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  • Editorial: Despite claims to the contrary, the App Store isn't loaded with malware

    Yes Agreed! Especially that last Line... I've taken issue with a couple of British guys who write Apple tech articles that are so far off base and whacked that I had no choice but to lambaste them with criticism, and providing facts & proof of my rebuttals. One writes for Forbes and I cannot believe they keep him on staff or contract. When you work on a MacBook Pro with 126 Apps like I do all day, every day, it's easy to become Incensed when you read totally inaccurate garbage. One case and point is supposedly how messed up Catalina is.. yet I have 124 out of 126 apps that work just fine with Catalina except for maybe a couple hiccups. The two remaining Apps that had issues were just updated within the past couple days.. so now I have 126 our of 126 Apps that work almost perfectly with Catalina. I called both "writers" BOZOs, a favorite of Steve Jobs for ignorant or inept people who pretend to know but their "works" prove otherwise. ~RpH
  • How Apple survived the flawgic-filled 2010s, butterflies and all

    Thank you Daniel Eran Dilger for an excellent article! I've been wishing for someone, anyone in the media to point out, and call out all those bi-polar Bloggers and Apple Nags you mentioned, some of whom I've written Nasty Tweets and Emails to time after time when they spew their Fake News and Demented Opinions.

    Thank you also for backing up your editorial with so many facts and figures, like the $7 Billion dollar Lie. Some of your facts I hadn't known or realized myself. 

    Well done, well written, and am convinced this new decade is off to Bangin’ start with this new 16" MacBook Pro along with the new iPhone & iPad Lineups, and hopefully a  successful Mac Pro. While some lot of the criticisms Apple has received hasn't been fair, what hasn't killed them has only made them stronger!

    Thanks Again,
    Robert Patrick Hartle
    Syracuse, New York
  • Editorial: No, the new 2019 Mac Pro isn't a fairy tale come true

    I read about 1/4 of this article then paused to scroll down to see how much more of this diatribe there was, reading an additional paragraph here and there. Dude, are you Bi-Polar? Having "Just Another Manic Monday?" Holy S***. None of this article has anything to do with Mac Pro Performance or review after giving one a test drive, which is what I was hoping for, good or bad. This article talks mostly about Google Android Failures and Inside Apple decisions you have know real knowledge of. This endless rant reminds me of a Famous Clip a Bill Gates Shouted in a during an Employee Meeting at Microsoft: “You Never Understood the First Thing About This!” Yet another blowhard who gets to write a never-ending mantra of Psychobabble. Ewan Spence of Forbes is another one. Where and how these guys get to write for major publications has got to be about wealth and connections and nothing more.
  • Lawsuit accusing entire computer industry of patent infringement fails on missed deadline

    Yea Nice going Bozo! If those Patents are so much "yours" why did you wait until after 2010+ to pursue your suit? Not only did you miss the deadline for the brief, but you missed the boat entirely! This has to be the lamest patent extortion I've ever seen. You should be embarrassed for your reputation as it makes your whole legacy look ridiculous.