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  • France approves digital tax measures against Apple despite US pressure

    iCave said:
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    pjs_socal said:
    I am surprised that it took EU countries this long to enact these kinds of taxes. It’s common knowledge that Apple (with help from Ireland) took advantage of loopholes in international tax laws to reduce their tax burden. Of course, Apple has done nothing illegal, but it’s completely within each country’s rights to change tax laws to close those loopholes.
    On one hand you may be correct, but on the other hand (one you were not speaking about...) taxes just in general are outrageously high and collecting these is just another failed attempt at governing. These taxes are a burden put on citizens not out of fair altruism by recouping money lost through ‘loopholes’ in tax laws, but rather out of a general attitude of turning toward increased taxes in an attempt to make up for inefficiency and greed.

    We’ve gotten so used to this that we’re barely phased by it (outside of temporary moaning and complaining) even though everyone knows this is just a money grab.

    I firmly believe the government can be run generously with a 10% income tax collection (and no sales tax). We just need to change our attitudes about tax and the responsibilities of the government.
    I'm not sure which country you are from, but looking at high quality health care and affordable education provided in most of the European Union, it bears evidence that high taxes, when used the right way, do pay social dividends.

    Coming to this particular topic, it appears that even if the corporation tax is 5% and there is a legal loophole to pay 4% instead, companies still tend to try to save that 1%. Looking that way, this is a sane solution.

    There are no 'too high' or 'too low' taxes.  A society needs some revenue to cover its social expenses and this society has to look after itself, just as corporations look at their own profit motive. Taxation is a good way to implement this.
    Corporate taxes are ultimately paid by the citizens in the taxed country. Just as with tariffs on imports. Just because it’s an indirect tax doesn’t mean you’re not paying it. It is simply a different means of collecting taxes from citizens.

    Only an uniformed person would think otherwise. 
  • Apple design chief Jony Ive to depart later this year, create new studio with Apple as cli...

    It’s time. His design skills — as evidenced in actual products — have got steadily worse and vanity-driven. His last great hurrah was the Watch. 

    He was utterly iconic, utterly brilliant, utterly visionary in his time. Kudos, and good luck with your next venture, Mr. Ive. You’ve made my life immeasurably brighter and joyful with your creations. 
  • France approves digital tax measures against Apple despite US pressure

    crowley said:
    1. Apple get criticised
    2. Wah!  Stop criticing Apple and change the laws!
    3. Laws get changed
    4. Wah!  How dare you change the laws, this is discriminatory against Apple!

    So tiresome, you lot.
    This is a non sequitur. No one here is arguing whether countries can impose laws. Of course they can. But (1) corporate taxation is not the same as ‘law’ in this setting since it’s happening in the context of an EU-wide regime of taxation; (2) the manner of taxation is unheard of and stupid (see my prior reply to you, above); (3) it inevitably invites retaliation, leading to “beggar-thy-neighbor” kinds of outcomes that is to everyone’s detriment. 
  • France approves digital tax measures against Apple despite US pressure

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    iCave said:
    I'm not sure which country you are from, but looking at high quality health care and affordable education provided in most of the European Union, it bears evidence that high taxes, when used the right way, do pay social dividends.
    Complete baloney. The ONLY reason the EU has the social programs it has is because the EU members have NO military budgets to speak of. Instead the EU relies on the United States to protect it from the Russian Bear, the Middle East Islamic radicals. If the U.S. pulled out militarily from the EU and NATO those countries would have no choice but to dramatically increase their military budgets and those social programs would suffer big time. For over 70 years now the U.S. has spent its treasure to keep the peace in Europe.
    Now that is baloney. The absence of conflict in Europe is precisely because of the EU. 

    As for external threats and U.S 'protection', simply pull out of NATO if it costs too much!

    That won't happen because the U.S wants to keep its military bases in Europe. It wants to continue selling arms. It needs NATO allies. Without them (however 'small' their financial contribution) the Gulf wars would not have been possible and with so much debt, the U.S is rapidly approaching a point where it might have hardware to parade around but no be able to use in actual conflict. Wars are expensive.

