against the economy of the US.  I’m sure I have Q buried in some fund or another.

    Qualcomm is just like HP, Westinghouse, Motorola, IBM, DEC, Sun, Intel, Apple, AT&T, Microsoft.  Some of those still around, some of those not (or just in name).

    Ever hear of the Viterbi algorithm?  Invented by a co-founder of Qualcomm, Andrew Viterbi. 

    So it’s another one of US’s inventor/founder tech companies.

    Samsung they can beat on like a drum all day long and I don’t much care.
    So it doesn’t matter that they were in the wrong. It only matters to you that it’s hurting the American economy??? 
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  • Apple agrees to bend to Russian law and store user data on local servers

    mystigo said:
    Canada has similar user data requirements. It just isn't run by a brutal dictatorship. The issue here isn't so much the requirement, it is the risk that the government will abuse it.
    I think Canada is a bit different. By my understanding, it’s only the different levels of government that must keep its citizens’ information off of US servers because of the Patriot Act. That is why there are Azure and AWS data centers popping up.   Individuals like myself and private corporations are free to store their information anywhere. 
  • Huawei trolls Apple by handing out power banks to customers waiting in line for an iPhone ...

    I am a systems specialist / networks administrator. I can't elaborate how much Iphones suck. Its made for people whom want to keep up a certain image. It offers no benefit to a professional and I always have a good chuckle when I see a engineer with a Iphone, Wanna be's. I'm not for Huawei but rather for Android ecosystem. Android is by far in everyway superior to Apple.
    Funny. Our organization, which manages a fleet of over 5,000 phones, went the opposite way. We chose IOS over Android because it offered a more stable environment to administer. We go back a couple of model years in order to manage costs. Right now the iPhone 7 is the model we give out. It’s offered for $0 by the carriers and it’s still good for 2-3 years of business use. 

    You lost credibility in my eyes with your “wannabe” comment. I guess you just don’t get the nuance that cheap does not equate to better value. 
  • Apple knew in advance about iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus 'Bendgate' says court filing

    If your behind is that big , for crying out loud, please don’t sit on your damn phone.
    It’s the small behinds that are causing problems. :D
     Reducto ad absurdium : wrapping a phone around a soccer ball will Cause it to bend more than, say,  the earth. 
  • You can now use Apple's Siri & HomeKit to control the $8000 Numi 2.0 'intelligent toilet'

    “Hey Siri” + Slight accent + Nuvi 2.0 + pants down = trouble. 
  • U.S. House questions Apple over FaceTime flaw

    This wasn’t vulnerability dicovered by a well known security agency through an organized Pwn2Own type of initiative. It was reported as a bug by a teenager and his mum, likely through some high-volume general feedback mechanism. It could take several days for a staffer to even look at it, and it likely wasn’t thoroughly documented so as to easily be reproducible. 

    That being said, I’d be interested to know the gap in time between their realization of the scale of the bug and the first communication. 
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