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  • Quote: Originally posted by giant well, it's apple so you only have 1 or 2 options with each revision. Right now it's only something like $100 or $200 difference, so just get the better video card. If you max it everything out on a newly releas…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Kesh The picture on a laptop LCD is just as good as the picture on a desktop LCD of the same resolution. About the only difference is going to be in the graphics card, RAM & CPU. If those three factors can't keep u…
  • that's what i'm aiming towards.
  • Quote: Originally posted by pyr3 I have an old PowerBook DVI (667MHz) with 256MB of RAM and it works fine for most stuff. I haven't played many games on it, but I was able to play WarCraft 3 at a reasonable speed with all of the options turned d…
  • i wouldn't be playing a lot of games on the laptop. i know i want to get Return of the King for my mac, and probably a decent audio program to record music. if i were to get a real high end mac laptop, would it be able to handle the gaming, audio …
  • that was a pretty interesting and informative article. i've always liked Epson printers. i had two seperate models and didn't have a problem with either. then my mom bought me one of those HP All-in-One printers for xmas last year, which i didn't…
  • what's the difference between the Epson 320 and 800? and i'm guessing stay away from Lexmark and HP all together?
  • anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?
  • Quote: Originally posted by a_greer Go for a 19 or 22 inch crt, dirt cheap and breath takeing picture qualiy (assumeing you know how to set it up properly (you would be amazed how few people know how to set up a crt the right way)) so basical…
  • money isn't really an issue. i just want something good. i'll be playing a few games that's for sure and maybe even do some audio recording. the main reason i wanted to laptop was for it's mobility. though i guess i could also get a top of the …
  • thanks for everyone's advice. i'll be sure to let everyone know what i ultimately decided on.
  • hey macfly, thanks for the advice. it seems to have been those very settings you mentioned.
  • what brand would you recommend?
  • that website was pretty helpful...and i will probably wind up going with a desktop. the smallest flat screen i see for the power mac is 20", which i don't need. am i looking in the wrong place on the website?
  • i plan on doing a lot of dvd editing, maybe audio recording, and video editing. would it be better to get a desktop for this amount of work?
  • i tried adjusting the brightness on my computer and i had no luck. i noticed that the photos i took in daylight came out fine, with minimal reduction in brightness. however the ones that were taking in darker settings with minimal light came out a …
  • Quote: Originally posted by numark I'm not sure I completely understand your first question. If someone downloads a file from a P2P network (the legal and moral issues of which are left as an exercise to the reader), it should just play like any …
  • i started using paypal about 3 years ago, still using it now and have not had one problem with them at all. i too received an email asking me to submit my user info. i also received one of those from ebay. i enquired on both sites about the email …