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  • How to decide between two HomePods or a Sonos system for a home theater

    I'm currently using two of the mentioned Ikea/Sonos Symfonisk speakers together in stereo, wirelessly paired to the AppleTV. I don't have an audiophile's ears but they sound really great. And with the built in AirPlay I can easily stream music to them too. To me this is the perfect setup for someone on a strict budget, at just $240 for the pair. I know there's no Atmos with this setup and obviously no surround sound whatsoever, so I'll eventually upgrade and have these on my secondary TV. But in the meantime these are 1,000x better than the built in TV speakers, cheaper and higher quality than many sound bars, and offers more separation between the L/R channels than a sound bar. They work well with the AppleTV, but they can't be set to default like the HomePods can be, so my only real complaint is that it's fairly often that I have to select them again as audio output from the control center.
    In case it’s of interest, I’ve had/have the same Symfonisk set up but was frustrated with vocals getting lost in the soundtrack. I gave two HomePod minis a go in their place and prefer the clarity of vocals (two HomePod minis are cheaper than the Symfonisk too). I still have the Sonos/IKEAs set up in the spare room. 

    I’ve loved my Sonos speakers (mix of Play 3 and Play 1) over the last decade but I’m planning to gradually transition to HomePod and HomePods minis. 
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  • 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Dave Bautista to join Apple TV+ 'See'

    I love it!
  • Apple debuts new 'Shot on iPhone' ad featuring Maya Angelou

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    limeymick said:
    The Russians love their children too. 
    I wasn't thinking of the Russians really. As a matter of fact, I am in favor of improving US-Russia relations.
    Apologies, I was lazily quoting a Sting song from 1985 rather than coming up with something incite full myself! I believe the sentiment still holds though. I'd consider global shared human values to be a love of our family, friends, homeland, nature, humour, music, art ...