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  • pci express, multi-core proces., etc.
  • as for the original reason for this post. take a look at thinksecret.. looks like no revisions for PPCs in Feb. they are usually right on about everything. so...
  • like he says, Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand. Putts Law ... just kidding.. oh wait.
  • no kidding... that can't be for real.. he was just jokin ha... ahhh... hmmmm
  • expect hybrid boards that sync all forms of all input.. there is also discussion that hyperthreading may be better in some applications than express.. video however will adopt express and abandon pci old all together... mac will conform and i bet ev…
  • i was just curious.. sony has a new prototype of a 24 inch oled display.. on paper its impressive... but then again on paper what isnt. although, sony does make a pretty decent monitor.
  • if you read all the literature surrounding both graphics mainstays ( nvidia and ati) and even 3d labs.. they have already said pci express is the next big evolution.. they have even created reference boards... with little or no mention of hyper tran…
  • does anyone know how sheer transistor numbers aboard the chip effect speed? heres is where i truly give credit to IBM.. why? i read that they produced nearly the same results with a little more than 1/3 (as i recall: it may be closer to 1/2.. not …
  • all i know is in the music business two drives would be priceless at times... the future tech. point was well taken too.. good point.. although im sure they will never offer it with an open port...
  • exactly... imagine agp 16x or 32x... thats pci express... most definitely the technology will be most important to graphics card makers.... its already rumored that both nvidia and ati will abandon pci as we know it now for the benefits of pci-ex…
  • i'll bet your 100 percent right, but it always makes me wonder, especailly when many are saying that pci express may be just as significant as the inception of 64 bit computing... it offers even twice the bandwidth of pci-x from what i understand a…
  • here's a link describing it... its most often called 3GIO if that helps, pci express is its codename... anything? click here
  • i know this doesnt have anything to do with the displays, which couldn't come sooner.. how bout adding a second bay to the tower with the g5 revision (ability of an addition of another oem superdrive)...???? does anyone think they would do anything…