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  • Michelle Obama talks entrepreneurship, social issues, more at WWDC

    First Al Gore on the board, now Michelle Obama speaking at the WWDC.  For people saying it had nothing to do with politics, I disagree completely. Can you imagine if they had Melania Trump there speaking? No politician or ex-first lady belongs at the WWDC. It is a developer conference.

    "Obama discussed her experiences in the White House, including efforts to address childhood obesity, support military veterans and their families, to inspire young people to achieve higher education and global efforts to help girls attend school. She specifically noted that there are still many areas around the world where girls still aren't considered worthy of an education. "

    Ok, fine, but zero to do with developing software and nothing that people don't already know. I'm sure she got a nice speaking fee though.
  • New photos offer detailed glimpse of 'iPhone 7,' including potential 'piano black' model

    The iPhone 7 won't satisfy users or analysts because there won't be enough significant changes. A better cpu, more ram, better camera and removing the headphone jack are just minor improvements. Hopefully there is something more than the rumors we've heard, but I doubt it. We shall find out soon enough though. Expect a stock dip.
  • Apple to take on Snapchat, Facebook in 2017 with new iPhone video editing app - report

    Wow. Is there no one bright enough at Apple to realize this will #failbigtime
  • Angela Ahrendts interview addresses Apple retail refurb, town square concept successes

    An artist sketching and a guy playing a guitar? Sure, why not bring in a homeless guy to sleep and pee on the floor and make it just like San Francisco.  Get rid of Ahrendts before she Marissa Meyers Apple Retail.  The only thing Apple Retail needs to do is double the size of every store, maybe add a cafe and call it a day. Stop worrying about the retail stores and update the Mac Mini, Mac Pro and the Cinema displays which haven't been refreshed in 1860 days as of today.