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  • No, '250 scientists' didn't warn that AirPods are a cancer risk

    I will never EVER buy/use AirPods, EVER!

    Those of you who cite “scientific studies” from the paid for corrupt “science” industry live in Lala Land, Sleeping Beauties.

    Same BS has been going on for decades re Microwave Ovens.

    Slow death, happens decades later, Doctor - another white cloak “scientist” - says “died of (part of the body) Cancer.

    Cancer is a multi billion dollar industry and it’s becoming the Horse-rider of the Apocalypse identified as the Plague, it’s an accelerating Pandemic. More than 99, and counting, holistic doctors were murdered, anybody who threatens this industry of Death gets erased. And y’all think uttermost bribed corrupt scientists would produce “studies” who would go against the Cancer industry?!

    BTW, the inexistence of studies or the opinion of scientists don’t give a rat’s ass to the truth and your health. Stop expecting others to watch over and protect you, to them only money matters... and keeping themselves alive.

    Keep drinking your beers and watch football/soccer, you’re doing fine... nothing to see here...
  • First Listen: HomePod is Apple's AirPods, enhanced for your house

    Now this is  at its best! This is another massive profit center for the company, it is going to blast. People will buy this in pairs or 3 at a time with their eyes closed, without even trying it. It's also another Tim Cook supply chain profit masterpiece as it uses "old" A8 chips which probably have gone way down on fabrication price. And it'll be future proof, software upgradeable.

    Another in your face example in how to do things over other cheapo manufacturers, exactly like the iPod was, exactly like the iPhone was re competition.

    And it builds on the future proof ecosystem, giving  users an assurance that investing in Apple stuff endures and generates high returns.

    Finally, IS THAT SEXY or what? So many will buy it just to show off to their friends and acquaintances!

    This may get to become a too successful a product type problem for , I truly hope they forecast correctly now they've shown it, they got plenty of time.

    WOWSA! This is gong to be as profitable and successful as the iPod and the iPhone. And they'll expand with perhaps a couple different designs in the future. Like a Pro unit and a smaller cheaper unit, say for the shower/pool. And people will buy them in droves just because it adds to their Core/Coeur/Heart.
  • How to run Mac OS 8 in an app inside Catalina

    lkrupp said:
    Sounds like a talented individual. Has he done anything productive that improves the world or makes a dent in the universe?
    Yes, just read the article again!

    I for one have a Mac OS 8 App so simple and beautiful that the author never managed to replicate properly in OS X etc so SheepShaver saved my day. Now I’ll be looking into this too.
  • Apple invests $1B in Chinese ride sharing service Didi Chuxing

    dexiang said:
    According to Sina. Didi is valued at just over $20 Billion, so   holds Just under 5%.  Didi has over 300 Million user accounts. 
    So potentially 300 million iPhone users and then ecosystems!

    This is brilliant in so many ways that's hard to count. I guess that Tim Cook needs at least 10 reasons to invest but this one goes way beyond.

    And by the way, with the current presidential candidates and the constant attack coming from media and government, court system included, this also sends everyone a little signal:
    •  is a global company
    • Behave or  will go somewhere else.
    •  does not need the US, the US needs 

    The way it's been treated, my take is that that should already be in their planning alongside full encryption and failsafe on everything.

    This is just brilliant from Tim from all angles
  • Apple adds 2013 and 2014 MacBook Air, Pro models to vintage and obsolete list

    dewme said:
    A certain level of sadness ensues when another one of your prized Apple devices ends up on the obsolete list. Sigh...
    Yes it’s sad...
  • Apple douses rumor of impending iMessage release for Android

    Simply a disservice to  users who want to be on the best platform not having to reach out to other platforms to communicate.

    The iPhone and all smartphones achieved great success because they're communication devices!

    it is simply lacking in vision, especially when having such deep pockets - what's all that money for if not to serve  customers (by providing iMessage to other OS users)? And how supplying other OS with a great iMessage experience is not conducive to attract new clients?

     is starting to become the MSFT of old latched on to their old paradigm of a hardware company.

    And then there's this never dying obnoxious "looking at belly button" way of Americans thinking they are the center of the world. 80% of brazillians use WhatsApp which they have nicknamed Zap, even businesses are using it to communicate with their customers, it's become a de facto standard. What about India, heck I live in Europe and I, an  customer since 1993 with iPhone users in the family, almost never touch iMessage anymore, it is gathering dust.

    Mr. Tim Cook, the owner companies of WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Hangouts, Telegram etc. all thank you for missing in action. Messaging is becoming a platform of its own and an opportunity to build around it. Yes, someone said it here, may very well become the means to send payments back and forth, not just between friends but also shops.

