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  • Comparing the 2018 MacBook Air with the less-expensive 2017 model

    Beware.  I moved from a MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM to the 2018 Air with 16GB RAM.  I love everything but the fan running constantly and the incredible lag time now on doing certain things even if only a few applications are open.  It’s SLOW.  It gets bogged down when it should not. Not sure why, and not enough to make me go back, but shocking considering my girlfriend has an older MacBook Air and the performance seems at least equal and the fan runs less.  With more pixels comes greater power needed to deliver to them I guess, saps the system maybe?  Anyway, I love it, but am surprised by the underpowered feel.  
  • A year with MacBook Pro: reviewing Apple's 2017 pro laptop models

    I don't hate Apple. But I DO hate the keyboard and the trackpad (more on the latter in a minute). Years of purchasing tons of Apple, got the 15" by spending the most ever and very disappointed. Some issues with short battery time unless I make very dim and barely use. Quiet typing while on a work call is not possible. Some keys have ceased to function for a time, and the space bar as well. They are working again for now. The trackpad is HUGE. Great for certain kinds of work. I mostly type. Brush the trackpad a bit and you have moved to another area, or typed over a paragraph. If not for the Command-Z I would have had to sell it and get an MBA. You can set many things on the trackpad, but not the active part. I never imagined I would have to be as careful as I have to be. I type better on my MacBook 12", use when travel, than my 15". So, overall, would not recommend and would not buy again without a serious trial. And, honestly, I would sell it, but being honest would have to tell them that other than the screen size and processing power I hate it--not ideal for sale.
  • Facebook smartwatch could feature removable display with cameras, heart rate monitor

    Maybe I can trade in my discontinued FB phone for a FB watch. :-)  /s
  • New HomePod, 'AirPods 2,' death of 3D Touch all expected in 2019

    I turned 3D Touch off. More annoying than useful. There are so many fans here I may try it again. But at this point I will not even blink if it’s gone.
  • US & EU decide against banning phones & tablets on flights from Europe

    FYI: Headline says one thing, ("phones & tablets") and article another ("devices like Apple iPads and MacBooks") so I have to go now to other sites to be sure I know what's what.
  • The top seven MacBook Air features that make the 2018 model great

    I own one. Keyboard does seem better than my MacBook Pro which had so many keyboard issues Apple finally replaced it. And the larger trackpad is a mixed bag. I had to give up on the MacBook Pro as a tiny graze of the trackpad would delete things or move the cursor to a new place. Has happened only a few times so far with the new Air, but I had an Air years back and never had that. Finally the fan. So far, for me, runs 100% of the time. Pretty loud. I have tried closing apps, etc, but now just try to tune it out.
  • Review: Master & Dynamic MW07 truly wireless earphones are a premium version of AirPods

    Fashion appeal?  The case looks good, but the AirPods case is all about use.  Likewise the AirPods.  I never wanted them until I tried them.  Thereafter never want to be without them.  Amazing they are.  These don't even look closer.  The other advantage of one at a time use is indeed phone use.  One can always be charged.  No loss of use.  I think you have overrated them personally.  
  • PowerBen 40,200mAh 200W USB-C PD review: wants to charge the world

    To me Indigogo and everything similar is essentially vaporware.  Too many things either never arrive or arrive so late they are obsolete.  Buyer beware.  Why review such things????
  • Taika Waititi slams Apple's MacBook Pro keyboards in Oscar speech

    I’m not a hater. I spent a ton of money on a 2017 15” MacBook Pro.  Between the crazy huge trackpad that constantly moved my cursor to new and unhelpful locations and the stupid keyboard I finally recently sold it at a loss.  I love the Apple universe, but the drive to be the coolest and thinnest, started with the first MB Air, caused me to lose work time (keyboard replacement) and to be inefficient. And to lose about $2000 selling it to someone who does not mind, not a daily heavy typer. So the whole experience is being ripped off, not hating, so they could brag thin and light.  Not good. Inappropriate. No meaningful effort to rectify the situation.  I am fine with him saying something. I wish whoever made that decision to suffer much like those who blew the Maps rollout suffered. And this is, based on my $ investment, far worse.  Mostly Apple is great, but sometimes they suck.   To stay in the Apple universe we don’t really have meaningful choices.  So I greatly resent them for the sucky keyboard indeed.  
  • Too soon? Apple's new iPhone 7 ruffles feathers with Lightning audio, Home button changes

    mactodd said:
    You didn't mention charging while listening.

    Yeah, that's a monster deal breaker, for like about 1:1,000,000 people.  Seriously, how often are you walking around, listening to youriPhone while its plugged into a charger?
    Not walking around.  I use my iPhone 6plus as a work phone.  Work calls are directed to it, so I have it on a charging stand with a headset plugged in all day.  Bluetooth not yet ideal for me, and batteries not lasting enough.  The phone can't go without the charge that long and be ready when I need it late day.  Some workdays last 8am to 8pm and longer.  So for now I stick with what I have, and specifically that missing jack is why I can't even consider it.  There will be cases and stands with headphone jacks I am sure, and the measly iPhone dock works but is not sturdy enough for me.  So long term, no, but too many of you are judging from your angle, your own use patterns.  Me, I don't see that the phones need to be quite so slim, but I know beefing it up to have the jack and a larger battery, that getting larger or thicker is never an option for any phone maker.  Anyway, when enough options to use an iPhone 7 are out so I can use it as I do today, well, I will be considering it.