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  • Quote: Originally posted by Code Master I'm not sure I understand what you mean by running a mac program full screen (unless you're talking about a game), but I'm pretty sure that you can not do it. You can only have one menubar placed on one of …
  • Quote: Originally posted by KCOM2006 CRAP !!!! AIRBORNE is the worst delivery company in the world. I PAID for Overnight delivery and live in Detroit a big city so there should be no problem with delivery location... but still AIRBORNE figures…
  • Mine's shipping. Went out on Wednesday and should be here tomorrow(Friday)! I can't wait! -Len
  • Has anyone who took the ATI 9600 deal as a temporary substitute gotten their 6800 yet? -Len
  • I split my order of G5 + 6800 to get my G5 quicker. I received my machine on 9/2 with the ATI 9600XT card and I was originally told I'd get the 6800 shipped by 9/17. Unfortunately now I have a shipdate of 10/15 for the 6800
  • Quote: Originally posted by gerwin OT: Does anyone know if the 2GHz PM is also affected by these production problems? The Applestore says 7-9 days waiting for the 2.0, but they also say 6 weeks for the 2.5. Can't comment on the 2.0's but the …
  • Quote: Originally posted by emig647 So, blame apple for not producing the cards not NVidia. I'm absolutely sure NVidia has plenty of 6800 ultra chips. Just look at how many different 6800 ultra versions there are. There are many different v…
  • Oh I'm not surprised, really. However, that doesn't take away Apple's culpability in promising something they knew they couldn't deliver. I never expected the 6800 in by the end of August but the fact remains they said they'd ship it by the end…
  • Figured I'd post this to help folks get a feel for the results of different orders. o 7/7 - ordered my dual 1.8 G5 with 6800. I was given a shipdate of on or before 8/31. o 8/23 - Informed of 6800 delays and I opted to get a 9600XT with my G5…