Maybe stop giving Kanye West such an enormous media platform to document his mental illness? And I don't mean banning him from Apple Music. I mean just stop writing, blogging and talking about him all the time. Since he started these rants, his online presence has increased by a quantum level. So everyone, stop, just stop. Let him be Kanye, let his fans support him, and the rest of us can forget him.


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  • Coinbase doesn't want to pay Apple for in-app NFT transfers

    What I don't get is why anyone would buy an NFT. Or any cryptocurrency either, for that matter. These are derivatives with no inherent value, produce nothing, and can't be used for anything. They're just a vehicle for the "greater fool theory." You, the fool, overpay for some worthless item, and then starts the desperate search for the "greater fool," who is willing to overpay more than you, to sell it to.

    This is not a strategy for long term wealth building. In the words of the late shadow president, Nancy Reagan, "Just Say No." Then go out and find great companies with a history of growing earnings and increasing dividends. Like Apple or Microsoft or Lockheed Martin.
  • Maxed out MacBook Air & MacBook Pro - what you get for the money

    You want to know what you get for buying a maxed out MB Air or Pro?

    A lot of debt. Or a thinner wallet. Apple is the greatest company in the world, but their upgrade prices are insanely overpriced. $540 to upgrade from 256GB to 2TB? You can buy a 2TB SSD for less than $200. Or an HDD for $75 or less. You can buy a 20TB external drive for $449 from Western Digital.

    And $200 extra for an extra 8GB RAM? Well, since they now solder it on the logic board, you're stuck on that one. The last upgradeable MB Pro I had, I was able to get two 8GB chips for $50. And that was 2012.
  • Apple halts update to HomeKit's new Home architecture

    I just bought a HomePod Mini to use as a Homekit hub. Hasn't arrived yet, but I guess I just dodged a bullet from what I'm hearing!
  • Apple gearing up to re-release revamped HomeKit architecture

    Unless you're a developer, here's the best advice you'll hear on installing beta software: don't. And if you still feel the need to, do a current backup first, and take your device offline.

    As a consumer/enduser, you have nothing to lose by waiting for the official release. I spent 14 years working for an Apple Specialist and then Apple Inc. and never, ever installed a beta on any of my devices after seeing people coming in crying about what happened when they did.
  • Apple's Services penetration isn't high despite years of growth

    red oak said:
    4% for Apple Care? My bullshi** meter just went off. There is no way it is that low I recommend you be more skeptical on reports. Or, at least fully understand the sample size and how they calculated the data
    I think you either misread or ignored the statement, which reads, "as low as 4% for some AppleCare options."

    While I firmly believe in AppleCare, and buy it for our Macs, iPhones and iPads (and have saved thousands with it (including the time my wife dropped her 256GB iPad Air and smashed the screen: that iPad cost $800 with tax, and it was replaced with a new iPad for $49), there are some options I consider superfluous. Apple Watch. AirPods. HomePod Mini. Apple TV device. Three have no moving parts to fail, and are inexpensive enough to replace in the unlikely event something fails. The Watch, sure buy AppleCare, for some very active or clumsy people, or people who don't take them off to shower or swim, but not for me. They're a bit expensive, but not enough to justify AppleCare in my mind.

    So I'm sure that at least 3 of those 
    mentioned have very low AppleCare sell-through rates.
  • Future HomePod could detect dancing & change the music automatically

    Not entirely convinced that constant video and audio surveillance of me by my digital devices is a good thing…
  • House of Representatives bans staff use of 'high risk' TikTok

    lkrupp said:
    This is frivolous to the lowest level. TikTok is an entertaining tool. Government building is for working. Of course it is inappropriate to use TikTok. But making it a national security issue is a plot by China haters to silence democracy. 
    Maybe the NSA, CIA, and the U.S. Military know something you don’t. But then you’re just a Chinese government operative spreading disinformation and propaganda. And who are you to be talking about democracy when your leader is a vicious despot.
    You are a liar! I have said here many times that I have nothing to do with Chinese government. And you China hater keeps making lies about me. And would you bet that every word I posted here have been recorded by CIA? US government has the world's largest network of spying. It is much larger than China or any other country. Can you deny it? NSA, CIA, and the U.S. Military know how to spy on every one. This is why they worry TikTok will spy on US. US has far more superior military power than China. I believe this is the simple reason CCP feel it is useless to spy everything on US. Of course they want to know what the US Congress is planning on Taiwan. And this is the reason US Congress don't want CCP to know. And this is democracy? I thought democracy is for peace like Jesus do.
    Come on, wave! Your mangled syntax, misspellings and rigid defense of the PRC (we notice that you use CCP, a dead giveaway) make it obvious you're just another Chinese tool trying to influence Apple users for some unfathomable reason. Get a Twitter account and pimp our "useful idiot" ex-president again.
  • Intel just took the worst beating in earnings in over a decade

    tbornot said:
    It’s also likely that Apple sensed that Intel was a subsidiary of Microsoft, and their needs came first. “What do we have to lose?”,Apple thought as they took the M1 gamble. 
    Actually, at one point, Apple was run by the CEO of Intel, Andy Grove. And in his 500 days at the helm, he almost ran it aground.
  • Wi-Fi 6E to be restricted to iPhone 15 Pro with A17 processor

    Hmm, my iPhone still makes perfectly good phone calls. Guess I'll just wait to get a new one until it gives up.
  • Intel just took the worst beating in earnings in over a decade

    After owning Intel for over 20 years and watching it go nowhere, I got fed up waiting for things to change and sold my shares and used the proceeds to buy NVIDIA back in August of 2020. It's gone nowhere but up since that.

    I miss the Intel dividend, but I'm sure the recently announcement of spending cuts will inclued a dividend cut. But this old investing trope still proves to be valid:

    "If you wouldn't buy it now, why would you hold it?" Intel is a moribund company running on legacy fumes, and has no viable turnaround plans.