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  • According to the creator of Konfabulator: "I think you'll all be surprised how low Apple has sunk on Monday." link
  • Webshots client http://www.webshots.com/html/beta_client_mac.html
  • Quicktime should be able to play content full screen without having to register. I realize that there are freeware utilities that can do that, but that is not the point.
  • If you purchase a Tivo/DVD player combo unit, you have access to Tivo Basic which is the free version of the Tivo service but with some limitations (example: program guide data only goes 3 days in advanced instead of 2 weeks)
  • Quote: Originally posted by Paul actually its pretty annoying... if you don't have anything original to add, why post? just to start a thread? Maybe because he'd like to discuss this topic with the rest of us?
  • Those were actually added like late last Tuesday or maybe even last Wednesday.
  • There was indeed a huge update today, but they haven't changed any of the graphics/featured albums like they do weekly. I wonder if they are waiting for some kind of GUI changes after the conference call tomorrow.
  • I've been a Rhapsody subscriber for about a year. I use Windows at work and I work in a basement level complex which means no radio stations get down there. Rhapsody has saved my sanity, it's honestly an amazing service. It's worth every penny of…
  • I guess I never understood Apple's stance on not licensing FairPlay to any other companies. They say that their iTunes store is not there to make a profit but to sell iPods. Wouldn't other stores also selling music in that format simply increase…
  • Ooops. Looks like that link doesn't work. Try this one: http://gallery.ipodlounge.com/albums...isney_iatw.jpg
  • Here's a picture of the pink iPod, but I'd appreciate any others you may find http://gallery.ipodlounge.com/displa...ch&cat=0&pos=2
  • Thank you so much! It's amazing how much the color varies depending on how light hits it. Now if anyone can own up to admit that they have pics of a pink iPod, I'd be able to make my decision. Pink is the new black I just like it because it's…
  • Thank you for the pics. They are at least giving me an idea of what they may look like in person. The silver one looks pretty cool. The gold one looks better than I thought, I'm fairly indifferent about the blue one (sorry, I don't mean to offend…
  • To partly answer my question, here are two pics of the gold one: http://www.powerpage.org/images/appl...s/DSC00433.htm http://www.powerpage.org/images/appl...s/DSC00438.htm I'm mostly interested in the silver, green and pink ones (I know, I kno…
  • I subscribe to Rhapsody (windows-only) at work. I work in a basement-level office complex and we don't get any radio stations. It's $9.95/month for access to an amazing catalog. I've been a user for close to a year and it's worth every penny to i…
  • I use my Tivo with the Media Option installed, which is connected to my home theater system. Set it up with a wireless network adapter and set it up to find your laptop's airport card.
  • Both XM Radio and Sirius still have commercials on their non-music channels (ie. news, talk, variety), so neither system is 100% commercial free. I think that XM says that they have no more than 4 minutes an hour of commercials - it sure beats the …
    in XM Radio Comment by david r January 2004
  • AT&T voice demos. Have fun. http://www.naturalvoices.att.com/demos/
  • I also have the 5G iPod like you. I run while holding it in my hand and I have never had a single problem. Go for it and enjoy the jog.
  • Quote: Originally posted by vas Part of the problem with TiVo is that it's hard to get across its benefits over the competition until you actually SIT DOWN and use one. Thank you!