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anna mated
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  • I too have read this article, and I will post it if marc is a frightened girl, though i might remove it pending any cease and desist threats from NS. ---quote-- Joe no longer fears death. In fact the last time it happened he rather enjoyed the…
  • He's off to marry Macdoll!
  • mind you, - I did object to hardeharhars description of me. Bastard.
  • Thats because im attending to a sick husband I've also been taking pics of my tum covered in chocolate sauce spelling out "Ebby" "I 'heart' Mikey" and "doll is hot", but unfortunately, I wasn't very good at removing all the 'manly' body hair in p…
  • Go mac doll, give the sucker some punishment!
  • Quote: Originally posted by CosmoNut (StrongBad voice)Ooooh, she's single! I should turn on my mad lady skillz to woo her into my clutches...." (/StrongBad voice) Cool. Wanna PM sometime? hey Im a dancer, thats it, if you want personal…
  • Quote: Originally posted by CosmoNut Hey Anna. I'll introduce myself to you in the same male-chauvinist way I welcomed Mac_Doll -- which just happened to work out pretty well: 1) Welcome! 2) Are you hot? 3) Are you single? 4) How's Florida…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Splinemodel Lastly, are you refering to the MalaBar? I have to admit, I'm kind of surprised by the Palm Bay reference, since it's not exactly a noteworthy locale. Are you a student at FloridaTech or something? …
  • Quote: Originally posted by segovius Isn't Wicca that hippy lightweight 'magic-decaf' that Gardner invented out of nothing in the 50s? Anna - didn't we meet in a Swindon nightclub once? It was dark and I thought you had five o clock shadow...…
  • Just reprezenting the girls! [B]Name: Anna Birthday: October 21, 1984 Zodiac Sign: Libra What Mac(s) do you own? MacBook Pro 2.16, PowerMac g5 quad. Who's your favorite notable person of the Mac community? Me! Do you give your Mac(s) name(…