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  • Apple reveals 4K and HDR plans in iTunes, hinting revamped Apple TV may arrive soon

    Could anyone with a 4th gen Apple TV (or access to one without having to drive an hour) tell me if you can set timed access on it? It’s absolutely mystifying to me why every single other Apple product can be set to automatically shut off at (or after) a given time, but not the Apple TV. That’d be my only reason to get one, and I’d get one immediately if it was the case.
    General>'Sleep after' settings are "Never, 15, 30 min, 1, 5, or 10 hours"
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  • Camo uses your iPhone or iPad as a pro webcam for your Mac

    Why use any of these apps? Connect your iPhone via USB and open Quicktime Player. Choose "new movie recording" and then next to the record button click the disclosure arrow and choose the phone. Go to your chat app and the phone is now the selected camera. Some apps may not require the Quicktime thing but will just show a connected phone as a possible source.
  • Armed robbery at Boston Apple Store, 69 phones stolen from festival, and more from the App...

    Just a thought.

    I'm wondering if one should have to unlock an iOS device before shutting it off or turning on airplane mode. If airplane mode hadn't been overlooked the woman wouldn't have been able use find my iPhone to lead her to the FedEx office. 
  • You need a backup plan before you move to macOS Catalina

    mobird said:
    For the regulars here on AI and the drive by visitors, do you back up and what is your method?
    For my iMac I use Time Machine (3TB drive) and about once a week connect an 8TB drive (kept in a fireproof safe between backups) using CCC. For my MacBook Air I use a 1TB APFS drive mounted on my iMac and made into a Time Capsule in System Preferences>Sharing. I take that with me and mount it using a Mac Mini at my vacation house.
  • Ireland could face fine for dragging heels on back taxes from Apple

    larrystar said:
     It’s really sad to think that because of tax loopholes in the law the US didn’t get those billions in taxes. Shame on you Apple! 
    Apple didn't write the loopholes into law. Apple's board (like all publicly traded companies) is required by law to work for the benefit of it's owners, the stockholders. They would be breaking their fiscal responsibility to give money to a government (in taxes) that isn't required by the laws of that government. Shame on you for not working harder to have the tax laws changed.
  • Facebook launches new initiative to fight against iOS 14 ad tracking protections

    I hear the world's smallest violin.
  • You can still play HBO Go or YouTube on an old Apple TV after it gets abandoned

    So far YouTube (no paid membership, just traditional) is working fine on my 3rd gen ATV. I'm getting HBO-now through the TV app, not the stand alone HBO app. I wonder how that will all shake out?
  • iPhone 13 will support satellite communications, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    melgross said:
    DAalseth said:
    An external antenna is not problem . They can just plug it into the headphone jack...oh right.
    JFC_PA said:
    DAalseth said:
    An external antenna is not problem . They can just plug it into the headphone jack...oh right.
    The Lightning port has better data capability and is still right there if needed. My Garmin 66i doesn’t have a headphone jack. 
    You can’t plug an antenna into a headphone jack without messing up both functions. They’re completely different.
    So, decades of all those portable transistor radios using the headphone jack for their antenna were just imagining that they worked?
  • Apple releases updated iOS 9.3 to fix Activation Lock bug on older devices

    Seems to me you're good updating devices until they're about 1 1/2 or maybe 2 years old. You keep updating them beyond that and the problems start creeping in. If you want the newest capabilities of the OS then after a certain point you just have to upgrade the DEVICE, not the software. Or be happy with what you have and leave it alone.
    It's not just the new capabilities. At some point your iOS device will conveniently download a large update file taking up space on your device and show a nagging red dot on your System Preferences icon.

    This is all well and good until the update cripples the device. Then this information trickles out into the general media and all of a sudden Apple doesn't look so shiny. At some point this results in a hit in sales/profits.