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  • Rudy Giuliani says warrant illegal since agents already had data 'from the iCloud'

    What a clown  :D
  • Apple debuts $249 AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation

    Wait- I am going to pay $250 and I can't use it with my Mac running Sierra?  Really?  Why not? They're just bluetooth headsets, right?  My JBL works with my Mac, why won't these? 
    Just a guess so don't take this as official; I would imagine they'll work with Sierra, but it'd just be a standard bluetooth connection, you wouldn't get any of the special H1 fast pairing and Siri stuff.
  • Microsoft pits Surface Pro 7 against MacBook Pro in new ad

    lkrupp said:
    Best way to tell people you are afraid of the competition is to attack that competition. It puts the seed in the mind that, hey, maybe I ought to take a look at that competition since they’ve taken the time to trash it.
    Or, just CANCEL them like Apple did Parlor.  That's right.  Just CANCEL them.  
    Parler are not a competitor to Apple, they're just a bunch of whiny morons.
  • Apple denied Microsoft request to bypass 30% commission for Office

    Can't blame Microsoft for asking.

    The Windows App Store has iTunes in its listing.  Do Microsoft get a cut of every song Apple sells through iTunes?  I doubt it.

    Also, Apple Music on Android uses its own payment system, not Google Play's version of in app purchases.

    Apple are quite happy to be the exception on other people's platforms.
  • Workers riot at Wistron iPhone plant in India over shorted pay

    lkrupp said:

    I agree. Apple should tone down the virtue signaling about human rights, privacy and security. It makes them look very hypocritical at best. 
    That's your take?  I'd say Apple should ensure their suppliers pay their workers what they promise them and sever relations with those that don't, but sure, it's the optics that are the problem here.
  • European Commission says Apple is in breach of EU competition law

    dewme said:

    At some point the cost of doing business in the EU with its parasitic taxation schemes, intrusive oversight, and blatant protectionism may inspire global players to simply take a pass on dealing with any of it at all. 
    Of course it won't.  Money talks and bullshit walks and there's too much money to be made in the EU for Apple or any other company to give even passing consideration to quitting it altogether.  This is a fantasy that far too many people on this board indulge in.  It won't happen.
  • Apple was leading buyer of AI companies between 2016 and 2020

    Given the results, I'd say these were a far bigger waste of money than Beats, which everyone here dumps on.  Apple is to AI companies what Microsoft is to messaging companies, the rumble of impending doom.
  • Epic's Tim Sweeney said he would have taken special deal with Apple

    Well there goes the principle argument.
  • Apple posts record $89.6B in Q2 revenue on back of across-the-board growth

    lkrupp said:
    larryjw said:
    Apple's customer base is far less price conscious than most people. The pandemic caused major losses of life and income, housing and food security. Most Apple customers we not so effected. 

    This is the nature of an economy divided into Haves and Have Nots. 
    Enough of the socialist pablum, please. If you are so concerned about the have nots then stop buying Apple products and give the extra money you save to charity. By the way, did you give your stimulus check to the have nots?
    Cool it snowflake.
  • How iOS 14.5 broke Apple's Podcasts app [ux2]

    Beats said:
    Apple went from inventing the podcast to having a monopoly on podcasts to saying “fu** you” to podcast users.

    Podcasts are exploding recently, I remember being one of the only people to use them in my social circle and I though *I* WAS LATE to the game back in 2011. Nowadays everyone knows what they are. This is the perfect time for Apple to take them more seriously and add to the ecosystem stickiness with their massive library.

    What a shame.
    What on earth are you talking about? Apple has never had a "monopoly" on podcasts. What "massive library"? Apple's app fetches the same podcasts from public RSS feeds like everyone else's apps, they don't host any content. Seems like you actually don't really know what podcasts are.
    The iTunes podcast listing was the definitive podcast listing for a long time.  Arguably it still is, as other podcast apps still refer to it for browsing and subscribing to podcasts.  But it's not the only game in town any more, and apparently they've made some inexplicable changes to the listing and API in ways which makes it difficult for third party developers.