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  • Apple Car research focusing on use of Tesla-style induction motor

    The other important advantage of induction motor: no need for rare earth materials.  I bet Apple can handle the more complex motor drive (power electronics).
  • Banana price issue causes expensive Apple Pay mistake in UK

    Isn’t the lesson here to remember to check at least the total before tap or swipe?  I use an Apple watch or iPhone tap several times a day (in US), and I can’t imagine not looking at the amount before tapping.  The “solution” to this is definitely NOT to put an upper limit on tap to pay transactions, as the UK apparently has done.
  • Reddit breaks down the math on how the new MacBook Pro saves them money

    A real-world example of 45 minutes waiting for builds cut in half, translated to a 3 month payback on buying a new M1 laptop.  That’s powerful validation of the SoC and system engineering that went into this machine.
  • Apple Card grew to an estimated 6.4M cardholders at end of 2020

    Did you try ‘export’ to Quicken?

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  • Airline industry launching vaccine passport iOS app

    frantisek said:
    Why the h... bother with such horrid nonsense. Vaccine only purpose is to prevent strong impact on person health or death. It has no, no impact on getting infected again so not protecting you from spreading "covid" further. Are all ppl blind?
    And..... If you look at the last paragraph on page 39 of this recent FDA-CDC circular, you will see a confession of fact by the CDC. They have never had and still do not have the SARS CoV-2 virus isolated (https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download). The importance of this is as follows - under the FOI (Freedom of Information Act), some major research universities and governments in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and now the US admit that they have not isolated a single SARS CoV virus ‑ 2 .
    How can one make vaccine for ever changing virus that even was not isolated? Why would anyone healthy be willing to be lab mouse to test unproven vaccine on disease you need to be tested to know you have it? And so on...

    Why bother to spread obvious misinformation on this site?  Few readers here are going to believe that you know more than the epidemiologists and mRNA biological engineers working on vaccines.  The testing information is publicly available if you really wanted to inform yourself (more evidence, on vaccine reduction of asymptomatic spread, just came out days ago).  I for one am much more likely to fly on airlines and go to group events if I know that the person next to me has demonstrated that they are very unlikely to infect me or shed virus all over me to pass on to my next contact.  You can fly on airlines, or go to events, that don’t check.  There may be a niche market for such.  Maybe if you search enough, you can also find some resturants where the cooks and servers don’t wash their hands after using the toilet.
  • Environmental Progress Report details Apple's plan for carbon neutrality by 2030

    spacekid said:
    They still appear to exclude the carbon generated in building and constructing their "carbon neutral" operations. May offset any savings.
    Solar PV takes 2 years to repay CO2 from manufacturing, transport and installation.  Wind turbines 7 months.  So this should be considered (I’d guess apple does), but it’s a minor factor in their 20-30 year life.