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  • anybody know how long it takes to get from Shanghai to west coast usa? My new iMac has been in China for 2 whole days Hope it doesn't take the 19 days fedex says for estimated delivery. I haven't been this excited in years. Much better than just goi…
  • yes it's available see:http://www.appleinsider.com/article.php?id=608
  • COPO when you buy your memory, be sure to get matched sticks so you can use dual channel (see other threads in this forum). Also, I don't know about stores in HK, but on the online store is US, you can get a HP printer for free, if you order bef…
  • Quote: "I added 2 sticks of 512 and now everything is instant. The difference between the base ram that I used for a couple of days and 1 gig is tremendous. No beachballs have been seen" KCMAC: Could you look at your apple memory and see if it h…
  • This is what happens when the largest monopoly in the history of the world continues unabated. The antitrust suit was a farsical shakedown. The government takes big fines, consumers get the shaft. DON'T BUY M$ ANYTHING. BUZZ
  • Quote: Incidentally, are you purchasing an iMac? They come stock with 256 MB.) I ordered a 20" with 512k, thinking I would buy another 512K online somewhere. I'm currently using a peecee so I don't know about OSX system profiler yet. buzz
  • Quote: Agreed, but is joe mac user going to care? most mac users in my experiance (this excludes pros who use macs to make a liveing and at home) trnd to be the "can it handle email, and web surfing and johnnies homework?...it does?!?...I WiLL TAKE…
  • Quote: Its more than just MB size though. the memory timing/latency must be identical for the sticks as well. most quality ram has this onthe sticker on the front and may appear as 2/2/4.5 or some combination of numbers. your best bet is to get two…
  • ....Oh never mind, I already did. buzz
  • Ordered 20" 1.8 with 512Kb (more later) 250Gb HDD, BT Keyboard/mouse, Airport Express, Airport Extreme, isight, Estimated ship date: 9/29. Can't wait as this is replacing 10 year old IBM thinkpad. I've needed to upgrade for a long time. I really wa…
  • "Classic is still supported on the new pb's". OK. I went to the apple web site and it specifies that classic is supported. What exactly does that mean. The guy at the retail store told me that the previous rev's had some firmware that allowed the…
  • Actually, my software ran on a PowerComputing Powercenter150 which I believe had a PPC 604 chip. Sooo! I guess that means it will run under "classic?" Right? I also have a peripheral called a "YO-YO which is a telephony device. Hooked up to…