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  • Compared: 14-inch MacBook Pro vs MSI GP66 Leopard gaming notebook

    mr lizard said:
    There’s another difference the article doesn’t point out: you can play hundreds of top tier games on the MSI. 

    I sort of get the point of doing a comparison like this, but there’s a reason Apple stopped at the chip: their comparison was to show how powerful their silicon is compared to Intel. The MSI was a useful example because gaming is typically a demanding activity. 

    Comparing the features of actual laptops however is less helpful in this context. MSI is a gaming laptop. Gaming is literally why it exists. Saying the MacBook is more “useful” ignores the fact that, despite the power of its chip, it can’t come close to competing with the MSI on its turf.  
    The first and most important choice for gamers is availability of games. Then they will seek the most powerful machine. M1 Pro has much better hardware than MSI. But it needs to attract the gaming software developers before a comparison is meaningful. 
  • Chinese students sue Apple over not including chargers with iPhones

    Apple could do better. Apple should put a warning message in the ordering form stating that phone charger in not included. Further, at the end of ordering form there should be an option of adding a charger. If the customer still placing the order, the responsibility is not Apple. 
  • Compared: 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 17

    Yeh ok....  
    But can it run WIndows?
    or, conversely:
    But can it run Facetime, Apple Music, iMessage, Apple TV+, and be unlocked by my watch ?
    Hardware specs are only half the picture -- and maybe less.
    That's not to fault this review, which is, as always, a good one.  But, hardware alone won't get you any closer to where you need to be than a Porsche 911 without gas.

    I would prefer a more complete functional review: 
    --  How does this machine help me get me work done better?  (even if that work is watching AppleTV+)
    --  How does this machine make my life better?

    And again, this is not a criticism of this review -- pretty much all reviews (over) focus on hardware.
    Look at the one star reviews on Dell web site. The biggest complaint is build quality. 
  • Yahoo Finance app pulled from Chinese App Store

    mubaili said:
    Until Apple gets its acts together and have a second supply chain ready outside of China Apple’s hands are tied. Instead of paying dividends and doing stock buy backs, Apple should spend all these money to set up an alternative supply chain. Once it is up, Apple could then push back on those demands, go to courts to challenge those demands, or make those demands details public for everyone to see and judge. Until then, there is not much Apple can do but kowtow to all those demands…
    This is China haters dream. It won't work. Plenty of companies in the world manufacture in China. Samsung does. Intel does. This is not because of cheap labor. Cook had said it before. China has enough talented hard working people to satisfy Apple's production needs. No other nation can replace it. 
  • Taiwanese group says Apple harms consumers by not including charger with iPhone

    Is there a law in Taiwan that forbids raising price? iPhone 12 is different from iPhone 11. And Apple cannot change price for a new product?
  • Google launches Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro with Tensor processor

    I gotta hand it to google, it's very bold of them to make phones that are this ugly and unwieldy.
    Google does not pay dividends like Apple. It got plenty of money to burn to make these half baked Pixel 6s. Similar to Microsoft with its monopoly on Windows OS and Office suites, it got plenty of money to burn to experiment on Surface products. 
  • New MacBook Pro chips deliver desktop performance with better power efficiency

    KITA said:
    Beats said:
    Windows is still better for gaming? Why can’t Apple tackle gaming??
    macOS has essentially no market share or ecosystem in this area compared to Windows.

    Windows devices are still better in the vast majority of workflows and applications, most of that is due to the fact that the applications needed for these workflows just don't exist on macOS.

    If you're going to buy one of these new MacBook Pro laptops, you're probably doing it for something like Final Cut Pro or similar. Even Premiere Pro might still be faster on a Windows laptop.

    These are very specific workflows that Apple is targeting, but they're doing an exceptional job at it.

    I think Dave Lee put it well, the new MacBook Pros are professional tools and they're expensive. Similar to the Mac Pro, unless you have a very specific workflow, you don't need it. 
    Coding for MacOS is completely different from WindowsOS. A software company has to devote two teams for the same application. Most of them choose not to do so. 
  • Apple could be the next target of China's push to get more data stored locally

    crowley said:
    Which country do you live? 
    I've never hidden where I live, and you could find it fairly easily by browsing through this forum, but since you won't admit to being a Chinese citizen I'll be damned if I'll just voluntarily submit to your questioning of my nationality.

    You do not comprehend my point on comparing western culture with Chinese culture. 
    I do, I just don't agree with or respect it.

    Is US Western culture? Is government formed within a culture? 
    It's western culture.  Maybe even the dominant western culture, from some perspectives.  But it is not western culture.  There's a whole lot more west than the USA.

