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  • How Apple could approach a folding iPhone

    " paint a picture of Apple deeply in the throws of development."

    THROWS of development??  My best guess is that you were trying to use the word "throes."  But even there, I'm not sure that's an appropriate use of the word.  Good lord, discover the Thesaurus!
  • Apple increases orders for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro

    A lot of people have a 5s or 6 and can't upgrade to iOS13 - there are still a ton of these people walking around. The tech-savvy of them who can't afford a phone every two years will wait for next year's 5G phone. The less-tech-savvy (grandparents, etc) will be in the market as their 5y/o phones break, batteries wear out, etc. My guess is that Apple will make a an especially-big Christmas-season push for these less-tech-savvy folks: we'll see it in marketing toward older people, grandparents sending video-messages to kids, etc. Apple will bank these sales this year, knowing that next year's 5G iPhone sales for early adopters and tech-savvy folks will be huge.

    And, in any event, even after the Sept2020 launch next year the iPhone 11 isn't going anywhere.
    THIS "less tech savvy grandparent" bought one of the first Mac's produced.  I proudly have one of the original signed Mac's sitting on a bookshelf in my office.  I've owned almost all Apple products offered to the public since 1984, including the Newton.  I'm an original Apple fanboy!  I'm so "less tech savvy" that I know 5G won't be viable for another three or four years.  I live in one of the five largest U.S. cities and 5G won't be worth much here until at least 2021.  I'll match my tech experience against yours any day of the year idiot!
  • Don't update to iOS 13 just yet -- wait for iOS 13.1

    Everybody, including Gruber, has jumped on the "iOS 13 is buggy" bandwagon and the advice is to wait until Tuesday!  So, I had to find out for myself.  Installed it (XS Max).  Tech aware granddaughter installed it; I put it on my wife's 7.  Granddaughter and I had a contest to see who could find a bug first.  Nothing, nada.  I realize that some folks do different things than I do, or my granddaughter or wife does; but my suspicion is that a vast majority of users will have very little to worry about.  I rarely comment, but I jumped in here because I wanted to represent the minority opinion.
  • US House of Representatives to recommend break up of Big Tech firms

    johnbear said:
    Just make them pay fair taxes in US. I’m thinking at least 30% just as Apple charges for the AppStore 
    OK, you first.  You pay 30%.

  • Apple AR headset may require monthly software subscription, claims researchers

    lmasanti said:
    Thinking that Apple will ‘copy’ HoloLens strategy is… obviously… possible…

    …the same way that Apple…
    …copied mp3 players with the iPod…
    …copied BlackBerry with the iPhone…
    …copied Microsoft and HP tablets with the iPad…
    …copied some ‘watch’ with the Apple Watch…
    …copied Intel with the M1 chip…
    Not even close.