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  • Senators want to make social media liable for spreading health misinformation

    lkrupp said:

    But even the truth can be manipulated. The news media is now reporting about breakthrough infections, side effects, etc. that are being used by the conspiracy theorists to claim the vaccines are useless.
    I think the “conspiracy theorists” would just like to understand what percentage of people who have contracted this new strain were also vaccinated.  That statistic would decide whether those asking the question are “conspiracy theorists” or not. 

    Either it works, or it doesn’t work. And if it doesn’t work, it sounds like we’ll be playing a cat and mouse game between variants and updates vaccines for the rest of our lives.  For a virus that 99.9% of people recover from.  

    Disclaimer: I have nothing against vaccines and have been vaccinated.  

    Yeahhhh, no, that's not how vaccines work.. it's not that black and white. Here's the bigger issue: why are people still not vaccinated and allowing the variants to happen? A variant is not the same virus and therefore you might not be as protected against it with the vaccine you already have. Ergo... those that got vaccinated aren't having an issue with the original covid but now have the possibility of dealing with the variant because of "conspiracy theories". In the end, even a variant will not harm a vaccinated person as harshly as it would someone who isn't.... but variants continue to variant.. and eventually, it's not helpful. The questions you are asking have been answered... if you don't understand the answers then ACCEPT that people much smarter than you are trying to help you. If you don't believe them, that's on you.. and that makes you the dangerous conspiracy theorist.
  • Netflix $6.99 Basic With Ads doesn't work on Apple TV hardware

    making me pay for ads was the reason I cut the cord in the first place...