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  • Jony Ive's departure follows years of dissatisfaction and absenteeism

    Cook is a bean counter and that comes across in Apple's products and services offering which are about as interesting as one of his keynotes.

    Cook is a less crude version of Ballmer instead of getting sweaty running around like an idiot shouting 'developers, developers, developers', Cook would meekly stand around saying, 'investors, investors, investors.'

    It won't be until learn from Microsoft and point Cook at the exit and get a new CEO who thinks 'customers, customers, customers' that Apple will have a stab at the future. At the moment Cook is leading Apple down a cul-de-sac where their whole existence depends on a tiny portfolio of products which are not that special.
  • High-end users on 'Why I'm buying the new Mac Pro'

    @elijahg @Sanctum1972 You've both hit the nail on the head and pointed out the real issue, Tim 'Pipeline' Cook and what an inordinately awful CEO he is.

    Cook is a bean counter with absolutely no feel for products and appears to have zero ability to see through the sort of BS that lead to the release of the Trashcan. Cook can only see as far as the incredible profits that the iOS devices are making with the Apple SoCs and can only see the Mac line up on ARM to unleash yet more shareholder value. Nothing else really matters as long as the majority of the company's products shift to ARM ASAP.

    It's likely that the iMac Pro and Mac Pro will be the only Intel based Macs by the end of 2021 and if they don't sell they'll be EOLed. The EOL of OpenGL and OpenCL last year and now the iPadOS experiment all point to the convergence of Mac and iOS devices getting closer to the pointy end. Think of the efficiencies of scale combined with Apple's performance advantage on ARM and they could rule the new hyper mobile device future. You might be looking at not a return to being a Trillion dollar company but a 2 Trillion dollar company with every bit of hardware made in house.

    Combine the above backdrop with the hyper competitive PC hardware market that the Mac Pro is going to be released into and would anyone really spend $15k on a Mac Pro that Apple may only support for a few short years? How long will Apple keep the BTO selection of GPU modules up to date and competitive with the mass produced PC market? What if the Mac Pro only sells in the low thousands what motivation would there be for Apple to keep the hardware of the Mac Pro current? Hear professionals talk about Apple and you'll hear them say after the FCP/FCPX debacle and the Mac Pro no show that they've lost confidence in Apple as a partner as they can no longer be trusted to not go missing in action. What if you sink $15k into the Mac Pro and it's Apple's last Mac Pro?

    Most of us have lived through the PPC to Intel move and when Apple moves to a new chip architecture that becomes the focus. Any ambitious Apple engineers won't want to be left behind supporting the old Intel architecture they'll be heading for ARM product development. All the Apple marketing will be about ARM and the bright new future of ridiculous profit levels. I loved Jobs' ability to go from telling everyone PPC was faster than Intel until the day he announced Intel Macs which was a 'screamer' and we never heard of PPC ever again.

    The Mac Pro is clearly a forum success, the people who will never need or use one seem absolutely sold on it but is there a single professional creative user on this forum that is going to go all in on the new Mac Pro and order one as soon as it hits the Apple store? If there is I'd love for you to explain why it makes sense from a financial and hardware perspective. Anyone?
  • Mac Studio with M1 UItra review: A look at the future power of Apple Silicon

    crowley said:
    crowley said:
    crowley said:

    I think the Mac Pro, if it has the expected 4x SOCs, will show even worse performance scaling just as the Threadrippers initially showed. I expect the Mac Pro to have an Apple discrete GPU but if this GPU is a PCIe based GPU I think it's function will be akin to a built-in eGPU as again the latencies of the PCIe bus will mean developers choose to use the integrated GPUs for most interactive workloads like video editing and the discrete GPU for heavy compute operations like science simulation calculations and rendering.
    You realise that all (modern) discrete GPUs use PCIe right?  "Built in eGPU" isn't a thing, that's just a graphics card.
    You missed the point. Well done.

    I used the term eGPU to differentiate it from a typical discrete GPU usage. I think most people who are using eGPUs are not using them as frontline GPUs and are using them for compute applications. It's common for Mac 3D artists to use eGPUs for rendering. Did you trigger yourself before you completed reading the paragraph?

    The M1 architecture uses integrated GPUs which makes communication with the CPU vastly more efficient by being on the same package and using the same unified memory. A discrete GPU sat on a PCIe bus no matter how powerful can perform worse than these integrated GPUs for certain tasks i.e. akin to an eGPU in the previous Intel generation of Macs. I thought the readership here was a bit more savvy to be honest.
    That's not the common usage of eGPU.  Try using the same language as everyone else and a bit less of the tossing out of insults.

    I don't disagree with the rest of your post.
    I'll try and use more Fisher-Price level language that leaves less for you to interpret incorrectly in the future.
    I didn't interpret incorrectly, I understood you perfectly; I pointed out your incorrect use of a word.

    Are you always this salty when someone finds fault with you?  Maturity, it's a good look.
    Clearly you STILL don't understand. I was clearly talking of its function and not its type, I even prefaced the term with 'akin to'. More intelligent people will have understood what I was saying, sorry you didn't and still don't.
  • A maxed-out Mac Pro will cost you $53,000 -- without display

    I’m interested to see how many workstations from Dell, HP, and Lenovo will be shipping with Threadrippers.
    Wow you got me there I forgot only Dell, HP and Lenovo build workstations.