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  • Apple axes Wi-Fi router division, apparently signaling the end of AirPort

    sirdir said:
    Well I guess Cook thinks he makes more money with iPhones. But one thing is true: The less products I can get from Apple, the easier it will be to switch altogether. Windows isn't as bad as it used to be, Android isn't as bad as it used to be... And Apple is on a dangerous way. 
    Yes, exactly. This is *exactly* what happened in the 90's.

    Look, cables are a low-margin business too, but you HAVE to sell them. Maybe a router isn't the same level as "have to", but it doesn't seem that far away from it either.

    Apple almost died once because they got hyper focused on money. No lesson learned, apparently.
  • Inside watchOS 3: Customize your Apple Watch display on a workout-by-workout basis

    So what exactly do these trackers do, other than heart rate and time? For instance, what does starting an Outdoor Bike run do, exactly?

    I assume they have to be started manually, and stopped. So is this just a glorified notepad with HRM recording if that's turned on?
  • Apple captures more than 103% of smartphone profits in Q3 despite shrinking shipments

    Maybe I'm just old, but I do not see this as good news.

    In the 1980s there was a deliberate decision by Apple management to go for the "high right" part of the product graph - that is, the high-price, high-margin side of the product spectrum. For about five years this made Apple highly profitable, the darling of Wall Street.

    The problem is that it was also responsible for the 1990s crash in Apple sales. As others came into the market with still-inferior-but-not-as-much machines, the market for high-end DPT (for instance) became diluted. When Windows 95 came, developers fled the platform overnight. And when the developers fled, the customers disappeared too.

    I really do worry this is the same thing again. Wall Street is happy, but are any of you? Have any recent Apple products seemed to be as knockout as previous ones? Is the new MBP as much better than everyone else than the TiBook was, or the iPod, or iPhone?

    If the market share keeps slipping, there is a point, I don't know where but I can't believe it's far below 12%, where developers will just stop. And at that point, everyone here will think about switching. It simply isn't about Apple, there's an ecosystem that has to be kept healthy, and there's no guarantee that Apple's margins will translate into theirs.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says future products will be 'in every part of your life that we can'

    Hmmm. Well I, for one, find most of Apple's recent releases to be seriously "meh". While the ATV and iWatch have some obviously useful use-cases, they're certainly not universally useful devices, and they have definite flaws that make them less than useful in their intended roles (battery life in the watch, lack of live TV and usable in-home streaming for the ATV). So I, for one, am not really looking forward to Apple' take on the clock radio or refrigerator.