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  • New York's updated Excelsior vaccine passport drops Apple Wallet support

    How are people just blindly accepting these vaccine passports? How is it that so few even question something that is so obviously absurd? The fact that they don't accommodate for natural immunity, which is *superior* to the vaccine 'immunity,' should be a clear indication that we're being manipulated. Not to mention the fact that they make no sense, since people 'vaccinated' with these gene modifying agents can still catch and spread covid. It's shocking how many people are accepting these 'passports' as somehow justifiable.
    It seems you are a person type who gets shocked easily by trivial things. Or are you just belonging to anti-vax camp. And maybe you haven’t realized it yet. That you are in denial of the human progress in medicine. 

    Firstly, As some one have already pointed out - the vaccination does not modify your genes, contrary to what you are thinking. It’s a fact. And you got your facts WRONG.

    Secondly, the society needs to function, what other measures than ‘passports’ do you suggest for mitigating the risk of spreading COVID-19, when the society tries to get to new normal? Or you just criticize the solution without offering any alternatives? Sounds like a grumpy asshole.

    Thirdly, the provided to you link https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/why-covid-19-vaccines-offer-better-protection-than-infection.html Is an interview with Virologist Sabra Klein, PhD ‘98, MS, MA, who says an immense amount of data collected in a short time have made clear the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and the limited immunity that comes from being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    It is funny how easily you dismiss the information coming from a virologist. 

    Fourthly, you have provide in a later comment 3 links, basically claiming that it is the prove (for you) that natural immunity is better than vaccine. But your claim is wrong. Let’s look into the links you have provided.
    In the 1st link: there is no such information about what is better
    In the 2nd link: there is no control group / initial testing. It doesn’t consider that all vaccinated people are documented, but only a part of the infected people are making the test and are diagnosed being sick with COVID-19. Thus the number of people who were newly infected and were already sick with COVID-19 some time in the past isn’t known. This means that the statistics in the article and the conclusion that vacinated people 6 times are more likely to get sick than people with the natural immunity is NOT CORECT AND MISLEADING. 
    In the 3d link: there is finally a control group initial testing done. And the numbers tell us that 4,85% percent of people get reinfected (=62/1278), and only 3,85% vacinated people got infected (=5449/141480). So even in the link you have provided, you proved your own statement is WRONG. You got your facts wrong AGAIN.

    You are not simply getting the facts wrong. You are spreading LIES or your own ASSUMPTIONS. 

  • France shames Apple for not sacrificing user privacy for COVID-19 app

    swineone said:
    I guess France could point out its reasoning to bypass the Apple-Google API which would be the natural choice, given Apple and Google account for 100% of the smartphone market. It's probably huge government being huge govenment and never losing a chance to waste taxpayer money. I'm not familiar enough with the matter to tell if the restriction is just a matter of App Store approval, use of undocumented APIs, or if it is a fundamental security limitation of iOS. In the first two cases, Apple should approve this on a case-by-case basis. As for the third case, since Apple now has an API, I guess it's doable, so we go back to the first two cases. So yeah, Apple is being boneheaded as well. Special concessions are being made everywhere due to crisis, Apple might as well do their part. Maybe have a whitelist of apps that can use the feature.
    Your suggestion to whitelist the apps that can use the feature reminded me about “back door for good guys” debate. 
  • What to do when your Lightning cable won't charge your iPhone or iPad

    1st step. Try charging another device with the same cable. 
    If it doesn’t charge,
    2nd step. Try a new cable. 
  • Epic sues Apple after Fortnite removed from App Store

    Ok. I deleted Fortnite. Trash company. 

    30% (and later 15%) are “ exorbitant”. 
    Compared to what? What I fair? 
    What would be the fee they would be happy with? 
    Makes no sense. 
    Stupid. Trash company. 
  • New German law mandates opening up Apple Pay NFC tech to rivals

    Lol. People who suggest Apple to pull out of Germany because it’s just a rounding error. 
    Are you the same people who suggested Apple pull out of China. And before that out of India. 
    By your business senses - Apple shouldn’t do business with any other countries except US, and maybe Canada and Australia. LoL.

    You sound like a bunch of kids throwing a tantrum. 
  • Don't update to iOS 13 just yet -- wait for iOS 13.1

    You better wait until 13.9. Then it will have even more bugs fixed. 
    wait for it, wait for it, wait...
  • US lawmakers not impressed with Apple App Store changes, pressing on with bill

    I am starting to believe that in the most cases the government only makes the situation worse. This is one of those situations. With “twin monopolies” - LOL, they have even coined a new term just to make their absurd case which hurts free market.
  • Apple releases trailer for season 2 of 'For All Mankind'

    viclauyyc said:
    This is the only show I finish watching in ATV+. I really love it. Not that other is bad, just not very interested me.

    Hope companies are more willing to invested in science fiction series than dragon series. 
    I am waiting for Asimov’s Foundations. 
  • New iPad Pros arriving in days, new MacBook Pros in November

    tht said:
    Incremental updates are some of the best updates. Too much ADD in the media space, continually looking for something fresh to talk about, and incremental updates are boring. However, they often are the most stable, most reliable type of product, especially when combined with mature software, assuming the new components are more power efficient.

    For iPads, Apple has a lot of catching up to do with the software. It really should be priority number 1 to get iPadOS to be competitive to PC operating systems. Apple should not leave anything off the table. An iPad should be able to do anything a PC can do.

    For this round of hardware, curious that there aren't any rumors of what type of cameras it will have. The iPhone 14 cameras are bigger, which would make for compatibility issues with the existing iPad Pro case ecosystem. The camera bump will be bigger if they have iPhone 14 cameras, with sensor shift stabilization, 48 MP sensors, etc. That means the Magic Keyboard for iPads will be incompatible. So, they won't have camera improvements? Crazy to make a product decision based on accessibility compatibility.

    The iPad Pros should be landscape default devices. Front sensors along the long side. It should have 2 TB4 ports. The Smart Connector should be TB4 protocol. 
    Agree with you on incremental updates. 

    However, two TB4 isn’t something realistic at this point of time. 

    What’s you use case for asking the second TB4 on iPad?

    They can’t get the only one TB4 to work correctly.

    When you connect the iPad Pro M1 with MacBook Pro the highest speed you reach transferring files is only around 130 MB/s. And support doesn’t know about this problem and they can’t help. 
    With external NVME drive the iPad reaches I/O speeds of around 500 MB/s. Still just a fraction of those 40 TB/s for TB3&4. 
    iPad Pro M1 internal SSD Write/read Speed is Limited by about 800 MB/s (I saw this info somewhere as a result of a tear down). 

    Basically the TB4 port isn’t a bottleneck now. 
    It is:
    1. Protocol connecting iPad and MBP
    2. Internal SSD write/read speed of the iPad. 

    So how helpful would the second TB4 be if they don’t fix the problems with it first?

  • iPhone 15 Pro rumored to get Thunderbolt connectivity

    Apple did crappy job implementing TB connections so far.

    The speed between iPad Pro M1 and MBP with TB is only 130 MB/s.
    Physical SSD limitation on iPad Pro is about 500 MB/s (which can be reach with external SSD drive, but not with a direct connection to MBP. Physical limitation of MBP is around 2300 MB/s, which also can be reached with external SSD).

    So even if the iPad Pro has a TB connection the speed it provides is max 500 MB/s. And in a usual use case for me - only 130 MB/s.

    Not excited about TB on iPhone Pro….