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  • Eight new CarPlay experience apps spotted in iOS 17.4 beta code

    Oh - and the fully adaptive air-suspension, standard apparently on US models, must surely make a big difference in any heavy bev.
  • Twitter loses half its ad revenue, still weighed down by debt

    I've never had more beautiful, eligible young women following me than since the takeover. I hadn't even altered my 60s year old looking profile pic and I don't have a blue tick mark. Must be my (very) hidden charm coming to the surface.
  • Apple shows off next generation CarPlay in Porsche and Aston Martin cars

    VCRandom said:
    eriamjh said:
    I’m confused. Is the Phone powering the car’s display of non-CarPlay apps? Is a phone required? I understand how the communication bus contains all the info that is displayed, but where does the car’s display start and end and what does CarPlay add to it? Is it just a framework for the graphics?
    Right now, CarPlay is primarily an interface for your phone data to appear on a car entertainment display.

    Going forward, for the car brands that support it, much of the cars performance data and 'optional' controls are funneled to the iPhone, which then take over multiple displays within the car -including the instrument cluster.

    The difference is that current CarPlay runs on the entertainment portion of the car, future CarPlay takes over the instrument cluster for speed/performance info display and other car functions like taking over the heat/cooling controls, etc.

    In the event CarPlay is not in use, the car has a default set of display stuff.
    CarPlay is a huge deal. My view is that Apple should give these early adopters every possible assistance, including licenses sans fees and deep technical support at every level. These companies should be rewarded in every possible way for at least including CarPlay even if only at a higher level. Except for Tesla, EV manufacturers do not have the capacity to create their own driver facing operating systems and opt (almost?) entirely for android, which can be buggy, slow and ripe for hacking. The low-level real-time operating systems that control vehicle functioning have been developed over decades and are very, very refined and reliable. If only Volvo and some of the other manufacturers would offer CarPlay as an option. Apple could do very well with CarPlay even without introducing their own vehicles.
  • UK could secretly block security worldwide, says Apple

    If China is already doing it to Apple, why not UK?
    Market size and manufacturing location? 
  • Apple hardware execs discuss 'profound' changes in chip business

    sirdir said:
    h4y3s said:
    The incredible vertical alignment that Apple is able to achieve is going to lead to superior products, and the "It just works" principal for years to come. We should feel lucky to live in such an age
    Still I‘d say you can have an experience that is almost as good today with a windows PC, something that wasn’t possible 20 years ago.
    I use Dell notebooks for work, and the experience is not nearly as good as a Mac, no ifs or butts. The fact that the fans still kick in on Windows machines sitting idle is a joke — the opposite of the sort of benefits gained from vertical integration. Then there is Windows itself, which is still kludgy and awkward.

    'Then there is Windows itself, which is still kludgy and awkward' Is Windows still DOS based... or am I just showing my age?
  • Jony Ive still thinks of Steve Jobs every day

    ralphie said:

    Wrong on so many levels.  More like he owes Apple and Steve a debt of gratitude.  He was a nobody until Steve plucked him out of obscurity, and provided him great direction .
    No. Ive and Jobs built on each other's strengths and as a team (with many others obviously), achieved remarkable goals. This obviates too the 'Ive was only interested in form' argument too - you can be certain that no design elements got through development to market that did not meet with Job's approval and he was very much 'form and function'. Not surprised that Ive thinks of his partner and friend of old often.
  • Apple grabs record 91% share of global smartphone profits in Q3, analyst says

    mtbnut said:
    Surprised headline isn't: 

    "Apple Unable To Get 9% of Global Smartphone Profits. Is End of Cook Era Near?" 

    You meant 'Apple Unable To Get last 9% of Global Smartphone Profits. Is End of Cook Era Near?', right?