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  • These are the best USB-C Lightning cables released so far

    melgross said:
    I doubt it. Some things just cost more. People are so jaded and suspicious these days. Cables used to cost $200 when $200 was worth a lot more. These are still cheap. The problem is that people are even cheaper.
    Used to own a computer store.  The markup on cables is insane.  $40 printer cables cost me $1.20.  Was a great way to have a lot of stock on the wall to fill out the store though.  I wanted to fill an empty wall so I started stocking a couple of each cable and all kinds of adapters and I ended up getting more foot traffic from that wall of cables and adapters.  As an early Mac adopter, getting SCSI cables at cost was a huge boon (those suckers were expensive - but they had lots of lines and pins/expensive connectors).

    But I digress - high quality well made cables don't have to cost an arm and leg if you just shop around a bit.  For example I found monoprice's old dock connectors for the iPod/pre-lightning iPhones to be way more durable than Apple's for a fraction of the cost and I really like their lightning cables with the LEDs that let you see the charge status.  
  • Touch ID, OLED touch bar to highlight thinner MacBook Pro models in Q4

    macxpress said:

    rcfa said:
    Apple's obsession with thinness is getting ridiculous.
    So in other words, you want this:

    Don't be an ass.  How about this - I'd like the company that validated the GUI to produce machines that, I dunno, actually excel in graphics?!?

    The state of GPU support in Macs today is utterly deplorable.  We can't get a decent GPU in the normal mainstream desktops because they are made of laptop parts chasing this obsession with "thin".  We can't get a decent GPU in "Pro" machines because slots are bad and anything that looks like another computer is obviously not innovative so time to come out with a design that can't be updated, then allow it to stagnate for three plus years.  Ugh.  

    And in the currently shipping stable of laptops there are not even a handful of models where you can get a descrete GPU - and the ones they offer are mediocre, at best.  Never in my wildest dreams did I envision ending up with such lackluster and mediocre hardware choices for the Mac platform.  

    Descrete graphics are valuable for far more than games, but what's wrong with also producing machines that can play games decently?!?  

    If Apple keeps on the "thin at all costs" path then this may be the thing that pushes me off the Mac after 30 years.  It wouldn't be so bad if there were alternative hardware providers that could fill the gaps in what Apple deems as niches not worthy of catering to; but we are stuck with what Apple in their thin obsessed delusions are kicking out.  Thank god Windows 10 is actually pretty decent.  It's not Mac OS, but I'm getting tired of having to maintain two platforms to do what I want when Apple could easily cover these gaps if they wanted to do something as radical as provide a desktop that had some thickness to it.

    I was hoping that the iOS App Store might wake them up to just how much gaming drives computing and maybe drive more, not less choices in GPUs.  

    I hope I'm wrong and they do kick out at least one truly "pro" model (laptop and desktop), but I don't have high hopes based on their last 5 years of really depreciating GPUs in Macs (and ironically really upping the ante for GPUs in iOS devices - aargh!)