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  • Qualcomm points to innovation costs as shield to FTC's antitrust claims

    that's silly argument - if you become a standard, it should be access to all - by default, you already have the advantage of volume. charge excessive fee not only abuse the standard, but also impede the innovation (by grab extra money other than chip fee) from their customers. Qcom uses their size and advantage of standard is high way robbery. IMHO. who ever is going to use their 5G should keep eyes open (including standard setting committee - should put limiting clause to prevent such a behavior).
  • Editorial: Why is Samsung's Galaxy Fold graded on a curve?

    sammy, stop using Journalists as "in market" tester.  They are brain dead to start with (peel off the plastic like they dig out storyline).  spend some money to hire few teenages as beta tester instead.  they will perform highly accelerated test and found all the faults prior to your in market test start and most  likely give you a no-sugar coated response (like a piece of ....).  Surely the user deserve a good tester if they paid 2K.   Fold screen or rolled up screen do have place in product, just a bit odd to use on hand (holding a book open and writing on it even on the edge is always a bit hard for me).  
  • Intel exits 5G smartphone modem business on heels of Apple-Qualcomm settlement

    Good move on Intel. Get it perfect on the IoT prior to mobile is a good game plan. Hopefully, Apple will provide some thing to sooze the pain (ego too). 5G still early in the game, everyone still got chance to catch up... even QC set is not that impressive as yet. Just make sure it can be drop in fit for future (pin to pin compatible would be better, especially in high speed - to re-spin a board with all the impedance matched design is pain). Lay low and ready to jump high next ;-).
  • Apple's new high-end OLED 2017 iPhone expected to feature 5.1"-5.2" display

    IMHO, please make the real new phone not look like the above image... thx. 
  • Apple falls to 36th place on Glassdoor's annual Best Places to Work chart

    Huh? You have no clue what you are talking about. You don't liv here in Silicon Valley. At Apple, Sunday night is a working day and people spend 11-12 hours average at work. No that's hell, not life. That's why my friend quit Apple to work for FB.

    work with multiple cutting edge  in the past, the company attract different applicant at different stage: prior to dominate the  field,you got hardworking paranoia type with super competitive (jobs' ibm video come into mind). burn out, work 7days with minimum 12 hours in a buddy camp like environment to struggle to get  the best product  out of the door, it is  life line you have to hold on.  you get few applicants for job that known have you  are get into pressure cooker.. once you become established, you will attract 3 types applicants: same as before (the one willing to go through hell), the fame and temp experence seeker to beef up resume and jump to next (they will take all the possible courses corp offer and collect all certificant, but little willingness to do the daily grind), and the last type: know all the dental plan, benefit, holiday salary OT different, etc. etc. the applicant of 1st group in the mix is about 10-15%... very hard not to accidentally hired few that you wouldn't want in early days.. worse of all, once that un-wanted group get into critical mass of 15-20% of your work force, game over.  your elite group would got side tracked to pull extra weight and patch holes that someone jump ship for example... I am glad apple still keep paranoia work schedule.  i am looking forward to see the next gen great products in the pipe line.  No life? i believe your friend didn't know what wonderful life he had when he look back after 30 years (I never worked for apple, i don't believe my view is biased).  I  wouldn't pay too much attention to the rating and not surprised as current state of apple company.  IMHO
  • Genius Bar doesn't hire retired Apple engineer, fires up age discrimination debate

    not hired may have many reasons.  may be your direct team didn't think you are right fit (might looking for a specific staff that may cover specific group customers, for example), the high up might feel some kind of imtimidated by your experience - quite often to face when you have rather strong resume.  someone interview you might think you are lack of long term  commitment, just use the position as a "parking lot", or they don't believe you would take a x% pay cut job and lower your status (more than 50% for example), etc. etc. not mention someone may think you are on the high horse...facing all of the above one way or the other in the past, even I am not retired yet...fair or not, that's reality and life...