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  • White House shot down Intel plans to increase chip production in China

    The chip shortage will continue under Biden administration. Companies will not manufacture chips in US. They cannot make money. If they try to raise prices they need to double or triple the prices. And this route is not working. Democrats have no concept of capitalism. 
  • Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal named as new head

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    I am touched. Wait a moment.I have never been on Twitter and left Facebook one year ago. Maybe changes to Meta and Dorsey leaving Twitter were result of that  :D
    I quit both earlier this year.  Both are evil companies.  I don't suspect this will improve Twitter at all.  At Least Hipster Rasputin won't have his mug everywhere.  
    Apple is not exactly a saint either. Maybe not ‘evil’ per se but tiptoeing around it sometimes.
    WTF does Apple have to do with any of this?  They don't have a social media presence!
    He’s not wrong though, as Apple sometimes treads in murky waters, especially in regard to China. 
    In regard to Twitter, nothing will change about that company. Unfortunately he is still on at Square. 
    Did Apple experience China haters' accusations in China? None! Nada! This is unlike what Twitter experienced in US. 
    People in China are either not allowed to know what is going on, or afraid to speak of it if they do. 

    Or perhaps they don't have professional propagandists spreading conspiracy theories.
    This is correct answer. Unlike western countries people can spread any false information under protection of free speech, Chinese cannot spread false information. Anyone doing that will be dealt seriously. Think about it. Before the internet age, people can send opinion to newspapers. An opinion will be scrutinized by an editor before it may be published. Why it that? Because many people hold opinions that are contrary to facts. Some people here hate me because I post some facts that they don't like. I expose liars.
  • Compared: 14-inch MacBook Pro vs MSI GP66 Leopard gaming notebook

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    There’s another difference the article doesn’t point out: you can play hundreds of top tier games on the MSI. 

    I sort of get the point of doing a comparison like this, but there’s a reason Apple stopped at the chip: their comparison was to show how powerful their silicon is compared to Intel. The MSI was a useful example because gaming is typically a demanding activity. 

    Comparing the features of actual laptops however is less helpful in this context. MSI is a gaming laptop. Gaming is literally why it exists. Saying the MacBook is more “useful” ignores the fact that, despite the power of its chip, it can’t come close to competing with the MSI on its turf.  
    The first and most important choice for gamers is availability of games. Then they will seek the most powerful machine. M1 Pro has much better hardware than MSI. But it needs to attract the gaming software developers before a comparison is meaningful. 
  • The new MacBook Pro: Why did Apple backtrack on everything?

    Apple is returning the proper role of computer. Personal computer debuted as a device that every one can create things on it without being a computer scientist to understand how to use it. This is the dawn of information age and culture. There are four waves of information culture. We are in the third wave. The first wave is digitizing information on personal computer. Personal computer allows the whole world bring their culture on the computer. Apple made laptops so people can carry computer around. Apple tried to reduce its size and weight to make it more portable. The second wave is sharing information. It consists of two stages. In the first stage, internet was invented. People using computer to exchange information through email and accessing web sites counting information. In the second stage, Steve Jobs invented iPhone as a smartphone and telecommunications industry changed their network to allow digital information to be transmitted together with voice. The iPhone revolutionized information sharing. It becomes possible for everyone to be connected to the whole world at anytime in the day. This is the time Apple forgot the mission of personal computer: to create digital information. It is still concentrated on minimizing laptops. Luckily Apple regained its mission in the Apple Silicon and MacBook Pro 14 and 16.
  • NSO Group spyware used in hacks targeting U.S. State Department officials

    China has been scapegoat for whatever happened. 
  • Apple's macOS Monterey causing problems with some USB-C hubs & docks

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    Using a OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock and all is well.
    And this article is about USB-C hubs & docks, not Thunderbolt.

    It's also USB-C with Thunderbolt.
    All current OWC Thunderbolt docks required a Thunderbolt connection to the computer.  They will not work with just a USB-C connection to the computer.  This article is about USB-C docs/hubs, that connect via the USB protocol to the computer.
    Thunderbolt 3 is USB C. your comment makes no sense
    Thunderbolt 3 is not USB-C. You need to educate yourself before replying.  

    Thunderbolt 3 uses the USB-C physical connector.  However, a USB-C physical connector can be USB-C only, and not be Thunderbolt 3. 

    My comment makes perfect sense to someone who knows what they are talking about.
    If USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 cannot work together, why make the physical connector identical? Error is prone to happen. The engineers don't know this basic common sense? 
    USB-C is a connector, Thunderbolt is a protocol.  They can work together, and every Thunderbolt port uses the USB-C connector and supports the USB protocol, but not every USB-C port supports Thunderbolt.  Those that do will be clearly marked with the Thunderbolt logo.  On Apple computers where every USB-C port is a Thunderbolt port it's absolutely fine, everything will work.

    Be careful about which USB-C cables you buy off the Internet

    Apple's Thunderbolt 3 is USB4. It does not have this problem.
  • Wikipedia now accepts Apple Pay donations

    I have been a long time user of Wikipedia and a big fan. I have seen its contents grow to become very thorough. You can almost learn quantum mechanics just from Wikipedia. 
  • Samsung to build $17B semiconductor fab in Taylor, Texas

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    Samsung isn’t an American company so no profits stay in the US. Texas is basically giving Samsung the land for 2000 jobs, which won’t necessarily be good paying jobs. Does anyone actually think their products will cost less? Not me. 
    rob53 said:
    Samsung isn’t an American company so no profits stay in the US. Texas is basically giving Samsung the land for 2000 jobs, which won’t necessarily be good paying jobs. Does anyone actually think their products will cost less? Not me. 
    The only thing the plant proves is that with a cost of only 17 billion dollars Apple can build a similar plant on American soil, but chooses not to.
    This is not the facts of the truth. The facts of the truth is Samsung has the technology of operating a chip plant. 
  • Reddit breaks down the math on how the new MacBook Pro saves them money

    Reddit CEO is correct. A compilation is not an isolated event. Reduce the time by half means the product can be released faster. The user will obtain the better product faster. They will be happy and more productive. 
  • NSO Group spyware used in hacks targeting U.S. State Department officials

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    So much for NCO promising to only sell to legitimate law enforcement agencies and governments. I guess to them legitimate means that the cheque cleared. 
    China, Russia, Iran and N Korea are all legitimate government. Just the rest of the world don’t really think that way. 
    Not sure how you came to that conclusion.  I am not aware of any efforts to decertify diplomats from those countries, or to expel their ambassadors or anything at all of a similar nature.  

    The rest of the world may disagree with these countries and their actions but they don’t deny the governments of these countries being legit

    Interesting how you define legitimate. North Korea’s dictatorial regime may be de facto but it is certainly not legitimate.  It is a blood thirsty, repressive, genocidal regime, not a government by any definition of the word. The United States and most of the rest of the world have no diplomatic relations with this atrocity. Only China pays any attention and that’s because the Kim family is useful as a buffer in the East.
    Chin becomes scapegoat again. But North Korea maintains diplomatic relations with 164 independent states.