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  • What MacRumors forum has become lately ...

    Good post, and everything is true.  Many mods on that site are terrible and it is all about money and favoritism.  
  • What MacRumors forum has become lately ...

    ericgtr12 said:
    RV8 said:
    For those questioning how badly moderation has gotten at MR, here are the 3 horrible violations I had that got me banned from PRSI.  IMO the moderator has a name that fits him.

    Weaselboy is an officious Junior High School Hall Monitor that has the backs of the regulars over there. He routinely stalked and rebukes people who upset the angry members who act like vicious members of the Democratic Underground. That's an objective observation, not a political one. The guy is a caricature of the over-used concept of the "Social Justice Warrior", giving legitimate social causes a terrible name.

    You are exactly right, there is a core of nasty posters who provoke anyone who disagrees with their agenda (anti-corporation, etc), and are adept at using Weaselboy as a weapon by the thirty odd people who are on there 24/7 talking politics and nothing else. It's non-stop conflict and new threads about the latest political idiocy every day. Why Macrumors doesn't close their political forum is beyond me. It's hurting their business and reputation. 

    If you are a thinking adult, and don't like being treated like a child, don't go there. Tell everyone you know to do likewise to avoid the toxic atmosphere. The discourse there is obviously dictated by the silliness you see on college campuses. It assumes that everyone is a helpless victim, results in infantile lecturing, and ends up making the problem worse.

    That said, their loss is Appleinsiders gain. I tell everyone to avoid MacRumours. Come here instead.
    As a long time member of MacRumors Forum I have experienced this several times myself and this time decided to write an article on it. Mostly because they shutdown any type of response, they also regularly delete grievances from their feedback forum. So here is a summary that I've written up to address both the forum and their main heavy hitter Weaselboy. https://macrumors-banning.blogspot.com/2019/01/macrumors-forum-rules-and-bannings-good.html ;
    Your article doesn't;'t show to be online.  Is there a new link for it?  Would like to see it.

    Edit: Found it with this link.