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  • Epic CEO will fight Apple to the bitter end over App Store control

    Many don’t know this,Tim Sweeney and Epic is largely owned by Tencent China, a Chinese communist controlled company 

    So this is Chinese communists vs an American company that just came up technology to save people trapped in the wild without mobile service

    chinese Communist controlled Epic games… let that sink in

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  • Musk threatens to walk away from Twitter deal over high fake user count

    lkrupp said:
    If the deal falls through I think the SEC would have a good case of fraud to bring against Musk. Looking like this was all theatre from the get-go.
    Not they won’t. SEC ? Lol, like those idiots can even walk straight just like the rest of this high inflation government

    Elon likely won’t even have to pay the break up fee of 1 billion because he has Twitter by the balls with this fake user thing. Twitter was in breach first by filing 5 percent of users are fake but then admitted on their last earnings (after Musk made bid) that their fake users are way more.

    if Anything, Musk may have a legal case vs Twitter.
  • Weak demand for MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods may have caused order cuts

    Nikkei Asia and that reporter is a paid mouth piece for Apple short sellers. Yes they get away with this stuff in Asia.

    That report is faulty given AirPods , watch and MacBook have completely different supply chains so one “anonymous” supply chain manager in China would not have that information.
  • Twitter staff nearly decimated by Musk's 'extremely hardcore' demand

    jungmark said:
    I wish I had 44 billion to waste by killing a company. 
    You miss the point. Elon doesn’t want a biased one sided cesspool that Twitter was, he is there to remake it. 
  • White House calls Apple and Google 'harmful' in bid to cut app store fees

    Just wrote to my congressman

    Congressman Khanna 

    I noticed the Democrat administration is bending over backwards to help the EU destroy American companies like Apple.

    I buy Apple because specifically I like how they protect my privacy. Forcing a 3rd party App Store opens up my phone and computer to Chinese or Russian spyware.

    Why are Democrats doing this? The company leading this, Epic Games, is a 49 percent Chinese CCP owned company that prays on young kids with its own App Store!

    Congress needs to wake up . How about asking consumers what we want? And not bureaucrats and politicians ?

    Your voter in Sunnyvale 
  • Twitter staff nearly decimated by Musk's 'extremely hardcore' demand

    It’s very clear Elon wants them to leave. Get a hint people. Your new boss wants the garbage out! No more $500 lunches working at home on the company 
  • Weak demand for MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods may have caused order cuts

    I doubt anything will change, but Apple’s pricing policy is not in keeping for folks faced with increased heating bills, increased prices and wages not keeping pace with any of it. All of my previously comfortable Apple subs are under review. I’m making do with my older phone for another year. Much coveted AirPods Max are a no-go for the foreseeable*. Etc.

    *First world problems, I know
    Apple is not the issue. They are a private business and face inflation pressures as well.

    it is our monetary policy as well as administration engaging in a foreign war in Ukraine that is keeping up pricing pressures.

    Did you see the news that Zelensky signed law to bar all dissenting news media and reporters? This on top of him arresting any Ukrainian men trying to leave the country?

    There is no democracy between these two, we should stay out and stop letting Americans suffer
  • Apple Fellow Phil Schiller quits Twitter

    mattinoz said:
    Madbum said:
    ilarynx said:
    Madbum said:
    Madbum said:
    Be very careful there Phil. More than  Half of this country  and likely more than half of the Apple users agree with Musk and his views on Free speech .

    So political statements like this is not what shareholders want to see. 
    Ironically you are advising him to be weary of expressing his own free speech.
    Well no, as long as he represents Apple and is beholden to shareholders, he has a duty to act in a manner that will not damage the shareholders

    if he resigns, he can ran around with his pants off protesting a Twitter no problem!
    While the execs and C-level personnel have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, I'm not sure an Apple "Fellow" does, senior or otherwise. 

    Regardless, a lot of companies and shareholders are learning that remaining on Twitter is a bit of a gamble these days:

    "Half of this country... agrees with Musk"? Either you live in a country different than mine, or you need to share what you're smoking with the rest of the group. 
    I think you like imagine your coastal state as America. Or did you think Biden won 140 million to 15 million? And not 80 million to 74 million? (California and New York was responsible for most of the difference) And the US senate is not 50-50 or Republicans don’t have the house?

    and I say this as somebody who voted for Biden

    and I will say it’s likely way more than half agree with Musk when it comes to free speech, I do and many of my friends who vote Democrat do as well.

    lastly, Schiller part of the executive team so he is c-suite
    Pole was seen by 126mill individual accounts only 16mill votes and Elon himself said a big bot population in the votes. 
    So all claims of half are exaggerated at best. 

    Bot votes were from 12am to 6am when the No votes went up from 42-47, so…

    so you don’t think at  the 52 percent that just  gave the Republicans the house agrees with Musk?

    and I am telling you I usually vote Democrat as independent and I also agree with Musk.

    so I guess some of you do think Biden won 140 million to 15 million lol….

    yes watching CNN and read New York Rimes all the time can seem like it’s 90 percent Democrat most of the time but it’s not like that
  • Apple triumphant in Epic Games 'Fortnite' antitrust appeal

    Great victor for Apple over the Chinese communist owned Epic games.

    Tik Tok spying for China is in the news but Epic is just as dangerous 
  • Apple triumphant in Epic Games 'Fortnite' antitrust appeal

    Madbum said:
    Great victor for Apple over the Chinese communist owned Epic games.

    Tik Tok spying for China is in the oil news but Epic is just as dangerous 
    Especially since they are half owned by Chinese TenCent. Amazing how some of these shady operators virtue-signal while at the same time selling out customer and country for the sake of personal enrichment. Absolutely shameful. 

    TenCent/Epic’s Unreal engine 5 didn’t get so amazing without significant cost, motivation, collaboration, sweeping industry planning, and manpower/hours. The rapid entrenching of this company into automobiles, Hollywood, etc. is more than a little troubling considering where it’s coming from and what that country’s stated goals are. It’s no wonder they were so bold as to go after Apple, which has also made the error of purposely investing nearly 300 billion into a country so opposed to human rights and freedom. 

    It’s almost a shock that Apple won as the “bad guys” seem to win so often. Enjoy it while it lasts. 
    $5 says this whole lawsuit is planned and backed by the Chinese communist party who owns Tencent. Only the dumbest of the dumb politicians  in the USA will be going along with this complete Bull Shit from Epic and European Union! 

    They have common interest in taking down Apple to help their own companies ! Wake up !