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  • Five Galaxy S22 Ultra features which should be on the iPhone

    I believe that only free AirPods Pro would be a good option, the under screen finger print sensor does not seem nearly as good as Face ID. I have a work phone that has a under screen finger print reader and I dislike it strongly. Face ID on my iPhone works way better. 
  • Apple, Netflix bail out of bidding war for Will Smith biopic amid controversy

    I believe that what he did was a very primitive and savage act. I believe that he could’ve handled the situation a lot better that slap in front of the world was a very poor decision. Perhaps he could sense that his wife was displeased and thought that he should solve the situation using a act of hurt towards another human. I hope that he will approach other situations using a more gentler method. He will now pay for this act by having services like Apple and Netflix show his content. 
  • Apple's iPhone 13 is significantly faster than Samsung's latest Galaxy S22

    It’s really no surprise how a Samsung phone is still slower than an iPhone.  Companies can’t compete with Apple especially with processors since they don’t make the whole phone. It’s like Samsung devices are like a pie and so many people have their hands in that pie it just messes it all up and makes it unclean and unappetizing.  Samsung, google, Microsoft, Qualcomm and network providers all seem to have at least one hand creating that phone either with software or hardware of some sort. I don’t like to use a device that does not seem pure.  Apple devices seem like they are one device pure in form and pleasing to use. I use a Samsung phone for work and I dislike it from the button of my heart. It is way to slow and I don’t care for the under screen finger print reader either. Face ID is way more secure, fast and can work in many different types of environments.
  • EU will force Apple & Google to allow third-party app stores, payment services

    Her opinion of side loading apps will change when she ends up downloading an app that is malware and takes her most precious information. Side loading is the wild Wild West. They just want everything to be fair at the cost of privacy and well working devices. These rules would destroy everything Apple has worked so hard to accomplish. These law makes don’t know how good they have it with using Apple technology. They take what Apple has done for granted and they plan to mess with everything Apple has done. I believe what she is doing also isn’t fair. 
  • Mark Zuckerberg says the Vision Pro doesn't present 'any breakthroughs'

    All I can say is that Vision Pro will provide the best user experience and also respect its user and not sell their data and always monitor what they are doing. 

    From what I heard the technology that went into Vision Pro is the best you can buy and works very well. 

    Mark knows who has the better system he just can’t publicly admin it. 
  • Apple won't call to ask you to tell them a code you get on your iPhone

    I think one very important thing wanted comes to the spam calls is listening to the type of person that is calling.  I get spam calls all the time and whenever they call me they sound like they are coming from India.  That seems very strange with somebody from there would contact me so I usually just congratulate them on 75 years of freedom from The British empire  and hang up the phone call.
  • Apple should not be injecting ads in its Apple Music playlists

    I hate this. I listen to pop radio and I hear these ads I am very upset they are so annoying. 
  • Apple, Google attack EU's Big Tech regulatory proposals

    Google will work with the EU because all they want to make sure is that they are still taking as much data from their products (costumers) as possible. They say they can’t innovate in taking more data I suppose.