    I'll take a balanced welfare state over any of that.
    You're believing the spin from the Eurocrats I'm afraid, the EU has done NOTHING to prevent conflict in Europe.
    When Yugoslavia split and war broke out, including ethnic cleansing, it wasn't the EU that stopped it, it was NATO with the USA and UK at the forefront.
    As for the current ongoing war in the Ukraine, that's solely due to the EU courting the Ukraine to get them to join as part of their ongoing aggressive expansionist policy. Every observer pointed out that Russia would never allow Ukraine to join, but the EU persisted.
    Meanwhile there is civil unrest across Europe - weekly riots in France for months - and the rise of extremists on both left and right due to the EU's disasterous Euro policy. Economists warned back in the 90's that allowing countries with divergent economies to use a common currency would result in economic collapse, so rules were put in place to stop it. But when Eurocrats realised that Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France would fail the test and be excluded from the Euro, they decided to ignore their own rules. As a result they set in train the sovereign debt crisis that erupted in 2009 and is still ongoing. The reason they did this was simple to trap these countries in the EU, leaving after having adopted the Euro would be nearly impossible.

    The USA and Canda should consider a mutual defence pact with a smaller set of countries - the UK and France account for nearly 50% of ALL of europe's military capability. In the long term, the like of Macron in France and the Eurocrats in Brussels want to undermine NATO and rely more on an EU Army. The hilarious thing is they don't want to fund it properly, for example, Germany's armed forces reduced to a token force with most ships, aircraft, and submarines unsable due to repairs being required.

    You are mixing different things up.

    Yugoslavia was not the EU and its problems were rooted in a completely non-EU world.

    Peace and stability is very much one of the pillars of the EU and the vast majority of EU citizens are pro EU (and I'm including UK citizens here).

    There are rules. Greece broke them (it lied) to join the euro. The consequences were hard to swallow but totally necessary. The blame lies - ultimately - with those who took Greece to where they did: its politicians. The world financial crisis also had roots. Do you remember where? The euro crisis was simply made worse by that but is now better prepared for future depressions. Of course, the U.S would have loved to see the euro fail.

    There is no civil unrest in Europe. There were violent protests in a few places in France - and for a clear reason. They were not anti EU protests. This is nothing new for the French. Have you ever seen how they deal with Spanish tomatoes?

    Do you really understand why some elements of the EU would like a unified EU controlled armed forces? It isn't hard to figure out and is nothing new. The EDC dates back to the fifties! At some point an alternative idea will get support and move forward. The U.S will not be happy when that happens.


    Ukraine wants to be rid of Russia as a threat. The only way that is going to happen is by joining the EU. We know the people of Ukraine are willing to give their lives to achieve their goals but first they must get their house in order and tackle corruption. The EU has a strategic interest in Ukraine and a pressing need to reduce its dependence on Russian energy. That is already in progress.

    It's not 'euro spin' it's happening and people are supporting it in spite of populist movements peddling nationalistic manifests in most countries.

    And for something weird, defence and EU related:

    It’s not surprising you’re confused if you quote and believe The Guardian newspaper!!!
    Yugoslavia wasn’t it the EU but the EU tried to stop the fighting the genocide by diplomatic means. It was up to NATO to stop it the only way possible, by military action. Afterwards after the fighting the EU was allowed in as a peacekeeping and policing force.

    The EU knew the Greeks lied about their economy to pass the rules. Italy Spain, Portugal and France didn’t even have to lie, the EU just ignored its own rules. And Greece’s problems are nothing compared to what Italy has.
    The Eurozone crisis was an inevitability, a bomb waiting to go off at any time. It just happened to have been the drying up of liquidity in the international markets in 2008 that set it off. You should be thankful, if that hadn’t triggered it and the same issue had gone on for another 10 years then even Germany would hVe been bankrupted by it.

    It may not be covered by the europhile media but there’s been weekly disturbances or riots by the yellow jackets for the last 34 weeks in Paris. And you obviously are ignorant of the rise of the AfD and waves of attacks against immigrants in Germany.

    As for the Ukraine, if it ever does submit a membership application to the EU, Russian tanks will arrive in Kiev before the application arrives in Brussels.

