I don't add "in my opinion" to everything I say because everything I say is my opinion.  I'm not wasting keystrokes on clarifying to pedants what they should already be able to discern.


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  • 'Ted Lasso' cast in 'mourning' as filming for third season wraps up

    audiQ5 said:
    This just goes to show that you can use the word F**k too many times. Especially if you realise that the English (England being the country where TL is set, and the origin of the language) DON'T use the word in everyday polite conversation. This seems to have been missed by the scriptwriters.
    How does it go to show that at all?

    Many people in England say fuck a fucking lot, polite conversation be fucked.
  • USB4 Version 2.0 to offer up to 80 Gbps data transfer

    Ffs, USB5. Or 4.1 if you really must. 4 v2 is ridiculous, what is wrong with the naming clowns at the forum?
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  • NFT firms say Apple rules make the App Store 'impossible'

    Excellent.  Chalk one up in the App Store benefits column.
  • Netflix now features an external subscription button on iOS

    Excellent.  The situation of not being able to have a link to a website, or not being able to refer to a website has been an Apple faceplant into ridiculous user unfriendliness that has lasted all too long.
  • Jony Ive's exit from Apple caused by company culture changes and growing frustration

    Beats said:
    I wish Tim would be less of a beta feminist and focus more on design. 
    I wish that you’d be more of a decent human being 
  • Apple's new iCloud website design is beautiful

    Interesting.  Not super useful unless Apple opens iCloud for hosted web apps that could do more functional things on the dashboard.  I've almost given up hope on that front though.
  • Apple had a M1 Mac Pro, but decided to wait for M2 Extreme

    Due to the timeline of how long Apple said they will replace Macs with ASi versions, I don’t think M1 Pro version was really designed. The mini will stay as the consumer computer, the Studio will stay as the prosumer low to medium pro computer, and the Pro will be the high end. The Studio will not cut it for someone who needs 1.5tb of memory and lots of processing power. Yes the Sudio beats some configurations of the Mac Pro. The Studio wasn’t designed in a short time. The Studio took awhile to design and announced when they were ready.  
    I’m skeptical of this. 

    The Studio is basically a stretch Mini. They just had to take the Mini CAD files, edit the vertical dimensions, add perforations and port cutouts, and attach a simple tapered and perforated cylinder to the bottom. 

    The whole thing could have been designed, tested, and machined in a very short period of time, including the big honking fan assembly - which probably explains the numerous fan issues in the first run. 
    It's a completely different logic board, completely different cooling, completely different port construction.  There's no reason to think it went through any less of a design process than any other new Apple product, which would not be "a very short period of time".  No way.
  • Tony Fadell wants to see iPhone move to USB-C

    proline said:
    The right thing to do is stick with lightening until portless. For Europe, a special iPhone can be made with the lighting port blocked. They can go portless first. Slightly slower charging but that's bout it. There would be a MagSafe to lighting adapter available to use existing peripherals, of course.
    Or they could just ship an iPhone with a USB-C port. Pettiness isn’t good business sense. 
  • From Lightning to USB-C: The long road, and the road ahead

    mike1 said:
    God, that connector is awful! Why does it need to protrude over an inch from the device. Will make it much harder to handle while it is charging, when compared to a Lightning connector. Been looking, but haven't found anything more compact yet.
    That's a Thunderbolt connector.  Apple's USB-C connectors are pretty much the exact same length as their lightning connectors.

  • Apple Pay processes $6 trillion annually, edges out Mastercard

    danox said:
    crowley said:
    blastdoor said:
    red oak said:
    Wrong. This is the wrong way to look at it 

    Apple Pay sits on top of Mastercard, Visa and other processing network.   Apple does not do any processing
    Yup, totally. The incumbents have nothing to worry about. Definitely a good time to be complacent. Apple has never disrupted anybody. 
    What do they have to be worried about?  Use of ApplePay is also a use of VISA or Mastercard.  They make money whether you use a card or your phone.  I haven't seen any rumours that Apple are going to release anything that competes properly with VISA or Mastercard.
    If the government allows it they can….
    Why have you posted twice saying essentially the same thing without any detail?  What government is preventing Apple from setting up an alternative to VISA and Mastercard?