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  • Apple dismisses iPad mini 'jelly scroll' issue as normal behavior

    So basically this is another NothingBurger that people were hoping to turn into a #<issue>Gate moment to smear Apple, check...

    Nothing to see here folks, put your OCD into your back pocket and move along.
    Better than: you’re scrolling it wrong 
  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    Or manufacture it in Taiwan or Singapore or even Korea.  There are options with infrastructure outside of China. 
  • Apple now looking to tackle car manufacture by itself

    If these people can’t make a TV how on earth are they gonna make a car?
  • Defending Tim Cook: Why Apple remains in good hands

    I wholeheartedly disagree. Cook is a good beancounter abd operations man. And caretaker while Jobs was sick. But he’s an awful CEO. He’s convinced every level it’s alright to have mediocre products with half complete features and bugs galore. 

    Steve didn’t invent everything himself but he did push people to do more than they ever thought possible. Mr Nice Guy Tim is ruining all that. 

    And all the time Tim spends on social issues when he should be CEO kills me. Perhaps Tim has so little to do with the company he has plenty of time to be political. But that’s just another reason he should not be CEO. 

    Tim’s legacy for Apple is slow decay to oblivion as the Jobs product train runs out. 
  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    Obviously Apple is not going to help American manufacturing workers and manufacturing engineers without a push. Glad that Trump is doing that. 

    Of the entire product line the Pro may be the best model to take a bit of a margin hit on to do that. 

    China did not grow its infrastructure over 2-3 years and neither will Texas. Got to start somewhere. This is a generational shift. Without a command economy like China it’s gonna be harder but needs to be done. The only government levers we have to help manufacturing is NASA and military purchasing. 

    The major thing standing in the way of US labor cost is the cost of housing. That’s another topic
  • Tim Cook & Jony Ive talk fashion, future of Apple in Vogue interview

    Wish the stock market agreed with them. It's not a spaceship. It's a bubble where they can all delude themselves that Apple is not losing it's relevancy as the iPhone saturates out and no new Apple product comes close to supplementing it.