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  • Epic seeks 'coalition' of Apple critics as fight over App Store policies intensifies

    In real, Epic does not care about the payment system. For Epic, it is not about "can´t pay 30% fees", but about "does not want to pay". 

    All of this is to say that the demands Epic makes in its lawsuit are not, in fact, merely arguing that the smartphone apps market should be more competitive, with more payment options. The sandboxed app store model is not some curious, incidental feature of modern smartphones - rather, this is an essential and hugely important part of why they have such a strong software ecosystem. Epic is explicitly arguing that we should abandon the smartphone software model and security model almost entirely, and switch to what would actually be the old Windows model. Its arguments would also of course mean that we should abandon any level playing field, and move to a model where big companies and big brands have an even bigger advantage, because a trusted platform is replaced by a trusted reputation. This would be good for big established brands - like Epic - but not for may other people.

    If app developers rather listen to EPIC, then good luck.
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  • House Judiciary says Apple enjoys monopoly power with App Store

    I would not be able to see the future shape of AAPL if AAPL was broken up.

    iPhone is very popular due to iOS and differentiated app store policy.
    iOS is very popular due to their setting on iPhone.

    So, there is an interplay between iPhone and iOS, which makes AAPL so successful. 

    To other companies: They could be more powerful by being broken up as they are really "data-driven" companies. 

    Break up --> more competition --> more data collected driven by more competition --> more powerful.
  • Hyundai execs face stock trade investigation over inside 'Apple Car' information

    AAPL should be happy to not work with Korean companies.
    Korean companies are world class leaders to copy and paste technologies. 
    Semiconductors, chips, soy sauce recipe etc. were copied. 
  • Nissan says it is 'not in talks' to build 'Apple Car'

    k2kw said:
    That´s what I said and mean. 

    OEMs do not want to be the next Foxconn.

    Apple needs to be realistic in degree of control. 

    I much prefer a "Apple Car" with their M1-like chips and their battery technologies to generate as high margins as possible.
    But that´s what OEMs do not want exactly. 

    I hope Apple realizes that Apple will not find any OEMs for their request. 
    Yes.   It’s stupid to become a manufacturer for Apple. 

    And who would want to buy an Apple Leaf for $100,000?

    If Apple is Serious they need to Manufacture their own Batteries and cars.   Tim Cook should have moved to do this years ago.   Now instead  of Apple buying Tesla, Apple is playing catch up.   Probably will take them 3 years to do what Tesla does in 1 year, but they have to make a big investment - at least $10 Biilion per year for several years.
    How is this different than other products? Does Apple need to manufacture batteries for iPhones, iPads, and Macs? Why or why not? Apple also doesn't make cameras or lenses.
    Making a car is completely different from making a single component like camera or lenses. 
    At the end, the final product must be approved, but the entire production process is very complicated. It cannot be compared to the manufacture of iPhones or other Apple products. 

    I do not know how to describe the production process of cars or how to clarify the difference between cars and other "small" products, but believe me. Car-making is a completely different animal.