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  • Apple requests return of Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kits, offers $200 toward purch...

    macxpress said:
    Seems like they would have just done an even swap...so like the $699 M1 Mac mini and you return the developer Mac mini back to Apple. They could have even done something like hold the value of the M1 Mac mini on a credit card until the developer Mac mini was returned as a safety for Apple in case developers wanted to be sneaky and not ship back the developer Mac. 
    Yeah, that'd be Apple acting like Steve was still alive...

    I've been an Apple dev since 1980... though I now dev on Android more than iOS... frankly I have a choice of platforms and though still an Apple fan I feel like being an Apple dev is now more like being in Scientology.

    Once upon a time Apple used to support devs technically and with 50% HW discounts... now I know that level can't happen in today's world (even though they have far more cash now than then)... nor do they need to... but it's cheap insurance and keeps devs happy.

    And what Jobs understood is the need for the best developers create the best products... and guess what the best devs are entitled... they're rock stars (sans groupies)... in the long run if another platform entices them you'll start slipping long term.

    It would have cost Apple a comparative penny to do the swap and endear devs to continue to develop and promote the best apps on macOS (not to mention acknowledge what a buggy/wonky PITA the DTK was/is)
  • Trump using new iPhone to tweet despite prior calls for Apple boycott

    eriamjh said:
    Actual words are meaningless to Trump.  Nothing he says is actually an indication of a position, mindset, plan, etc.  
    Actually I follow his tweets... I'd suggest people do... you'll realize the guy is both stupid and off his rocker... then you remember he's actually the POTUS with ~40% support... then you realize the danger isn't global warning or the need for war on terror... it's the rise of global stupidity and the need for a war on idiots.
  • Apple debuts new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M1 chip

    aderutter said:
    My 6 year old MBP has 32GB RAM so I won’t be upgarding it yet. Sigh.
    Odd given the MBP with 32GB RAM has only been available since 2017
  • Tim Cook: 2020 was 'Apple's top year of innovation ever'

    A breakthrough year in innovation? Sure... due to the M1 which will redefine the performance/power curve for computing and align with phones.

    Ever? Well that's part of the hyperbolic, BS driven we live in today... younger folks haven't seen truly amazing breakthroughs (e.g. the Moon Landing) so a TikTok music remix becomes the innovation standard...

    But compared to say Apple's 1984... not even close... Tim, given where Apple is and is going there's no reason for you to be serving the BS lasagna... it's not a good look
  • Apple again reportedly planning a new, but larger 'iPhone SE 2'

    wood1208 said:
    Apple gets it but some people don't get it. The days of small screen size phone like 4" are long gone. So called SE2 will be smaller screen than current 5.5"+ iphones but nothing like SE iPhone.
    That's like saying roadsters are long gone... the smallest car that's needed to be built is a crossover SUV :neutral: 
  • Corel, recent buyer of virtualization software firm Parallels, acquired by private equity ...

    macseeker said:
    Wow, the big fish being eaten by the bigger fish. But kinda odd for KKR.
    On the surface maybe, but actually not that odd... they'll look over the products/business unitsIP, butcher (slice/dice) and sell the meat of the company to turn a high ROI in a short period.

    It's what most of these folks in this space do... if you have the capital it's far easier than doing something additive/productive to earn crazy returns.

     (Disclosure: I've worked for a KKR owned firm).
  • T-Mobile will share subscriber data with ad partners - unless you opt-out

    Eventually the pin-head MBA douchebag/baguette gets their way in the management meeting when it comes to the agenda item "how we gonna juice up revenue numbers in the short-term?"... by the time that decision bites said MBA has moved on with their bonus to go screw up and milk some other firm that's being bozo-fied.
  • Apple's A12Z Bionic chip could be a re-binned A12X

    I'm not the first to mention this, but it's very plausible that the core ARM team (pun unintended) is cranking away on final delivery for the Mac ARM processors... I know Apple has virtually infinite resources, but there are only so many rock star processor architects/designers and their going need their A+ game to go up directly against Intel's core lineup (again pun unintended)
  • M2 13-inch MacBook Pro may land in March with unchanged design

    When in doubt assume the rumor with the smallest incremental change... it's how Tim "Supply Chain" Apple rolls.
  • 2021 Apple TV 4K Review: Seeking a blockbuster, given a Band-Aid

    jwdawso said:
    Another Neil article where he has no clue who AI and Apple customers are. 
    If you, the reader, think AI "core" readers are the "typical" Apple user, you're really mistaken in that regard.

    For instance, if you think that, then you think that nearly the entire Apple user base wants a Mac mini tower, with PCI and PCI-E storage. The reality is, almost nobody outside the "core" AI readership gives a single crap about it. In fact, most prefer thin and light everything, instead of the constant cry that we get here for a shitload of ports, and thick to support that.

    Reviews like this have to appeal and apply to the larger audience, and not just the AI "core." Related to this, we've turned off comments on tips, because of ridiculous comments like "Why did you write this, this is obvious" -- when it really isn't to most.

    The AI "core" is 30% of our total readership, and dropping, as Apple's reach grows and we grow in readership. We're not abandoning that core, but there is zero chance we're going to ignore the other 70%.
    To be fair jwdawso may have been suggesting the crowd of AI/Apple folks that believe there can be zero criticism of Apple and any and every product they make is by default a 5 out of 5... anything else demonstrates cluelessness...

    This was a rational, honest and well done review... a 2.5/5 would be a middle "C" grade, which Neil justified and defended well.