    Comms Apps are vortexes of people, billions flock to them as proven.  has a billion devices but as per the ecosystem strategy it obviously hasn't a billion users, maybe 60% of that. Therefore WhatsApp has more customers. The money will come not from forcing users to pay but some other way. It's inevitable. Should WhatsApp build a micro/normal payment platform around it, it would be instant blasting success. And an instant blow to all other payment wanna-be's.

    Anyway, disservice to  customers, even abusive of  users' brand fidelity. Lack of vision.

    What /Cook is missing out is that if  wants to grow beyond the peak it has reached, it's going to need other different catalysts. IT WILL NEED TO BECOME THE DE FACTO STANDARD IN EVERYTHING. It'll need to spearhead into other areas where profitability is not as obvious in order to become a more valuable experience/platform as a whole. Added value = more compelling. People aren't jumping on  bandwagon because of iMessages or FaceTime (two Apps, not one as WhatsApp!), iMessage is just there losing value, I can't use it cos there's no one on the other side. Even iPhone owners prefer WhatsApp because they can use it with ANYBODY and everybody. What lack of vision, blindness!

    It seems  is waiting on others to prove it to them so as to follow. Scrooge type thing. It'll be too late.  has always been too tight-fisted, but now it seems to be showing the absence of Steve Jobs, the visionary, replaced by the best executive (who executes, not envisions). I hope I'm wrong. I'm a die hard  fan, user since 1989, owner since 1993, you won't find a more faithful customer, even had stock a few years. I really hope I'm wrong. 
  • US Attorney General Loretta Lynch talks iPhone encryption case with Stephen Colbert

    dewme said:
    If the owners of the phone wanted to exert total and absolute control over the phone they would have used mobile device management (MDM) software to manage the phone. These tools are readily available and used by thousands of commercial and government entities around the world. They chose not to use MDM either through ignorance or choice. So now, having failed to take the actions necessary to properly control their own assets and information they want Apple to mitigate their chain of ineptitude by compromising every single one of Apple's billions of other customers because they consciously made bad business and management decisions around protecting themselves, their assets, and their information. This is the United State of Litigious America - you screw up - then you find a way to blame your screw up on someone else. To see a government official playing spin games and trying to fabricate a fictional narrative in order to cover their tracks, agenda, and evil intent is appalling. 

    This is yet another great example that shows how inept, inefficient, and ineffective government agencies are as a whole. Yeah, they're understaffed, underfunded, don't get to skim from the top of the talent pool, some are ridiculously underpaid for the responsibilities they hold, some are grossly overpaid for the load they add to the system, everyone loves to hate them, and they are frustrated and jealous of the compensation that their peers in industry enjoy. But in many parts of the country the government is the largest employer and government jobs and bureaucracy are basically what keeps the unemployment rate less than 30-40% that it would otherwise be. When you add in government contractors and other entities sucking money from the never ending supply of money in government coffers - all of which is squeezed from taxpayers, the impact of government bureaucracy on everyday life in the US is staggering. If not for the relatively few private entities, Apple included, that actually create wealth and value outside of the constantly flowing pipeline of government spending we'd all be working for the government. You could argue that the US government creates and secures an environment in which companies like Apple can be successful - and to a large extent you'd be right - if it were 1975 today. But in a global economy the situation has changed.

    The only way companies like Apple can be successful on a global scale and in the global economy is to have global credibility around protecting the fundamental rights of all of its customers in all of the markets it serves. It has to provide products that are intrinsically secure and private. If individual countries or other entities decide that they don't want to allow Apple's products to be used in their pure form in their environments, there are non-Apple tools like MDM to allow masters of government and industry to foist control over their subjects. The tools are there. If the FBI, NSA, DOJ, or a mom & pop hot dog stand business issues an asset that they need total control over to their subjects that is their prerogative and a condition of employment for everyone who signs on with the employer. That's the way it should work. All these terrorphobics who think the FBI should have the power to compel Apple to break their product for the investigation of a crime should have no opposition to signing up to have an FBI managed MDM system installed on their phone. Make it opt-in and then we'll see how many people would back their commitment to law enforcement based on the will of the enforcer. On the other hand the government should not be allowed to force Apple to automatically and universally opt-in all of its customers into an expansion of the mass surveillance programs already in place. Those kinds of actions should not take place in a democracy. Maybe in North Korea, Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, or whatever rebranding would come to the US if Trump becomes Grand Master of the Republican Party - maybe Trumpsylvania? 

    The bottom line: owners of smartphones already have ways to provide total control of their devices in a way that circumvents the Apple provided privacy protections. If they choose not to use these tools that's their problem, not Apple's. If other owners of devices want to opt-in to other device management programs run by other agencies, say the FBI, DOJ, Google, or whatever, they should be allow to do so by by choice. Anything less than "by choice" is unacceptable. 


    This is totally brilliant. I'm happy to see that more and more awakened people are showing up. Times they are a-changing. Let's see what happens