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  • Epic must pay $245M after luring customers into 'Fortnite' purchases

    And this is why I will never support this company. Eat s*** Epic!
  • Final Cut Pro & iMovie updates have fix for export & playback bug

    mpantone said:
    M68000 said:
    Sigh… Yet another FCPX update that most likely won’t work for me. Still can’t get Final Cut to open at all since I updated my MacOS. Ugh. 
    MMaybe you should just start over and wipe your Mac and install fresh?
    “Before OP goes ahead with such extreme measures, I suggest OP deletes FCPX completely and reinstalls it from scratch.”
    Yeah I’ve tried that over a half dozen times and it’s still the same issue - final cut won’t even open to a splash screen or anything anymore for me. Not when I try and open older project files or just open the app by itself. It refuses to open at all and it’s frustrating as hell because that’s been my primary editor application for nearly a decade and I’ve never had this issue until I updated my MacOS last December. Haven’t been able to use it since and have had to use *shudders* Premiere Pro…
  • SanDisk Professional Pro-Blade review: Fast, but an answer to a question nobody is asking

    Props to AI for the review on this, otherwise I’d probably not have known it existed. 

    On their product listing, B&H shows this hooked up to binder camera equipment, which is very enticing to me being a videographer. Really wondering/hoping this gets supported by Blackmagic and their Pocket Cinema Cameras because this seems like a really good workflow idea. Pricing isn’t bad either for what you’re getting. I’m currently using a Samsung T5 external SSD and they’re getting kinda hard to come by in the event I wanted a second one to use.

    Sandisk is my preferred memory card brand for my filming gigs so this seems like a win-win to me. 
  • White House calls Apple and Google 'harmful' in bid to cut app store fees

    Not the biggest fan of Google and the way they go about security but Brandon and the WH can seriously efff off and stop attacking Google and Apple. The main reason I stick with Apple’s ecosystem is it’s more secure than it’s completion and I’m more comfortable and trusting of Apple than I even am of Google in this respect.