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  • I don't know if this is related but I recently transfererred all my HD data on my Pismo to a Lacie 200G Ext FW HD. Then I installed a fresh version of 10.3. Hadn't upgraded yet to 10.3.4 but my G4 desktop was when I plugged it into my Lacie ext …
  • Yes, If I had a Dual 1.8gig G5 things might be alot better but for now I'm still on the Dual 500 G4 which with Panther has improved. Icons bounce less and that dreaded spinning ball isn't as bothersome but still shows up a lot. I could use abo…
  • Quote: Originally posted by the061 I use the kind of programmes you are talking about. On a daily basis I run Licensed copies of Photoshop CS, Illustrator 10, FCP 4.5(HD), DVD Studio Pro 2, After Effects 6 and Flash MX. I have no issues whats…
  • Thanks 10.3.4 and there's certainly not much much moderation in this forum.
  • Thanks for all your support and careful reading of my post CAPS excluded! Anyway, I shouldn't have vented in such a mac-friendly forum. I own two macs and two pcs and prefer Macs by far in most cases except when in comes to crashing. PC's a…
  • I don't know if I should have posted here seems every one in in MacTopia, but for those of us who are just playing itunes an iDVD we'd like to be able have a more Crash Proof System that doesn't have to be updated constantly. Truthfully I think a…
  • No DUDE!
  • What kind of programs do you happy posters run and do you edit video often? Lacie Makes great products and Apple does as well but when things go wrong with them they really go wrong and from what I have research and experienced apple could do les…
  • Not really, When apple produces a new computer there should be an OS that fully utlilizes the basic hardware like two or more processors. I think the people that really love there macs don't want to see the obvious problems that reoccur in every…