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  • Apple tells users to erase, restore iPhone and Apple Watch to fix Workout GPS data bug

    I have the latest update beta and it does not fix the issues with battery or gps. <begin rant>. Yes I’m very familiar with apples default response of wipe and load the watch. It’s a gamble of your time if that even works for the specific issues. It’s just a way for Apple to get you out of the store or off the phone most times.  This is not at all simple or short unless you are someone who barely uses the watch for anything. It can take a couple hours for backup and restore, if it works successfully the first time. plus 2 - 7 days for banks to revalidate the “it should be instant” Apple Pay. Plus phone calls where the banks blame Apple and Apple blames the banks. Plus COVID wait times. And don’t forget carriers that are unable to process activation on cellular and “nobody else has this issue” reported by many people. Then there are always apps that need to be reconfigured, data lost, etc. wipe and load should be a last resort. Oh and there is no way to validate a backup is good. I’ve had it happen twice where iTunes says the backup was corrupted, must start over as new watch. Especially on upgrading to a new watch restores are unreliable <end rant> 
  • Apple Watch Series 6 may add anxiety monitoring and sleep tracking

    I've been using my Apple Watch's for sleep tracking every since version 0 (2 and 4). I charge during the shower and have no loss of battery life with sleep tracking on vs off.   

    Sleep tracking apps use the built in always on motion feature of the watch, so they add negligible battery use to calculate sleep awake patterns of movement.
  • 27-inch iMac teardown shows lack of storage upgrade options

    It is very short sighted of Apple to eliminate a future source of revenue from overpriced storage upgrades. They included the connector on last years model, and on the iMac pro's.  That connector is designed into the board, and costs less than 1 penny to install by the robot during manufacture.  Now they are selling a new iMac, that they can't make any overpriced storage upgrade money on in the future. People will have to buy 3rd party thunderbolt NAS's that sit on their desks and make other companies rich.
  • Actual US broadband penetration & speed falls far short of FCC claims

    The big industry secret of residential fiber, is that it’s not profitable in The USA.  All done using subsidies, and back end Enron level scams going on with Verizon, att and those little carriers and investors who fall for the bad deals. The little ones lose in court when they run out of money to fight the big lawfirms. By the 1,000’s, So small they get lost in the news of stock markets. Except in condos and apartments. “Cost per bit” is the driving force behind ISP’s. Fiber has a low cost per bit only for high consumption data centers and business and dense cities. Fiber has high “CpB” in suburbs, regardless if it’s fiber to the node or home. Suburbs with medium traffic volumes coax has the lowest cost per bit. Top tier Coax also is beating top tier fiber on latency and throughput in the US at the moment.  No need to mention the 10gb to 100gb DSL tech att never will deploy because CpB is crazy. WWII Microwave relays still exist and are still used by stock markets for ultra  low latency vs the “slow” fiber relays. Every ms counts when money is at stake. CpB is over ruled by raw bit latency for that specific use case, even if total capacity of a tower is under 32mb/s. Now compare that with starlink, and the cost per bit reduction of at least 10:1 can’t be matched by any other technology. speed and latency overseas beats fiber undersea cables 2:1. The cost per bit and overseas low latency is why starlink is the single biggest industry change and nobody sees it yet. Let’s consider cellular. Each generation was a 10x cost reduction 0g - 1g - 2G - 3g- 4g, profits increased 10x each jump slightly offset by denser deployments. then mmWave 5G came out at much higher density driving cost per bit close to 2.5g levels. 6G is crazy CpB using 100-300thz equipment with a range of a few meters. Setting them on a backwards profit path of no return. What do ISP’s do when faced with this profit loss problem? First they figure a way to make lower cost 5G stuff that’s not really any better than 4G and sometimes worse (sub 6ghz) Then they lobby the government for more subsidies, send out lawsuits to block competitors with better CpB (starlink), and then start a marketing campaign pushing people to higher priced plans for the same service they already had.  Vz and Att do this over and over, using lawsuits to either slow down the competitors or financially bankrupt them all together. When you threaten the profit stream of a company with access to the highest paid lawyers in the world, you better watch out. 
  • EU law will force Apple to blow open its entire hardware and software stack

    This is almost identical to what occurred to Microsoft Windows decades ago when they were the dominant monopoly. Regulation forced Microsoft to do all of this. They fought it hard, played all the same tricks all your comments are saying apple and Google will attempt. History repeats itself. 

    I’m honestly surprised Microsoft hasn’t been calling foul for decades where apple and Google get away with all the things M$ got in trouble for. 

    Skip to the lessons learned. M$ sacrificed windows OS and Office quality to satisfy regulations. By way of moving software development en mass to developers a country that did not use the product. This Quality disaster opened up the market for a new comer (Apple) to fill the void. If history repeats. Apple and Google sacrifice and open up a market to ????