    And God help Europe if the EU thinks it can defend itself military without NATO. Only Poland would slow the Russians before they arrived at the French border. At the start of the year every single German submarine was broken, the majority of their air-force grounded, and their new frigates have to carry concrete ballast because the are top heavy with a 10 degree list to starboard. The German Tornadoes can’t fly at night because the lighting of the control panel interferes with their night vision:- an aircraft the RAF has already retired. And the German Defence Minister responsible for all this? She’s the new unelected EU Commission President!!!!

    BTW that Bastille Day Parade you linked to? Well the yellow jackets took the opportunity for more civil unrest...
    I’d love to see the EU reaction if the US announced that it was walking out of NATO.

    Damn, I would.
  • iTunes & AirPlay 2 coming to Samsung's 2018 and 2019 Smart Televisions [u]

    It seems to me that Apple could just as easily have got into this game by producing a large display with an AppleTV stuck in it, and simultaneously also been in the Apple display market.

    I suppose it’s still not ruled out...
    Why would anyone want a walled-garden TV set? 
    In case you were really wondering, it’d be for the same reason that many hundreds of millions of us happily, willingly, contentedly own walled-garden phones, walled-garden tablets, walled-garden computers...

    You know, that sort of thing. Perhaps you don’t. 
  • Executive leading HealthKit, other software platforms leaves Apple

    spice-boy said:
    sog35 said:
    Do I blame her? 

    HELL NO.

    why? Because of Tim Cook's dumb ass  privacy crusade she has one hand tied behind her back.

    How the hell can she do here job if Cook refuses to use the data from hundreds of millions of Apple users?

    Tim Cook needs to resign. His dumb ass social, policital, and privacy crusades are hurting the company.

    Apple has 500 million of the most valuable customers on the planet. Yet Cook refuses to use the data from these customers to open more revenue streams.

    Cook preaches privacy, yet Google is still the default search on iOS.
    Cook preaches privacy, yet 80-90% of iOS users use Facebook or Google or both.

    Its beyond pathetic that Apple's competitors attack Apple's main revenue streams by bringing out hardware products.
    Yet Apple refuses to fight back with their own search, social, and AI platforms. 

    If Cook had half a brain Apple would have developed and released a Google search competitor by now. Or a Facebook competitor. But because of Cooks dumb ass privacy crusade we see neither. And Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, ect continue to make inroads into Apple's hardware business.

    The day Apple uses my data for their profit is the day I quit using Apple products. If you want a major corporation to use your data please switch over to anything Google or Facebook. 
    Really? Where would you go? (Serious question).
  • Apple pushes for iTunes rentals of movies still on big screen

    mike1 said:

    The comment "Apple hasn't done much to stand out in the online video market, in spite of iTunes being baked into multiple platforms including iOS devices and the Apple TV." is pretty lame. iTunes still offers the easiest way to rent movies that are unavailable on Prime or Netflix. (Which is almost every recent release.) With rental costs between $.99 and $5.99, it's not too bad.
    This is not true. All the major cable providers offer an even easier way (i.e., not have to turn on AppleTV, switch inputs depending on whether you have @TV 4 or not, put in password, etc. as needed), with their on-demand services.
  • Samsung buys Harman for $8B in deal that could pave way for 'Apple Car' competition

    Apple lost a huge opportunity. Harman has class, design chops, and is already in the dashboard of every high end auto manufacturer. At this point, we have to reluctantly accept the fact that this plays into the narrative that the company lacks a clear strategy/vision. At least, none that is evident.

    And it's painful to watch the stock getting pounded. Yes, I know that tech is taking a hit, but Apple is getting massacred.
  • Executive leading HealthKit, other software platforms leaves Apple

    Soli said:
    Every fucking thread gets ruined by Sog making some anti-Cook rant.
    I thoroughly disagree. They get ruined by people fucking reacting -- often overreacting -- to @sog35.
    Mikeymikeration al
  • 'Designed by Apple in California' book released in $200 and $300 editions [u]

    I think that self-indulgent booksh... I mean, bullshit, pretty much describes it.