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  • 'The Joe Rogan Experience' to ditch Apple Podcasts, YouTube for Spotify

    razorpit said:
    I wonder how much the recent censorship YouTube has been doing played a part in this decision?
    Zero. Anti-vaxxers, racists, and nutjobs aren't a market anybody cares about.
    You're not describing Joe Rogan, who is the best interviewer this century. He can talk intelligently with anyone, from any background...and he is the most popular interviewer in history. He actually lets his guests talk, unlike other hosts who feel the need to keep the spotlight.
  • iPhone XR teardown shows few differences versus iPhone XS [u]

    This confirms what we knew:   The fundamentals of the Xr & Xs are the same.   The differences are in the more superficial stuff like the screen and camera*.  So, it makes the choice fairly easy:   Do you want to pay extra for a higher performance screen and camera?   It is seldom that consumers get such a clear cut distinction between tech products.

    *  The Xs also has more memory and better antennas but I suspect that won't make a difference to most average users.
    The "better antennas" you mentioned are for the 4 x MIMO and 5G Band 46, which are both missing from the XR. The XR will be obsolete sooner than the XS models. The XR modem is similar to the X except for the addition of the new T-Mobile band. 
  • iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max review: Exceptional phones but the Pro Max underwhelms

    The icons are larger because people like it that way - that’s why the my buy the Max, to make stuff on the screen LARGER!!! It’s a feature, not a bug. 
  • New Apple Card feature offers users no-interest iPhone installment plan

    sirozha said:
    mattinoz said:
    sirozha said:
    Who will be paying for it? If Apple sells a $800 phone and gets paid 1/24 of the total price per month, they won’t bag the entire price until after 2 years. This will take more than two years to ramp up until Apple starts collecting the same amount per month as they would if they sold the iPhone outright. 

    I don’t know if this can be considered a sign of strength. From the automotive perspective, when a company does 0% financing, its usually a sign of weakness via-a-vis consumer demand for the cars. When there’s strong demand, automotive manufacturers usually don’t offer 0% interest deals. 

    Apple is basically lending money to their customers for free, which is not something that any manufacturer would ever do unless they are expecting sagging demand for their product. The 0% financing is a way to stimulate demand. Apple pays to manufacture the iPhone upfront, but doesn’t get to recoup its costs for over a year and doesn’t make all the profit until after two years. 

    The more I think of that, the more I see this as a desperate measure to prop up sales. 
    Apple has this deal already using 3rd party credit providers so may not be getting all the sales value upfront anyway. So they are moving it in-house and getting a bigger slice of the pie as they cut out another middle man.

    Bonus they get additional revenue out of each customer from general spending on card.
    When they do it via third-party providers, Apple gets paid 100% upfront. The third-party provider lends the money to the customer and charges an  interest on the loan. 

    This is totally different. With this new scheme, Apple doesn’t get paid the whole amount upfront. Instead, they get paid 1/24 of the amount after a month, and 1/24 of the total amount every consecutive month until they get paid the entire amount in 2 years. 
    It’s not a scheme - they’re giving a discount, much like when they pay you for your trade-in. They’re building brand loyalty for the iPhone and for their card. It’s brilliant. 
  • #AppleToo organizer is no longer withdrawing her NLRB complaint against Apple

    Who’s vetting the applicants?
    scout6900red oak
  • Early iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro benchmarks reveal 4GB of RAM across all models

    Wait for it..... people are going to ask "What makes it Pro then? Great! Apple overcharging again!"

    My response .... "The regular iPhone 11 is just as capable with a discounted price!"  :D

    4X4 MIMO LTE in 11Pro models
    2X2 MIMO LTE in 11

    I'm pretty sure this means the Pro phones should have better performance in weak signal areas. Does anyone know why the 11 doesn't have the better MIMO?