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  • Tim Cook says he's 'offended' by government smears in latest Time cover story

    sog35 said:
    In the past I criticized Cook for 'wasting time' on social issues: equality, diversity, gay rights.

    Well I was wrong. If Cook didn't stand up for those social issues in the past he would look like a fraud standing up for privacy now. 

    Good job Mr. Cook.  I vastly under rated your importance and integrity.

    Admittedly, I'm an infrequent poster, but I for one always appreciate your input even if we don't always agree.  I applaud your comments above for being a stand up guy.  I'm also in agreement with you that Tim is handling this issue professionally as well as impressively.
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  • California approves limited testing of self-driving cars without wheels or backup drivers

    We have a roundabout in front of the building where I work and often see driverless cars with two people in the front seats with clearly no hands on the driver's wheel.  It's interesting watching these cars try to negotiate the roundabout.  

    Since roundabouts are not common around these parts in the US (I'm in San Francisco - maybe like this in all areas of the US?), it can be quite comical watching clueless and under informed human drivers negotiating around these obstacles under normal conditions.  Some think that once they've entered the roundabout that they have full legal and moral authority to just blow around the roundabout without any regard to other drivers trying to merge in while other drivers timidly wait for an opening as if it's a multi cornered stop situation where everyone politely waits their turn.  

    The other day I saw a driverless car stop in the middle of the roundabout due to congestion - it was playing it safe because I'm guessing the car in front, who snuck in, violated the driverless car's safe space, but then immediately the cars behind the driverless car all started honking their horns and yelling at the driverless car to get moving.  Now, under ordinary circumstances with human drivers, everyone would have easily just made the necessary space adjustments and moved on ahead, but the driverless car was erring on the safe side and slowed down to almost a stop.  

    These sorts of things may get worked out in the end, but I suspect that human drives will have to learn to chill out and drive a little safer around driverless cars when they do become omnipresent.  Aggressive driving will not be programmed into these cars.  Seems like a lot of human drivers - especially A type drivers will need to learn new tactics in order to 'win'. 
  • Troubleshooting macOS Sierra: FileMaker, Logitech and Razer devices, 4k display issues

    wigby said:
    I'm surprised no one is reporting Adobe CS5 issues. Sierra requires Java update which is incompatible with all CS5 applications (and CS6 too, I believe). I had to restore back to El Capitan to avoid moving to Adobe's expensive Creative Cloud offering. I spoke with Adobe and Apple support about they could not help. There is no way to downgrade Java in Sierra. Apple told me to wait for Adobe to fix. Adobe simply told me to bust out my wallet for Creative Cloud.
    Unfortunately, your issue is unlikely to ever be resolved.   CS5 is a dead product.  Short of making some other move (Adobe Cloud or some other set of tools) you're probably going to be stuck on El Capitan for the duration.