    As for whether a government is formed within culture... sure?  So what?
    In US, crime rate is very different between the ethnic groups. This is the fact that cannot be talked about in US. Every crime committed by a minority, the news cannot say it is done by certain minority. The political correctness wants to make US colorless. In this sense, US does not have real free speech. When a fact cannot be reported, there is no free speech. This is why that U Michigan music professor lost his job by playing a movie that prominently showing a certain race. 

    What is your explanation of the higher crime rate then? Don't use the gun. Because robbery rate is also high that California pass a law to decriminalize robbery using the $950 threshold. 
    That's a whole load of stuff about the USA given that I've already said that the USA is only one country in the West, only one of many that have been formed from a Christian tradition, and many others have a much lower violent crime rate.

    The stuff about political correctness and free speech is just unmitigated bullshit.  And rather nonsensical in the context of this conversation.  China does not have free speech, so why are you even bringing up free speech as a point of contention?

    The USA has a higher crime rate probably for many reasons, that I'm in no way qualified to document.  I have a suspicion that the US origin myth of violent revolution for independence and freedom, and then expansion across the continent under a paranoid shadow of European colonialism may have made parts of it intrinsically violent and disrespectful of law and authority, especially on the edges, but I have no real evidence for that.  The inequality and racial division are almost certainly contributory too.  And they are talked about.  Quite a lot.

    How about you say why you think the Christian tradition has anything to do with it.  Compare it with Poland or Spain, both very Catholic countries with crime rates on a level with China.  Or with Denmark or the Netherlands, countries with crime rates lower than China, and largely Christian, both Catholic and Protestant.

    Or how about Japan, a country that has a not dissimilar historical values system from China, but a lower crime rate?

    Maybe realise how reductive your simple, stupid explanations are?  And how transparent they are in their attempts to deflect from the subject at hand.

    Xinjiang has several incidents of terrorism. CCP thought a new policy of educating Uighurs. The idea originates from Chinese culture. CCP is heavily criticized by western nations as genocide. This is conflict between two great cultures. All my arguments are based on this truth. You don't know Chinese culture. You don't have this background. This is why you and many other people always get confused. George has a very open mind. He can understand it. 
    As I have said previously, including in conversations with you, I am part Chinese.  I do have this background.  And this idea doesn't originate from Chinese culture.  It is unfortunately common throughout the world and is just called fascism, or ethnic-nationalism.  The fascism of the Han and the CCP against the other peoples of China and against diverse thought.

    Xinjiang has had incidents of separatist agitation, but the broader Uighur populations are not the culprits.  What is being done is a fascist crackdown on a different culture, that you excuse because "Chinese" culture (read: Han CCP) is the only one that counts.  Never mind Uighur culture of course, that doesn't deserve any consideration, because it's not "real" Chinese according to Beiijing. 

    "Education" is an extremely generous description of what has been reported to be happening in Xinjiang. At the very least it doesn't address the widespread surveillance and restrictions on the entire region that have been in place for years, and at its worst is a blatant smokescreen for the incarceration, physical, emotional and sexual torture being practiced, with either the direct or tacit approval of the authorities.
    I boldfaced this accusation because it proves that you do not know Chinese culture and you do not understand CCP. Read the following news.
    It is proof that sex crimes are not tolerated in China unlike US. Trump solicited sex yet he claims he is Christian. And he has zero responsibility for this sex in US. What a contrast!!

  • Apple could be the next target of China's push to get more data stored locally

    lkrupp said:
    tylersdad said:
    Which poison pill will Apple swallow? Will they aid the Chinese authoritarian regime and protect their profits from China? Or will they protect their customers from the authoritarian regime? 

    I have a feeling it's the first option that Apple will choose. 
    Get a clue. In this case their ‘customers’ are Chinese users, who already have no privacy. So what’s your problem? There is no poison pill for Apple to swallow. If you think there is an ethical lapse and hypocrisy here then stop doing business with the company to protest. But I bet you won’t do that, will you.
    Why do you sound so angry? Why make it even easier for the government to spy on it’s citizens? I feel very conflicted over what Apple should do, but these laws are very bad for the Chinese people.
    Give me a break! FBI does not spy on US citizens? 
    No where even close to the same thing. The FBI does not do mass spying where the vast majority of U.S. citizens are being spied on in the same way as in China. We have freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, etc. The FBI only cares if we are committing a real crime like murder, robbery, assault, etc. In China they want to control every aspect of their lives. 
    Not true. FBI stores spying in a database. FBI also monitors terrorism. You failed to list it.